Why Should eCommerce App Development be Your TOP Priority?

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Best eCommerce Mobile App Development

Which is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about digitizing your retail business?

You might say a well-designed website! Of course, an impressive website is a foremost aspect that every merchant considers ahead of selecting any of the e-commerce development solutions.

But, is having an eCommerce website just enough for your eCommerce startup? Since the world is going mobile and mobile apps are dominating over the entire market, your eCommerce website may somewhere lack behind to make adequate revenue or acquire potential customers.

Considering the storm of mobile apps emerging in each industry sector, it will soon be essential for e-commerce retailers to adopt eCommerce mobile app development services. And the best part is, now you can easily build your app with the help of eCommerce solutions like Amazon clone, eBay clone, and more.

An eCommerce app solutions serve uncountable benefits as compared to your customary e-commerce website. If you look around at all these remarkable benefits, you will surely regret why you haven’t yet determined to get multi-vendor e-commerce solutions for your retail business.

This is How eCommerce App Development Can Benefit You:

Increased Usability

Increased Usability

E-commerce mobile apps come with this notable advantage. Unlike web pages, the mobile app just needs to be downloaded once and the user is all set to use it.

Mobile eCommerce allows you to implement some features like animations, high-definition visuals, and complex interactions, as apps’ initial download doesn’t require loading in 3 seconds.

Further, apps are delicately designed for certain devices, thus it lets you build exclusive functionality. This greatly enhances the app’s usability and user experience as well.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Developing an eCommerce mobile app for your business facilitates you to send notifications to your customers’ devices. You can notify them about important sales, the latest offers, new arrivals, etc. This means an e-commerce mobile app will also serve you as a great marketing tool.

In-Built Features

Collaborate With Devices In-Built Features

Mobile apps possess the great aptitude to seamlessly integrate with the smartphone’s inbuilt features. Some of them are GPS, camera, microphone, and Accelerometer. Your eCommerce app can utilize the devices’ GPS features to track and calculate the user’s current location. Using your app and device camera, users can also capture pictures of themselves with your products. The microphone can be used to enable voice search in your app.

Customer Preferences and Loyalty

Customer Preferences and Loyalty

Ecommerce mobile application development offers a higher level of user engagement with your brand as compared to a website. This helps you to attract repeat and loyal visitors making several purchases. An e-commerce app tends to save much of the time of the repeat customers by providing quick access to their required products.

Offline Functioning

Offline Functioning

Though most of the e-commerce applications like Amazon generally load content from servers to show up-to-date product information and hence require connectivity, still you will have offline functionality like checking a saved wishlist.



Once users download your e-commerce mobile app, it is installed on their device and the number of features and functionalities will be quickly loaded. This is because; the app’s speed completely depends on the processing power of the phone and not on the internet connection.

If you own an online store and desire to expand your e-commerce business, then eCommerce mobile app development is the most viable solution you can opt for.

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How Much Does the eCommerce App Development Cost?

It depends on the eCommerce app requirements mobile application you are building-A single vendor app or a multi-vendor mobile app?

Multi-Vendor apps are like Amazon, eBay, and Grofers in which you build a platform for other vendors to register in your platform and allow them to sell their products on your online store. Customers who buy from the app will be able to pay directly through the mobile app wallet or other payment options. You get the commission on every successful conversion.

On the other hand, if you are a retail store owner who sells apparel, grocery, toys, jewelry, or any other retail product, you build a separate mobile app for your physical store which is a single vendor eCommerce app.

Now, the cost of eCommerce web app development depends on the eCommerce app design and the features you include in your app. If you go for custom app development, then you can customize your app according to your specific requirements.

However, customer development takes time and hence, costs you higher. On the flip side, if you buy a Whitelabel solution for a single vendor app or solution for a multi-vendor app, then you get a ready-to-use mobile app. You can easily customize these white label solutions as per your brand’s requirements. And it considerably costs you less than custom development.

Here at aPurple, we sell a single vendor clone solution from $7k to $15k depending on the feature the client wants. Whereas, Amazon-like multi-vendor solution can cost you between $12k to $22k as per your feature requirements.

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Some Trending eCommerce App Development Ideas

Trending eCommerce App Startup Ideas

If you are looking for other eCommerce business opportunities, then check out the following eCommerce app startup ideas.

Online Sports Store

You can also decide to build a dedicated online sports store where you can retail all types of indoor and outdoor sports equipment, apparel, and supplies. Such e-commerce mobile apps are significantly appreciated by sports fans and followers.

Pet Care

The online pet store is one of the profitable eCommerce startup ideas. You can choose to develop an eCommerce app to sell all the essential stuff for pets, like pet toys, pet food, and other pet supplies, etc. As pet owners are always seeking convenient ways to acquire pet supplies, your app can facilitate them to get the necessary pet stuff exactly at their doorstep.

Accessories and Jewelry

This is another most effective mobile app startup idea in the eCommerce sector you can go for. By making an eCommerce app for selling jewelry, there are big chances to stand unique in the market, as you will be retailing accessories and jewelry that are difficult to get anywhere else.

Such accessories can include eco-friendly accessories, trinkets made from organic and handmade ornaments made by skilled designers.

Event Tickets

With this eCommerce startup, you will be providing users with a single platform to book all sorts of entertainment or sports tickets.

You can build an e-commerce app to sell tickets for concerts, stand-up comedy shows, movies, etc and the consumers could easily find and purchase their required show tickets at any time and anywhere.

Furniture Store

You can also build your online store for Furniture, sofa, bed, kitchen appliances, home decor, and more. Including the latest technology like AR (Augmented Reality) in the furniture store allows your customers to find 3D models of your furniture from the home and check whether the furniture is adjustable in the space or not.

Online Tile Store

If you own a brick-and-mortar tile store and want to digitize your business, then you can use eCommerce app development.

Integrating AR technology in the tile and floor app lets your customers see the floor tiles through the app, so customers won’t have visited the store physically and decide on which type of tile is best suited for their needs.

Ready to Launch Your Online Store and Reach a Global Audience?

Online Grocery Store

It is one of the most trending eCommerce startup ideas going around the world. Here you can act as a bridge between the customer and vendor. All you need to do is deliver the product to the customers and get a commission from the vendors. Some of the grocery delivery apps like Instacart, FreshDirect, etc are getting success in this field.


If you still stick to your conservative eCommerce websites or business strategies, it’s high time for you to wake up! Consider newer mobile approaches and go for eCommerce app development to remain ahead in this competitive era.

Moreover, adopting appropriate and powerful startup ideas is as essential as deploying a mobile app. So ensure to get a professional Readymade eCommerce app, solutions and suggestions, ahead of establishing your eCommerce startup.

Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal is the CTO of aPurple. He is passionate about tech trends, clone apps, on-demand app solutions, and innovations across various domains. He loves to share his expertise through engaging content and inspiring others to discover the future of the IT world.

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