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Are you planning for a startup?

Then, you must indeed have a great idea to touch many hearts and earn profits. To ease your stress, we have listed unique mobile app ideas that may help you choose your business startup industry.

A smartphone is used almost everywhere with tons of applications installed on it. And if you aspire to become an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is to withstand amongst millions of apps in the store. Creating a successful application will take a lot of time and effort.

Although, apps are easy to use and can look appealing if the mobile app development is done effectively.

These curated app ideas are just a way to get started and put you on the right track. It will help you get a push to your startup with a brilliant app.

To start with statistics,

  • By the end of 2025, the total revenue of mobile apps may cross the figure of 613 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Social media networking revenue created is around 31 billion dollars.
  • Global food delivery applications are expected to reach $62836.97 million in the next eight years.

Multiple industries have shifted to digitization and created their app concept for on-demand business ideas. Let us give you a few examples of mobile apps below.

Most Popular App Ideas for Beginners

list of mobile app ideas

Taxi App

One of the most trending app ideas is the taxi app today. This app is used for passenger commutation and manages the entire fleet system. Taxi app creation classifies three panels, one for drivers, the second for the customers, and the last for the admin panel to manage the operations overall.

With GPS-enabled navigation and real-time driver route tracking, taxi apps have become very convenient for users and drivers.

Food Delivery App

Food excites every individual irrespective of age, and it is the need of every human being to survive. And what if food becomes one of the mobile business ideas on the list? You can make an appealing and delicious-looking food app like UberEats, DoorDash, etc., that lets your customers order food and fulfill their food cravings with just a few swipes.

You will receive feedback from the customers through ratings and reviews on the app. Also, thousands of restaurants can list on your app and offer on-demand food delivery services. People away from home can be your best target audience as they may not know how to cook or may not find time in their busy schedules. These are much-needed apps seen on every mobile screen today.

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Grocery Delivery App

With the strict regulations of staying indoors and maintaining social distancing, the rise of on-demand grocery delivery took place. We saw big companies creating an app for grocery delivery with several other brick-and-mortar stores willing to shift to digital platforms.

You can sell organic foods and frozen foods on demand. To fix this, you can share your ideas for app development with the number one app development company for a robust app.

Beauty Service App

beauty app

None of us today like to wait in a queue for a haircut or any other salon service. Isn’t it? This inconvenience gives birth to new and best app ideas offering beauty services. You can capitalize on unique app ideas that rise as the bread and butter for hairdressers and beauticians.

Help your customers with minimal waiting time by booking an appointment from the beauty service app at their convenient time and place. This will allow a systematic flow of customers and increase business revenue.

Restaurant Management App

Digitization has hit a lot of traditional businesses, and restaurants are no exception. To stay in the competition, many restaurants are inventing apps that include an end-to-end management system, POS system, and delivery panel that helps drivers deliver food on time.

With managing restaurant operations seamlessly, the app can perform as the best assistant to help the restaurant owner track all the driver’s movement and in-house operations from billing, taking orders, delivery locations, and much more.

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Logistics Delivery App

A logistics delivery app is a crucial part of any transportation business, and it often proves to be a deciding factor in your company’s success. The app will help optimize the route, quick dispatch, and timely delivery.

Making drivers’ jobs easy, this app gives seamless onboarding and hassle-free package delivery. This can also offer the customers to track their consignment and receive real-time updates with dispatchers, and also allow them to leave feedback post delivery.

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Healthcare App

This app will monitor your daily health condition and meal intake. It helps you check your daily check, such as sugar check, heart rate, etc. Accordingly, it connects you with a professional or recommends a few recipes for healthy food items to eat.

This mobile app can also be customized by adding a technology-driven plethora of functions. It can manage all the medical procedures and suggests nearby medical stores buy the prescribed tablets immediately. A health app is one of the best mobile app ideas for beginners to offer better care to healthy patients.

Ecommerce App

ecommerce app

An eCommerce app is an online marketplace that lets the user purchase anything and everything online. In other words, we can define the businesses working via the internet, like Amazon, eBay, etc. The convenience and offers users receive are immensely satisfied with online shopping.

