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food delivery app development cost

Do you know what’s the rosy part of launching your own food delivery mobile app? To be the go-to app for people’s midnight cravings. BUT, the real hustle is to incur the food delivery app development cost, climb through the stages of app development team structure, their process, and so much more!

Despite the existing leaders in the market today, there still are huge untapped opportunities for food delivery websites and applications to flourish.

Staying indoors has enabled the restaurant orders to touch the roof. The then COVID-19 pandemic and the new Omicron virus compelled people to stay home. But, as humans, we have found the source of eating good food.

The online food delivery segment is expected to grow to 2,638.1 million users by 2025. This shows how well online on-demand food delivery applications have gained prominence in the app market. The reason behind it? They aid the customers to have good food at home in baggy pants without messy cooking!

Down below is a list of reasons why you MUST LAUNCH a food ordering app or website:

  • To build cordial relationships with customers, sponsors, etc.
  • Customer engagement.
  • Gain customer loyalty with consistent efforts.
  • Unlock various coupons & offers using celebrity influencers.
  • Alluring food dish photos to surge orders.
  • Going digital will help in widening the customer base.

With not one but many reasons to launch a food ordering platform, don’t forget that there are food industry giants like UberEATS, Grubhub, Foodpanda, Dominos, DoorDash, among many others that you will be competing with. You must be wondering How much does it cost to build an app like Ubereats?

We know that there are also numerous other questions popping into your mind. For instance – Which is the cheapest food ordering app? How do I incur the least food delivery app development cost and still be the best? How much time should it take to develop a complete food delivery app like UberEATS or how to create a business plan like DoorDash Business Model?

Scroll through the blog to know the answers to many such questions.

What are the Factors Affecting the Food Delivery Application Development Cost?

If you plan to start your career as a restaurateur or have a food business ideas for the delivery app and want to know about the on-demand food delivery app development cost, you are in the right place!

factors affecting the food delivery app cost

Throwing some light on the factors affecting food delivery app costs:

#1. Number of Deliverables: How many App Panels do You Need?

Do you think your food delivery boy uses the same UberEATS portal as you do?

Well, no! Every individual party involved in the delivery app development process uses a separate app that serves its purpose.

You are the one who placed the order, but he is the one who is going to bring you the food items. Similarly, the restaurant will use an admin panel to regulate and manage the incoming orders.

The number of apps and their panels, website, etc., that you want your hired agency to build will decide how big or small the cost will be.

#2. Geographic Location: Where is the Custom Restaurant App Development Company Situated?

While shopping for an outfit, we humans check all the available options out of habit. After a lot of deep thinking, we finalize the one that suits our budget expectations.

But, another way of choosing an app development and design agency that suits your needs is by comparing. First, you can check the developer per hour rates in different countries. Second, you can demand a quote from the app development agency to estimate the project completion.

Rates charged by the developers vary based on the geographic locations. So, ensure to make a smart choice. Don’t hire a cheap app development company, as falling for their tricks will cost you more time, energy and money.

#3. Portfolio: How Experienced is your Chosen App Development Company?

It is a fact that an experienced app development agency will have better insights to develop apps in a particular platform or using a specific language. Also, to your advantage, a professional company will have experience solving the basic queries and hurdles in the development procedure.

It will be a cherry on the top if your chosen agency has won an award in the field, as their quality of work wouldn’t be something that they would be unsure of.

cost of food delivery app

#4. Complexity: How Tangled is your Food Ordering Website or App?

There are lakhs of IT companies that provide mobile app development services. But, what is more important is the quality of app development.

Any company can nail making a simple food delivery app, but it has to have an intellectual team to deliver an amazing result of a complex app. As it is, the agency will have to consider building separate panels for different sets of users.

#5. Features: What Functions Does the Food Delivery Application Aggregator Serve?

A complex food delivery app has non-linear workflows and unstructured goals. If your app falls under this category, a reliable mobile app development company can help you streamline the app concept.

Mapping the features is one very important aspect of the app, and it is like flour for dough! The app’s UI should be simple to understand so users don’t pull back while ordering. Your app shouldn’t have too few elements to switch to another app. On the contrary, users will get confused while ordering if too many features are stuffed.

Brainstorm your food delivery platform’s unique features with our development team & get your project started TODAY!
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#6 Tech Stack Is the Decider Point for Cost of Food Delivery App

Here is a combination of two elements that help decide the cost of making a food delivery platform.

  • App Requirements + Expertise of the Developers’ Team + In-Trend Technology = Tech Stack to be Used.

The platform used for app development has to satisfy all the food delivery application requirements sufficiently. You can choose between native and hybrid app platforms as per your budget and target audience statistics.

#7 UX & UI Quality: What is the Food Ordering App Development Cost like Zomato or DoorDash?

The UX designer maps the user journey’s basic structure; it is then loaded with visual and interactive elements by the UI designer.

Understand one thing; if you don’t pay the designer team much, they won’t put in that extra set of efforts in your app interface’s UI and UX design.

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3 Approaches to Develop a Food Delivery App

To achieve maximized revenue, Every on-demand food delivery mobile application is based on different food delivery business models. Let’s discover together how to go about creating the app?

Either you can have an already established eatery business and wish to digitize it, or you can start the physical restaurant and its app altogether. Let’s explore these types below:

Type 1 – Food Aggregator

If you create a food aggregator app, you don’t own a restaurant. But, you become the connecting link between the restaurants and the hungry customers.

Type 2 – Cloud Kitchen

Don’t want to undergo the hassle of managing waiters and waitresses daily? Simply hire a cooking place, chefs and start your cloud kitchen with online app-based on-demand food delivery.

Type 3 – Restaurant App

The app for a restaurant that serves in-house as well as on-demand orders. You can plan submitting your app to App Store or PlayStore, as well as register as a merchant on food delivery aggregator apps.

DEEP INSIGHTS on Healthy & Fast Food App Aggregator Apps!
Such apps function on 4 Panels:

  • User Panel – Users check, choose and place food orders.
  • Delivery Boy Panel – The delivery team uses this app to deliver the food to designated locations.
  • Merchant Panel – Restaurant managers can manage the incoming orders.
  • Admin Panel – The app owner can access everything using this cumulative panel.

What aPurple Has to Offer You in Terms of Food Delivery App Development Cost?

aPurple is an app development company well-known to digitize the ongoing business with experience in various industry domains. Also, we are a mixed lot of talented resources with a passion for creating apps that capture the user’s attention.

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