How to Start a Cleaning Business? – The Complete Guide

Updated Date: May 14, 2024
Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal
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Entrepreneurs looked for ‘How to Start a Cleaning Business?’ in the Google search query at least 350 times a month on average.

Wondering why?

Well, why not? It can be a rewarding full-time gig or a side hustle.

Very few people actually enjoy the process of cleaning throughout. If you are one of those few, you can try your hands on starting a cleaning service business start-up. In fact, it is a great business trial option.

You would not need to gather a lot of capital, which by the way, is a great advantage. However, you must be mentally ready so that you will make money gradually as and when your customer base increases. This is probably the only business stream wherein you’ll need more time than money to grow in the industry.

One thing that you can rest assured about is that this industry will never lose demand because humorously, dust is gonna do its job till the end of the world. You might not have to worry about getting new customers as cleanliness ensures better hygiene. And pandemics compel humans time and again to maintain proper health and hygiene.

Did You Know?
In 2021, 10% of all cleaning jobs were contracts rather than one-off work. This means there are higher chances of you getting regular contract cleaning jobs from the commercial end.
Source – Jobber

In this blog, we’ll guide how to start a commercial or residential cleaning business from scratch and go over the process of creating one of the most distinguished mobile app ideas to keep up with the changing times.

Types of Cleaning Businesses

Before you understand how to make a cleaning business app, check these types:

  • Commercial Cleaning App Business
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Special or Customized (Gas, Gardens, Furniture Deep Cleaning, etc.)


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How to Start a Cleaning Business? – Step-By-Step Process

How to start a cleaning company would have similar stages to registering any basic service provider business. All concerned legal authorities must be consulted and all formalities should be carried out before starting the business officially. Let us check out how to begin to build an app for errand services.

1. Choose the Popular Location

Choose the area where cleaning services are in demand before you launch your cleaning business start-up. Start with a modest budget and a small area at first, and then gradually expand the offerings of services.

2. Conduct the Market Analysis

After choosing the area to serve, it’s crucial to determine who your clients are and what they require. For instance, houses, apartments, buildings, apartments, or a commercial workspace. After client research, you can start research about your competitors. You can examine what the top home cleaning services are doing and what’s lacking. It helps you in carving out a specific market niche. This is very useful if you don’t know how to start a cleaning business.

3. Decide Application Functionality

Creating an excellent solution must have basic features such as map integration, displaying active/inactive cleaners, a rating system, push notifications, mobile scheduling, digital transactions, reports, and analytics. Also, the companies can introduce the latest features to differentiate the app in the market.

4. Decide Application Features

Basic features include map integration, availability of cleaners, a rating system, push alerts, mobile scheduling, digital transactions, reporting, and analytics for excellent services. Moreover, businesses can add cutting-edge features to set them apart from competitors’ offerings.

5. Run a Real World Test of The App

It is preferable to conduct an MVP test before entering the market. It’s known as an MVP when a cleaning app with minimal features is released. It is beneficial to evaluate how users are responding to the app and what needs to be changed for improved outcomes.

6. Create a Marketing Plan

The on-demand cleaning application development is a half-won battle. You can win the rest of the battle when the app reaches the targeted audience and make them install and use the app repetitively. It comes up with the best marketing strategy creation that includes app optimization, social promotion, paid advertising, and others.

7. Plan Your Marketing Strategy

The battle to produce on-demand cleaning apps can be partially won. When the application is downloaded and frequently used by the intended audience, you will have to win the last battle. It covers the greatest marketing strategy content creation, which consists of paid advertising, social media promotion, and app optimization.

8. Join The Crew of the Cleaning App Development Team

When everything is prepared on your end, it’s time to look for a on demand home service app development company which can build a reliable app for you. Their team including Project managers, accounting managers, coding departments, UI/UX designers, Marketers, Creators, and others will help you in entire app development process.

Why Are Cleaning Service Apps Growing So Rapidly?

cleaning service apps growing so rapidly

Smart cleaning app is a relatively new industry. Many factors are responsible for the growth of such service-based businesses as cleaning.

24/7 Booking Acceptance

Since consumers may request business cleaning services at any time and anywhere, cleaning businesses need to have a system in place that can accommodate those requests. An application that immediately assigns the work to the professional cleaners and confirms the booking slots as per the availability of the cleaner. The availability of the cleaner can be accepted by this method.

Serve in Accordance with Demands and Goals

Organizations must never ignore the importance of customer experience and customer happiness. This is true for many businesses that deal with B2C. For example, try to hear out all needs and concerns of house owners during your learning journey of how to start a house cleaning business or company/building owners for commercial cleaning feedback.

