Food Delivery App UI/UX Design

The most relishing dishes can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home at any hour of the day via the food delivery application. In this case study, we will take you through the creative elements involved in building a food delivery application.

About the App

Imagine this - A food parcel is delivered to the customer, and he is relishing the food.

If you plan to build an UberEats clone or a food delivery application from scratch, you must go through this case study. It simplifies the food delivery app design process with in-depth information. Our designers at aPurple consider it a primary aim to make the food selection and order process smooth.
App for food delivery
Food delivery app design mockup

Highlights of the App

  • To inform the customers about their orders in the app, we made the order tracking system very robust in the food delivery app system design. This includes the delivery personnel assigning, the restaurant preparing the order, the parcel picked up, ETA, delivered successfully, etc.
  • Ratings and reviews are of utmost importance. This means that the customers can rate the drivers and restaurants based on their experience.
  • Users can also look for their favorite dishes from various categories and nearby locations.

Motion & Animation Highlights

  • A quick sign-up and login procedure for customers’ ease and comfort.
  • Swift adding of items to the cart. Also, the plus and minus signs aid in setting the order quantity.
  • A drop-down menu for delivery types allows users to modify their preferences easily.
  • In-app wallet and banking cards can be added to the food delivery system app design for desired payment modules.

Color Palette

Group 69031

Font Family

Group 690

App Design Tips

Making the user journey simple yet an eye-catching experience requires highly skilled designers. Our designers work on improving the food ordering and tracking procedures. Our attention-to-detail quality makes us stand out from the industry competition and help your app be the most popular delivery app.
Food delivery user panel
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