25 On-Demand Service App Ideas That Will Kill It In 2024

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on demand  service app ideas

On-demand services have been the pinnacle of transformative innovations attracting startup owners, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. However, an entrepreneur looking to enter this market needs an on-demand service app idea that is competitive, unique, and offers a higher value proposition.

But why is the on-demand market investment worthy?

The on-demand service market is booming with several avenues to earn profits. For example, the on-demand delivery market is expected to grow at 18.1% CAGR between 2023-2030 and reach a revenue of $225.33 billion in 2030. Similarly, there are numerous startup business ideas that you can leverage to create a profitable business.

Here are top on-demand startup app ideas to help you leverage and create a successful business.

Top 25 On-Demand Apps for Business Startups

1. On-Demand Interior Design Services App

on demand interior design services app

The on-demand interior design service app is one of the most profitable startup ideas. It helps users browse pro designers for their visionary homes, cost-effective design solutions, and customization. It allows users to visualize, plan, and execute their designs with on-demand app development services.

Upcoming trends in on-demand interior design services like AR/VR, AI, and ML will help boost customer satisfaction and retention.

The trends are –

  • Increased use of Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Integration of E-Commerce
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Integration

The trends in on-demand interior design services are set to make users’ design experiences more immersive, personalized, and technologically advanced.

The targeted audience for on-demand interior design service apps includes –

  • Homeowners / New home buyers
  • Architects and Contractors
  • Small Businesses

2. Chef-On-Demand App

Everyone feels tired after cooking dinner for an occasion or a party. Chef-on-demand is the best startup business ideas for the ones who are –

  • Working Parents
  • Baby Boomers
  • Tourists or Travelers
  • High-Income Households

The chef-on-demand app should contain features like selecting chefs based on cooking specialties, prices, etc. You can also offer add-on features such as cuisine preference, and diet food chefs.

3. On-Demand Gift Delivery App

on demand gift delivery app idea

Time flies, and everything comes at your fingertips, from ordering your favorite food to a gift for your loved ones. The on-demand gift delivery app gives a range of variety from –

  • Customized gifts according to the occasion
  • Cakes
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Gift Baskets
  • Gift Cards
  • Home Decor

The on-demand gift delivery apps offer the benefits of convenience and effortless ordering anytime and anywhere at reasonable prices.

The targeted audiences of on-demand plant delivery apps are –

  • Gift-givers
  • Forgetful individuals
  • Corporate offices
  • Personalization Seekers

4. On-Demand Taxi Booking App – Taxi App Like Uber

On-demand taxi service apps have changed the way people hail taxis. With apps like Uber, Lyft, and Grab, everyone can book a cab at your convenience. This has led to consumers feeling more comfortable while booking a taxi. You can book a taxi in just 5-10 minutes before leaving for your destination instead of waiting on street corners looking for a vacant cab.

The Taxi Booking App idea has been such a grand success that virtually infinite clone solutions have been built from Uber’s app structure.

If you own a taxi service business or could acquire one, creating a rideshare app is the most logical and promising decision.

Here are some top benefits for your on-demand app development services:

  • Higher visibility
  • Brand Recognition
  • Convenience For Customers
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Affordability

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5. On-Demand Car Wash App Solution

Finding a car washing center in your location can be time-consuming. Conversely, car washing center owners need help manually handling every record, which affects their business.

Launching an on-demand service app for car washing gives you and your customers ease in booking, resource allocation, and so much more. Everyone wants their car to look as presentable as they are.

Whether you’re planning to start a car washing business or already have one, launching an app for it can be a profitable on-demand business idea.

You can leverage not only car washing services for the app but also offer,

  • In-bay automatic car wash
  • Tunnel automatic car wash
  • Full-service car wash

Providing various services in your on-demand service app will help you create a differentiator in the market.

6. Handyman Service App Idea

handyman service app idea

Doing everyday chores is challenging. People need to manage multiple tasks, which can become overwhelming. The Handyman service app is one of the approachable and beneficial on-demand business ideas.

The Handyman service app provides cleaning, heavy lifting, packing, moving, and many other privileges. All these daily tasks can be a potential on-demand startup ideas, handy clone app development. It will be an on-demand service app for handy professional workers to sell their skills to needy people.

So, whether someone is looking for an AC repairer or an electrician to solve wiring issues, every service professional will be available on your handy service platform. Offering an on-demand handyperson service app gives you benefits like –

  • Strong Customer Relationships.
  • Task Scheduling
  • Data Analytics
  • Customers can access a wide range of services.
  • Simplify the job management process.

Still, trying to figure out how to start a cleaning business? Don’t worry—aPurple will help you with this.

