7 Best Food Delivery Apps Making it Big in 2024

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Best Food Delivery Apps

Are you hungry? Get your favorite food delivered to you with these 7 world-class best food delivery apps of 2024.

Everything that we do in our life is to make that 3 square meals a day for our family. So when it’s time to enjoy those 3 (or more) delicious meals, do you wish to get into long and tedious procedures to get the food or simply get your favorite dish in an instant?

I thought so too. Would you like to yell at your phone to make your order clear to the restaurant operator on the other side? I certainly don’t. It’s the decade of 2021-2030, for crying out loud! We have talking robots and smart homes (sadly, no hoverboard). Back To The Future gave me high hopes).

No one likes to make a call to the local restaurant just to be put on hold or asked to repeat the order “a bit louder” just to get the veg — Rice bowl mixed with Kung Pao chicken. I’ve gone through the pain of waiting in line, and I dread to go out when I can order a large pepperoni pizza and a can of soda and watch the final season of Game of Thrones at home.

However, if you are here with the plans to build your own food delivery app like Uber Eats or GrubHub, I have something special for you.

How Is Online Food Delivery Sector Doing in 2024?

  • Revenue from the online food delivery industry will amount to USD 432 billion by 2030 worldwide.
  • The user penetration rate from 16% in 2023 is expected to hit 19.9% by 2027.
  • The most lucrative countries to start on-demand food delivery services are: China (507.8 million users), India (175.9 million users), US( 105.6 million users), UK (22.5 million users).

This is the perfect time to go with international food delivery app development as the demand for such services is rising and mobile technology is more advanced than ever. However, before developing your own food delivery service app, learn from the best in the business.

Top 7 Best Food Delivery Apps of 2024

1. GrubHub

Grubhub Food Delivery App

GrubHub has partnered with more than 40,000 restaurants across 1000+ cities to become among the top food delivery services. With its strong business model, Grubhub has managed to grow its userbase in all over the US.

The working is simple, feed your location in the app and GrubHub will show you in the app, all of the restaurants near your location.

If you don’t search by location but food you can do that too. Either search by cuisine (Chinese, Italian, Indian, etc.) or by a specific food item (Pizza, Salads, Cheeseburger, etc.). You can also save multiple delivery locations like your office or home, so the ordering process becomes quicker.

An interesting feature offered by this on demand delivery app is that the past orders are saved into the database so you can order any previous order with one tap. The app itself is free, but the restaurant delivery may have a minimum order amount on delivery or a separate delivery charge.

2. Uber Eats

UberEats Food Delivery app

Who better to deliver your meals than the same company that has been helping you travel day and night safely. Uber entered the food delivery service sector in August of 2014 with its extension, Uber Eats.

Although Uber Eats was launched after its key competitors like DoorDash and GrubHub, it still reached among the top names in the past 5 years. People related the trusting brand image of Uber with its offspring UberEats.

Just like the other apps, Uber Eatshas taken a few pages from its parent app Uber when it comes to app features. The live tracking feature works the same way for your food parcel as it works for your cab ride. You also get an ETA notification on your delivery.

Uber was at the top with its online taxi service business when it took the risk to enter uncharted territories and witnessed success for all its efforts.

3. GoPuff

GoPuff Food Delivery App

GoPuff is a startup that is built around the needs of the youth of the nation. The ones that like to live out on weekends and don’t wanna waste time roaming in shopping malls to get daily stuff when they could be doing something productive.

The whole business model and brand that goPuff has created attracts the young blood towards their company. Their tagline is “We Don’t Judge. We Deliver.”; such an effective line that gives the youngsters precisely what they want from the world.

When it comes to services, they don’t just deliver cooked food. They delivery almost everything. If you need snacks for a party, or feeling sick and need food to recover, and also kitchen and bathroom essentials to clean out the house.

goPuff doesn’t charge with a surging price to deliver at different times of the day. Call whenever you want anything, day or night—they’ll deliver anything for the fixed charge of $2. If your order goes above $49, then they do the delivery for free. At present they are around 70+ cities across America.

