How Did the Client Approach Us?

Michelle Holmes, a Canadian-based entrepreneur reached out to us with a vague idea of starting RAD food delivery services business. But she and her team didn’t know where to start. However, a series of consultation calls with our team helped them design a straight path toward launching their food delivery application


What is the Platform All About?

Starting a food delivery application in Canada is a great business idea. However, scaling this among the existing fiery competition was only possible with these USPs.

After detailed R&D, the client discovered that online food delivery to rural areas is an untapped service segment. This 'Eureka moment!' itself helped them formulate the USP. They aimed to reach the remote locations that existing competitor delivery partners could only go now. Hence, by tapping this accessibility pain point of consumers, RAD fixated on following the platform-to-consumer delivery model.

Money is of utmost importance. Therefore, as a revenue strategy, they wanted us to integrate the delivery fee module of a fixed amount every 3 kilometers.

The client also wanted us to simplify the backend process of featuring the bestselling items on the platform. This further helps the registered store owners to select display items. This led us to decide the number of parties involved and the panels we would require for all these users.

Outcomes of Our Multi-Party Platform Approach with Features

We tried a multi-platform approach to fulfill the app’s requirements. After numerous brainstorming sessions, we revealed to the client that this app could be successful with these panels - an Admin web panel, Vendor web and tablet panel, Delivery personnel’s app, and a consumer website and app.


Here are the food delivery app features of all the RAD user platforms

Panel 1 - Admin Panel (Web)

  • Admin Dashboard Of Business
  • Manage & Approve Restaurants Requests, Delivery Boys' Requests, Customers' Profile
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Manage Commission
  • Tax Management
  • Advertisement Banner Management
  • Manage Push-Notification, Email Notification, Promo Codes
  • Account & Earning Management
  • Manage the Category & Sub-Category
  • Report Management
  • Individual Restaurant & Delivery Person’s Report
  • Backup & Export Reports
  • App Settings
  • Complaint Management

Panel 2 - Consumer/End user (Website/Application Android + iOS)

  • Allow Location Permission - Accept
  • Profile Management
  • Payment Method Management
  • List of All Near By Restaurants
  • Header Search Bar
  • Select The Food & Can See;
  • Category and Filters
  • View Cart
  • Add Delivery Address
  • Apply Promo Code
  • Place The Order
  • Notification
  • Notification When Delivery Boy Arrived
  • History of Past Orders
  • Review And Ratings
  • History of Payment Receipt
  • Settings - Notification Management
  • Payment Setting

Panel 3 - Restaurant Owner or Vendor App (Web + Tablet)

  • Registration
  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Restaurant Profile Management
  • Manage foods products
  • Inventory management
  • Set Accepted Orders
  • Notification Management
  • Manage Offers & Promo codes
  • View Order History
  • Export Reports (Reports In CSV File Format)

Panel 4 - Delivery Partner (app)

  • Profile Update
  • Order Acceptance/Order Rejection
  • Order Management
  • Notifications
  • App Designing
  • App development in Flutter.
  • One week Testing of the app
  • Live Deployment of the app
  • Month Free support period
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Turn ON Duty
  • Receive Order Request
  • Live Track Location
  • In-app Text Chat & Manually Call To Customers
  • Manually Send Push Notification To Customers
  • Section For My Orders (On-going, Future, Pending, Past)
  • Review & Rating For Customers
  • Get Tip From Customers
  • History Trips and Payments
  • Total Earning Reports
  • Request Payment Withdrawal To Admin
  • SOS - Emergency Button (Shows Notification To Admin Dispatcher Panel)

Process of Meal Order App Designing & Development

The style and consistency of our project are the results of an intricate process we follow. Each step stimulates and lays the foundation for the next stage.


  • Fixating Business Platform
  • Creating USPs
  • Understanding User Flows


  • Color theory
  • Wireframing
  • Design Sprints


  • Tech Stack
  • Clean Coding
  • Security & Integrations

Testing & Deployment

  • Speed Tests
  • Quality Analysis
  • Bug Fixing & Maintenance

Extra Chunk of Efforts in Developing App for Food Delivery to Rural Areas

Besides delivering what is mentioned in the project's scope, our mobile app development services involve a holistic approach. Our team ensured to provide the client with everything that made this meal delivery app as perfect as it can be!

Delivery Module - On placing the order, the algorithm should automatically send notifications to nearby drivers one by one to schedule the pickup of the food parcel and deliver it to the customer.

Tips Management - The usual tipping to delivery personnel has a new addition. Users using the RAD food delivery app can also give tips to store vendors. This can be a fixed amount or even a percentage of the total order amount.

Payout - We automated the weekly payout system rather than keeping it manual.

Availability Status - Not only the delivery personnel but also store vendors can set their status to either 24 hour open or full-day closed. They may also customize a time slot that can reflect immediately.

Navigation - Our developers used the Socket IO to integrate live tracking of delivery persons & chat between customers & assigned delivery persons.

Support - We simplified the complaint submission process as it is vital for users to communicate their grievances and problems to the restaurants. Both vendors and admin can see this feedback from consumers.

Technology Stack


Colors & Typography - Food Ordering App UI Design

Ensuring the best User Interface and Experience is our duty. To get the food ordering app UI design right, the skilled designers on board worked on a beautiful color theory for this food delivery application.


Explore the Smooth App Experience Via These Screenshots

These snippets are just an example of how well-structured and user-oriented all the panels are. Take a thorough look!


Challenges & Solutions

01 The client needed clarification about the payouts for the restaurant & delivery persons. They wanted to keep this weekly payout manual, which would lead to redundant work.

Solution - We gave two ways of payment to the client with proper flow & functionality. She chose one way, and we implemented the way she was expecting.

The first way - The restaurant can send a request to the admin for payout at any time After approval of the admin, the restaurant will get the amount in his bank account.

The second way - The restaurant & delivery person will get a payout weekly automatically.

02 After completing the website, the client requested a restaurant application. The timeline was very tight.

Solution - We created a cross-platform Flutter application (instead of native apps) to save time & deliver the final product on time.

Testimonial - Client Delight


“Giving wind to my idea was impossible without the excellent developers at aPurple. Not only the technical development but also provided support with brainstorming the unique values the app could provide. Can’t wait to build the second version of this application.”


-Michelle Holmes

Founder of RAD

Build your Food Delivery Platform with Industry Experts

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The time duration to build a food delivery app can be variable. It depends on the number of features and complexity of functionalities that the app offers.
The cost of developing a platform like RAD food services online can be approximately USD 20-60k. This can vary depending on the type of app you choose to build. Discuss your budget and requirements with the app development company for a more precise idea.
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