7. On-Demand Travel Planner App

Traveling worldwide is one of the significant things on a person’s to-do list. From searching for a place to visit on vacation, booking flight tickets, reserving hotel rooms, and buying maps for that place, it becomes very tough to do manually.

Nowadays, most troubles are solved with a technology twist, and a travel planner app is one such solution. It has been the go-to app for many travelers, creating a massive market. According to Statista, Total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 11.32%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$2.00bn by 2027.

on-demand mobile apps like traveler-planning apps are booming due to the demand for custom itineraries. The app allows users to book hotel rooms and flight tickets, chat with friends about their trips, and upload photos.

If you are starting a business or own a travel agency, launching an on-demand service app with unique features and a distinctive UI/UX will improve your visibility and expand your reach.

The on-demand travel app can integrate different travel apps, which are –

  • Travel Itinerary App
  • Travel Guide Apps
  • Travel Insurance App
  • Virtual Travel App
  • Travel Finance App

8. On-Demand Laundry App

You can comfort yourself by outsourcing a tedious chore to an easy service with the help of an on-demand laundry app. Using the app, you can hand your clothes to a professional laundry service with a drop-off facility.

If you own a laundry business, make sure the service you provide is customized. This will help users recall your business whenever they need laundry service. Customization can include the type of detergent, fabric care instructions for delicate items, or the starch level of shirts and pants. Moreover, you can also provide specialized services like ironing, curtain and carpet cleaning, or blanket cleaning.

Here are some types of on-demand laundry service apps:

  • Self-Service Laundromat
  • Dry Cleaning Services
  • Wash and Fold Laundry Service
  • Commercial Laundry Services

9. On-Demand Lawn Care Service App

lawn care service startup app idea

We have already discussed home cleaning, car washing, and clothes cleaning. However, one more thing that needs attention is the lawn. Everyone wants their lawn to look good and impressive, but an on-demand snow plow service app can be used for those with a big lawn or who need more time to clean it.

Lawn care is a year-round job that requires maintenance in every season. In the winter season, it’s essential to have someone take care of your lawn for snow plowing. If you need assistance developing an app for lawn care that covers every season with just one tap, you can create an “Uber for Lawn Care” app.

Keep in mind that offering a range of services, such as garden cleaning, plant care, and snow plowing, under one brand can position you as the preferred choice for customers.

This approach can also help secure commercial contracts with offices, malls, and large organizations. These entities may prefer a single provider for all services throughout the year rather than managing multiple providers for different seasons.

If we consider the features of your app, here’s a quick list:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Snow Plowing
  • Landscaping
  • Fertilization

10. On-demand Food Delivery App

Now, let’s discuss how the idea of a food delivery on-demand startup ideas simplifies your life. Whether dining out with family or ordering food at home, we all navigate a digitally advanced environment.

Developing an on-demand service app for food delivery is a win-win situation for you and your users. It provides convenience to your customers and allows you to add numerous add-on features easily. Using your on-demand food delivery app like UberEats, users can effortlessly browse with “n” number of restaurants, menus, and everything related to the order.

On the flip side, you can develop different app panels to manage not only your customers but also your drivers, your admin panel, and the vendor’s panel. If you’re thinking of building an on-demand service app for your food delivery but are stuck on the question, how will you monetize your services?

Here are the some on-demand ideas for startups to monetize your services –

  • Commission fees from restaurants
  • Advertising
  • Delivery Fees
  • In-app purchases
  • Subscription model

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11. On-Demand E-learning App

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.“- Albert Einstein.

E-learning on-demand apps are one of the most interactive platforms. Here, you can enhance students’ creativity, thoughts, and more. The e-learning app is a one-stop solution for students, allowing them to browse different courses, online tests, training sessions, assessments, and more.

E-learning on-demand apps consist of significant categories like –

  • Education to Students
  • Education in Business/Corporate Training
  • Education to Educators (Teachers)

Further, you can incorporate specific panels in your on-demand e-learning app, such as the student panel, teacher panel, parents/guardian panel, and admin panel.

12. On-Demand Medical Delivery App

We used to go to medical shops to buy our medicines. Now, we can simply tap on our screens and have every medicine delivered to our doorstep without hassle. An on-demand medical app provides the facility to deliver products anytime and anywhere.

Your on-demand medical product delivery app should be data-robust because patients input confidential data into your app. It should also include different dashboards to avoid confusion between the delivery man, admin, and customer. A medical product delivery app is one of the crucial on-demand startup ideas for streamlining the medical product delivery process.