So starting an eCommerce business is an excellent way to earn revenue. It has a huge marketplace such as lifestyle, homecare, babycare, apparel, electronics, jewelry, etc. The best advantage of an e-commerce startup is that you can always widen the market and offer something new from the competitors, and then the whole market will be yours.

Entertainment App

Entertainment apps or OTT platforms are highly in demand today. Due to the critical situation where people were forced to stay indoors, this platform has helped keep people occupied and entertained.

Moreover, the advent of smartphones has changed how mobile phones are used. Some of the best examples of OTT platforms are Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Twitch.

Are you looking to turn your app idea into a reality?

Fitness App

Fitness apps are the most feasible apps that do not need much effort for setup or storage. This app can be used from anywhere, and it helps with physical training, nutrition, diet, and fitness topics to read.

we are sure you might have decided on your field of a startup. But, a few more are on the list that can help you even better.

The ultimate goal of developing a fitness app should be to provide different types of exercise, food routines, calorie counts, workout schedules, etc.

Home Security App

Home is where you find peace. Also, your home is at risk if you are away and won’t be notified if someone breaks into your home for burglary.

Security apps for homes involve connectivity with CCTV cameras and security alarms that enable you to keep a watch over your house. You can always check the footage from time to time.

Errand Service App

Errands are the daily chores that people are unable to complete. Some apps like TaskRabbit or Handy allow runners to complete unwanted chores in time, even if you are stuck in a meeting and cannot attend to urgent needs. These apps include services from home cleaning, car washing, pet walking, etc.

You need to hire a few helpers ready to complete a job for others. Errand runners will set their schedule to start and end the job in time and do more errands. There are many lucrative errand app ideas if you think of starting a similar on-demand business.

Real-Estate App

All the organizations involved in the real estate industry can benefit from the latest invention of AR-based apps. The best app ideas where the potential user can view the properties from every angle. In this digital era, the application has the power to take your business to a new level.

Start Implementing App Ideas in Real

With time, aPurple has been multiplying its mobile app development services, opening its wings for every industry. Further, the application must stand out in the market with exclusive features and something that makes you different from the competition.

For this, you need to partner with aPurple and transform your app into reality. A highly experienced team will deliver state-of-art technologies to succeed and sustain in the market.


Here we close the blog with the list of the 13 best app ideas for startups. The prime focus of executing these app ideas is to offer ease of services to the customers and boost your business through an online presence.

Moreover, app ideas to make money should stand the test of time. It is only possible if you have a unique app idea, and we have covered almost all the mobile business ideas here.


What Features Should I Choose for an App?

Depending on your chosen industry, you can build features similar to a competitive brand or customize them according to your business plan. Ensure that the features are helpful to the users and simple to navigate. An intuitive UX will attract millions of users to use the application.

What are Some Apps that Need to be Created?

You need to create an app panel for every operation that works under your business. For example, suppose you are running a restaurant business that involves food delivery. In that case, you should create an admin app to manage the entire operations, a customer app to receive orders and payments, and a driver’s app to track the deliveries in real-time.

What is the Best App Idea?

From the above list of options to start a business, you can choose anything that suits you the best and is within your budget. There are multiple options in the market, like erestaurant, cloud kitchens, video streaming apps, food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, eCommerce apps, shopping apps, etc. Choose and decide what services you want and create a mobile application for better revenue.

How do Mobile Apps Make a Lot of Money?

Usually, apps that are for free can monetize through various means like advertising, sponsorships, in-app purchase, etc. Also, several business models work better for free apps in earning a lot of money. This includes,

  • Subscriptions
  • Selling Merchandise
  • Referral Marketing
  • Collecting and Selling Data
  • Freemium Upsell

How do You Make an App Unique?

You can customize your app with top-notch features apart from the competitors’ applications. If you are looking for clone solutions, you can still add a few features to make your service stand out from the rest. Also, the business model you choose should aim for better revenue for the business and benefit the customers.

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