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4. Seamless

Seamless App

Well, the name says it all. This app gives you a “seamless” experience when it comes to ordering food online. One of the best feature that this app is that Seamless avails no delivery charge. It only has a minimum ordering amount criteria.

They have hundreds of partnered restaurants, and you can view all their menus and choose for yourself what you would like to order. An interesting feature is that you can see dishes with the top rating filter.

Seamless gives one of the largest payment gateways with options like credit and debit card, Cash on Delivery (CoD), net banking, and e-wallets. Their support service is once again “seamless” with 24/7 support to the customers.

5. Foodler

Foodler App

Do you like free food? Then You’ll love Foodler. One of the key benefits of choosing an online delivery app is that you don’t need to search for cash amount when the food arrives. You can make the transaction in a cashless way.

While most of the food delivery apps accept card payment and e-wallets like Apple Pay and Paypal, Foodler accepts 2 more payment gateways: Bitcoin (Yup that’s right) and Foodler Bucks. Foodler bucks are like reward points that you collect from your orders and customer loyalty.

Now about the free food that I mentioned earlier, Foodler also provides a reward program that allows you to get free meals from time to time. Such amazing features are the reason that this company has expanded to over 4000 US cities.

Ready to Transform the Way People Order Food?

6. Postmates

Postmates Food Delivery App

Postmates is one of the unique ones on this top food delivery apps. Just like goPuff it doesn’t just deliver cooked or processed food. If it is eatable or drinkable, Postmates will deliver it to you, “anything, anywhere, anytime,” it’s their tagline.

All you need is to give them the list of items that you need, food, groceries, alcohol, or anything else. They’ll pick up the stuff from your preferred store and deliver it to you at your specified time and place.

The company has grown drastically after its tie-up with the largest retail store in the world, Walmart. Now Postmates users can get everything available at Walmart. You can either choose to pay a delivery amount per delivery or get a monthly plan for $10 which gives you unlimited free deliveries for and order above $25.

7. DoorDash

Doordash Food Delivery App

DoorDash has achieved something that probably no other food delivery startup has in 5 years. They have reached 200,000+ stores across 1500 cities. Their dashers (delivery people) have grown to over 530,000.

This brand has created more than just the coveted DoorDash food delivery business; they’ve created a culture where the customers, dashers, and product merchants are equally revered and benefited from working with the company.

One of the best features of the app is its “Delight Score.” While all the other such portals show only customer rating in stars or comments, DoorDash’s delight score is set by combining various scoring factors based on food quality, dish popularity, and delivery speed.

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Other Upcoming Best Food Delivery App

Above we talked about the most famous and successful food delivery app globally. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones making it big in this industry. There are several other app startups globally and locally that have crossed the million mark and doing great.

  • Foodpanda
  • Zomato
  • JustEat
  • Swiggy
  • Deliveroo
  • Faasos
  • Skip The Dishes
  • Beyond Menu

What Do You Think Now?

Almost forgot to inform one more thing. The app from scratch development will take around 8-10 months from concept to launch, whereas the same process in a clone app solution will take only a single week.

So tell us about your thoughts on our list of top online food delivery apps and our approach of developing an app with the best UberEats clone solution with 48 hours.

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How Can You Build Your Own App Like Uber Eats?

After reading about the success stories of such huge companies, you don’t need to get overwhelmed. They too started from scratch just the way you would. All you need to mimic their success is a unique app idea or design that can attract customers and a robust online food delivery app development company as your technology partner.

Instead of going with developing a food delivery app from scratch, it is more advisable to go with an Uber Eats clone solution. The reason is that developing such an app from scratch will put you financially in a hole of around $50,000 to $1,50,000 on the cheaper side. This would be the price of developing a basic app with only the must-have features.

On the other hand, an Uber Eats app clone development begins from a mere $5000 for the same work. You’ll be getting the source code of one of the top-performing food delivery apps. This way you can be sure that your app will in every way be equal to the A-listing apps. All the additional costs would be to improve your app from there on to become even better.

So, now you know about the best food delivery services in the business and how they became the best. Now it’s time to learn how to start a food delivery business of your own, and aPurple can help you with that.

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