Having a medical product delivery business can be highly profitable. This can lead to high customer retention when the following features are added to your app:

  • Users can easily track nearby stores.
  • They can get expert advice.
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • In-app chat

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13. On-Demand Streaming Platform App

on demand streaming platform app idea

Remember the days of the slow Internet when streaming videos was a struggle? Today, we can watch any video or movie on a smartphone with almost zero latency. Before moving into in-depth information about streaming platform apps, let’s have a small look at the stats given by Forbes Home on streaming services with the most subscribers

Streaming Platform Users (in millions)
Netflix 247.2
Amazon Prime Video 200.0
Disney+ 150.2
Max 95.1
Paramount + 63.4
Hulu 48.5
Peacock 28.0
ESPN + 26.0
AppleTV 25.0

While developing an on-demand streaming platform, you must select the app type you want to build. These may include live broadcasting apps, audio streaming apps, video-on-demand streaming apps, and more.

A live streaming app is the perfect way to interact directly with your targeted audience and build a loyal fan base for your app. If you are planning to develop an on-demand streaming app, then here are the benefits that you can acquire from a streaming app –

  • Stay top of mind with your audience.
  • Provide more authentic opportunities for engagement.
  • Connect with remote and global audiences.
  • Generate additional revenue through advertisements.

14. On-Demand Beauty Services App

An on-demand beauty service app integrates various artists and users on a single platform. Offering a wide range of services, including makeup, hairstyling, nail care, and more, is a great convenience for many users.

However, to retain your customers, it’s essential to offer more than different services on one platform. It would be best to enable users to schedule appointments, choose payment methods, and connect with artists directly through the app.

On-demand beauty service is a startup idea that includes advanced features like –

  • Real-time chat and video call with beauticians
  • Appointments scheduling with reminders
  • AI-powered skin analysis
  • Subscription Packages
  • Referral Programmes

Launching an on-demand beauty service app is cost-effective for salon owners already running their businesses. If you want to start from scratch but have a small budget, you can launch an app similar to Uber Beauty App, which will cost you less.

15. On-Demand Healthcare App

Healthcare on-demand service apps ensure doctors can access patients’ health details, such as personal health data, prescriptions, and medications.

Healthcare startups can add advanced features like live chat between doctors and patients for remote health-related services. These apps allow doctors to monitor patients and manage their appointments.

Also, you can finalize the types of healthcare apps like –

  • Urgent Care Apps
  • Diagnostic and Prevent Care Apps
  • Telehealth Apps
  • Healthy Lifestyle Apps

16. On-Demand Service App for eCommerce

on demand service app idea for eCommerce

eCommerce has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s sneakers, watches, sunglasses, or an office table, everything is ordered in a span of seconds. The demand for online purchases shows how important it is to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon. It not only makes shopping easy but also leverages technology in terms of utilizing advanced algorithms, automation, and data analytics to optimize operations.

Additionally, eCommerce platform apps indicate some practices where a brand provides fast deliveries and services to fulfill customer needs and preferences. The significant aspect of the eCommerce platform app is that you’re not bound by one specific audience; you can target every single person for your eCommerce platform, which indicates a whole package of profit and brand visibility. But for this, you have to add some below-given advanced features to your eCommerce app-

  • Virtual Try-On
  • Live Products Streaming
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Product Reviews and Feedback

17. On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App

Imagine a service that offers your favorite drink in fast delivery. Amazing right?

On-demand alcohol apps deliver your favorite drink to your doorstep. Whether it is your birthday party, get-together, or any other occasion, your drink will be delivered to your doorstep in minimum time.

62% of U.S. adults drink alcohol; 38% abstain entirely. It shows that the demand for alcohol is very high. The market mainly came from young adults, millennials, and those seeking convenience and more variety. It shows that the on-demand alcohol delivery startup idea contains a broad target audience.

The benefits of alcohol delivery apps are –

  • Easy and steady profits without managing inventory and physical shop
  • It helps many alcohol shop owners register on your app, directly affecting your income
  • It enables you to earn from the commission-based model
  • Another benefit is you can earn from premium advertising services

18. On-Demand Movers and Packers App

Shifting your house or office is always a hectic, stressful task requiring high effort. An on-demand movers and packers app can help you move your things from one place to another hassle-free.

If you understand movers’ and packers’ on-demand apps, the next step is to check the exact audience for your on-demand app development services.

The target audience for such apps is –

  • Individuals who are relocating homes
  • Businesses Needing Office Relocation
  • Students who want to shift their stuff

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is the benefits your on-demand movers and packers app give you, including-

  • Dynamic delivery charges
  • Secure payment options
  • In-app purchases
  • Reduced Paperwork

Developers often need help challenging profitable apps, which is difficult because they need a dedicated team to succeed. Connect with us if you plan to build movers, packers, or logistics app development.

19. On-Demand Pet Care Service App

Having a pet is the happiest thing for most of us. But some of us are very busy with our daily chores and have no time to take care of our pets. This is where an on-demand pet care service app can help. These kinds of startup ideas are not just about caring for your pet but also include veterinary consultations, dog walking, pet grooming, pet sitting services, and pet insurance.