Customers can directly communicate from a mobile application with professional cleaners, and make them aware of the expectations. This process makes it easy and can get more customer satisfaction for your business.

Your On-demand Cleaning Service App Becomes a Brand!

The mobile app is a potent weapon in your toolbox for amplifying the voice of your cleaning company. The customer can easily get into the app by just a simple tap on the logo of the app. This can increase the popularity of your brand. Additionally, push notifications can remind customers about their recent services and special offers. Your brand application can increase the engagement rate with the customer. This can help you if you don’t know how to start a cleaning business from scratch.

Increased ROI and Conversion

This straightforward booking process and constant accessibility make it simple to complete the cleaning task activity. It encourages consumers to make on-the-go cleaning reservation bookings, which can raise the reservation and revenue quantity. And this reason should raise your zeal to know how to start your own cleaning business.

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What Features Does the Cleaning App Offer?

The development of a cleaning app involves the creation of three distinct user interfaces: a user app, a service provider’s app, and an online admin panel.

Apps For Cleaning Customers (Users)

(1) Utilizing their phone number, email address, or other social credentials, customers can sign in and register.
(2) Make a profile with your name, photo, preference, and other details.
(3) Apply filters or use the keyword feature.

Apps For Service Providers

(1) Before registering, submit all the paperwork needed for verification.
(2) Using the login information provided by the system, service providers can access the system.
(3) Create your profile with a picture, name, your services, and your reviews.

Admin Panel – Owner’s Application

(1) Can log in using the system-provided credentials.
(2) Manage the consumers, their service requests, and their issues about getting things done quickly.
(3) View and control CMS pages, including blogging, advertisements, banners, articles, and notifications.

Do you want to improve operations with successful cleaning app?

What is the Development Cost of a Cleaning Service App?? ($)

The following phases make up the development of such software and each one requires a specific number of man hours, which directly impacts how much programmers charge for their services.

GPS Connection for Data

For android based apps, the developers link Google Maps, whereas, for iOS-based apps, they link Core Location ( for the geolocation indication) and Mapkit (for routes). On average, 120-140 man hours are required for this process.

Electronic Transactions

You must either implement the banking card data processing mechanisms
(That compliance with PCI requirements) or integrate a payment gateway to give your consumers the option of securely paying for services through smartphones. This long process will require 100 man hours.

Activation of Accounts

Check the required minimum of fields for the profile creation feature. Which are the photo, name, and contact phone number. You also need to use the social network profile registration feature. All of this might take around 110-120 hours.

Connection For Push Notification

To implement the push-notifications capability, you will require the Google Cloud Messaging Services for Android and the Apple Push Notification Service for iOS. This will take 30 to 40 Hours.


We advise using a straightforward, minimalistic style that will be simple for any smartphone user to understand. A design’s most basic version will take 50 hours.

Backend Development

The creation of the app’s “insides” or technological component. The developers might accelerate their work at this point. This offers additional features including an administrative dashboard and an API for mobile apps. It could take 200- 250 hours to construct the technical architecture and code the user interface.

A Beta Test

A crucial component that must be carefully carried out to ensure that all defects are fixed and the product performs smoothly. A beta test will take 150-200 man hours.

Important Note:
The developers should know the specifics of your project to provide you with an accurate quote. However, you can get the estimated price to figure out and plan your finances accordingly. Get in touch with the professionals at aPurple to discuss your cleaning business vertical business idea.

How to Start a Cleaning Business with aPurple’s Digital Support – A Clean Wrap-Up!

As we can see, developing an app for or starting a cleaning business is not that difficult. However, you should leave this job to professionals if you lack experience creating business applications for mobile platforms.

The choice of a development company for a cleaning business is crucial since they have the power to create or break the success of your app. At aPurple, we ensure to provide the best-in-class mobile app development services with a team of highly experienced and qualified specialists. The dedicated team would work diligently and professionally to deploy the best house cleaning service app project.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Start a Cleaning Business?

Is it worth starting a cleaning business?

With a strong business plan and the will to set foot in your entrepreneurial journey in the cleaning industry, a cleaning business is a great app idea.

How do I start a cleaning business with no money?

You can apply for funds in financial bodies or borrow a loan from family/friends to start a cleaning business. This business idea does not require a huge capital investment, so you’re all set with a couple of thousand dollars.

How profitable is a cleaning business?

The profit ratio totally depends on how widespread the business is, or what sub-services you offer. However, you can make good gradual profits in this industry.

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