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Setting up a food delivery startup, no doubt is quite challenging, but not with our UberEats clone app. It is designed to help you scale up your business quickly in the competitive market. Our ubereats clone script creates a seamless, reliable experience for customers, restaurants, and delivery partners alike distinguishing your service among them.

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We offer tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your target market


Our ready-made ubereats clone apps ensure a quick launch, hence lessening time-to-market


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Fully branded and can be adapted to the business flavor of one’s preferences


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What is UberEats Clone for Startups?

An UberEats clone is essentially a ready, customizable app solution that is conceived to serve the functionalities of the popular food delivery platform, UberEats. It offers a more budget-friendly and quicker way for startups to own their food-delivery business absolutely independent of major from-scratch development needs.

Startups that go for an app like ubereats clone can implement up-to-date technology with a tested business model to come up with a strong food delivery solution. This will ensure the launch is quicker and that one will be free to innovate, make changes, and live up to consumer needs the major ways of building long-lasting success in the ever-changing food distribution industry.

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Top Features for an On-Demand Food Delivery UberEats Clone App

An ideal food delivery app like UberEats, requires hardwired features that would provide the best user and operator experience due to reliability. Following are the top features embedded in a successful on-demand UberEats clone app.

Top Add-On Features to Supercharge Your UberEats Clone

Leverage our custom UberEats script to build addon features for your apps. Enhance your UberEats Clone with our value-added features to deliver an exceptional food ordering experience.

voice recognition

Voice Ordering

Implement voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to help users order food items by just speaking to the app/agent.

subscription plans

Subscription Plans

Offer a subscription plan with recurring frequencies to frequent users. Attached are benefits associated with free delivery, priority to customer support & discounts.

group order and split payment

Group Order and Split Payment

Enable users to create group orders where each participant can add items and split the payment.

reward system

Reward System

Design a reward system whereby, on every order, users can earn points that are redeemable for discounts, free items, or some other exclusive deals.

customizable meal options

Customizable Meal Options

The ability of the user to modify meal options with various add-ons or dietary preferences like vegan, gluten-free, and keto options.

dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing

A dynamic pricing system in which the delivery fees change depending on demand, similar to surge pricing in ride-sharing apps.

Advanced Features: We offer UberEats Clone Script for Your Food Delivery Startup

Integrating these advanced functionalities can radically improve the value proposition of your UberEats clone app to its users and provide a competitive edge to your startup in the food delivery marketplace.

ai powered order

AI-Powered Order Recommendations

voice assistant

Voice Assistant

dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing

eco friendly delivery

Eco-Friendly Delivery Options

heat map based delivery

Heat Map-Based Delivery Optimization

multiple payment gateways

Multiple Payment Gateways

Technology Stack to Build UberEats Clone App Startup

ubereats clone app live demo

See How Our UberEats Clone Can Boost Your Business – Live Demo Available

Experience the power and functionality of our UberEats clone app script. Attend our live demo and see how our solution can change your food delivery business. Take a glance at the user-friendly interface, advanced features, and seamless integration options that make our app one of the finest choices among startups. Learn how our sturdy platform can aid in simplified operations, improved user experience, and business success.

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Why Choose aPurple to Build Your UberEats Clone?

By choosing us to build your clone of UberEats, be certain to collaborate with a team strongly dedicated to the delivery of a robust, scalable solution, suited to your market. Here’s why we are the best fit for you

Launch An App Like UberEats

On-Demand Solution Expertise

We specialize in developing on-demand applications with profound expertise in user behavior and market trends.

Tech Stack

Our UberEats clone is developed using the latest technologies and frameworks like PHP and JavaScript to create robust backends and intuitive frontends.

Proven Track Record

With the proven concept of on-demand solution delivery, we have been successful in empowering lots of startups and enterprises to launch and scale their platforms seamlessly

Support and Maintenance

Development is just the starting point, our continuous support, maintenance, and updates have helped many clients efficiently operate their clones of UberEats.

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

We have developed very price-competitive and transparent pricing models for startups, in no way sacrificing quality or functionality at very affordable prices.

Our Process for Reliable Food Delivery App Development

Building your food delivery app with our UberEats clone script is straightforward. We provide a deployable script for your app, and you only need to customize features and prepare the web panels for launch.

Describe Your Objective

Describe Your Objective

Provide specific information about your project.

Project Evaluation

Project Evaluation

Analysis of requirements and viability


Engagement Model

Choosing Developers

Choosing Developers

Analyse and opt for Mobile App Designers

Begin The Project

Begin The Project

Invite developers and get the project started.

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