The targeted audiences of on-demand pet care service apps are –

  • Pet owners
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Pet business owners
  • Vet facility providers

20. On-Demand Grocery App Development

Sometimes, we forget to buy essential things, and because of this, we must cancel our plans. With advanced on-demand grocery delivery apps that deliver groceries anytime and anywhere, this is not the case anymore. With minimal taps on your device, you can easily browse your desired products, eliminating physical store visits.

You can boost your on-demand grocery delivery app by targeting the relevant audience like –

  • Busy professionals
  • Families
  • College/hostel students
  • Baby boomers
  • Tourists
  • Millennials and Gen-Z

21. On-Demand Pet Adoption App

pet adoption app startup idea

According to one study of four million people worldwide, dog ownership was as effective as medication, lowering the risk of dying early by 24%. The study shows that owning a pet will heal you from any problem. To help people suffering from disease or those who want a sweet little pet, here are the best startup business ideas for you. The idea is to start an on-demand pet adoption app.

The target audience for your on-demand pet adoption app is-

  • Pet Lovers
  • Families
  • People seeking companionship
  • The one who is suffering from mental health.

22. On-Demand Booking App

On-demand booking apps provide a range of services simultaneously, which users can use and avail of at their convenience. Due to the increased demand for these on-demand service applications, they have become popular in many industries, such as hospitality, transportation, beauty, hotels, events, and entertainment.

The targeted audiences of on-demand booking apps are –

  • Baby Boomers
  • Millennials
  • Gen-Z
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Event Planners

23. On-Demand Plant Delivery App

plant delivery app idea

Finding the perfect home plant is tricky, given the different varieties and affordability. An on-demand plant delivery app offers a range of plants, from minor to giant trees, helping buyers select the appropriate plants for their home or farmhouse.

The targeted audiences of on-demand plant delivery apps are-

  • Apartment dwellers
  • Plant enthusiasts
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Gift-givers
  • Corporate offices

24. On-Demand Payment App

On-demand payment apps provide a real-time inter-bank payment system, which helps send or receive money hassle-free. The eye-catching part of the on-demand payment app is that it integrates multiple banks to access it, and people can send or receive money through mobile numbers, UPI codes, or QR codes.

The targeted audience for on-demand payment apps includes –

  • Employees
  • Millennials
  • Gen-Z
  • Gig workers
  • Small business owners

25. On-Demand Vacation Rental App

on demand vacation rental app idea

An on-demand vacation rental app is one of the booming startup ideas. Vacation rental apps allow users to browse, book, manage, and search properties for rent during their vacations. These rental property apps provide a platform not only to users but also to help owners of the

property and the manager of the app. Users can easily list their properties for rent, and travelers can find them while browsing.

The targeted audience for the on-demand vacation rental app includes-

  • Family with children under five years old
  • Couples
  • Group of friends

The on-demand vacation rental app is the most effective startup business idea if you own a home or apartment near a vacation destination. The most prominent example of this kind of business is Airbnb. So, if you’re planning for an on-demand service, we have a ready-to-use Airbnb clone.

On-Demand Service Apps: 20 Features You Need to Succeed

on demand service apps features

We have explored a wide range of on-demand services and business ideas. And all of them offer very different products and services.

Similarly, some essential app features are common on-demand delivery app ideas. Check out the most prominent app features that you’ll find on-demand services.

Cost Of Developing An On-Demand Service App

The on-demand app development services are booming, and after learning about the unique on-demand ideas for startups, you will also be curious to know how much they cost. So, here is a breakdown of the cost of developing an on-demand app based on factors like –

  • The tech stack you use
  • Location of the developing company
  • UI UX of the app
  • Features and functionality
  • Backend development and infrastructure
  • Testing and quality assurance
Type of App Estimated Time Estimated Cost
On-demand Healthcare App 3-10 Months $25,000 – $5,00,000
On-demand Grocery Delivery App 4-10 Months $10,000 – $2,00,000
On-demand Alcohol Delivery App 4-12 Months $10,000 – $2,50,000 +
On-demand Beauty Service App $20,000 – $50,000

The table above shows a few apps’ estimated time and cost. If you’re excited to learn more about our expert’s capabilities for your startup ideas, click on this and connect with us!

Summing Up

Fulfilling the daily chores by tapping on mobile phones is becoming very common. Everything is just a tap away, from booking flight tickets to ordering gifts for special ones to buying plants for your home. The article provides 25 different on-demand mobile app ideas that you can use to create the next unicorn and solve user problems.

However, you need to plan everything from ideation to design, development, and deployment of on-demand mobile apps. This is where aPurple can help you develop scalable on-demand service applications based on your startup idea. Connect with us now to learn more about our on-demand development services.

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