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Custom software development is a complex process that requires high precision coordination between different teams.

We at aPurple have mastered the process of developing custom software for our clients located all across the globe.


Top Custom Software Development Company

When we started aPurple, the vision was to establish ourselves as the industry’s best software development outsourcing company. Through our years of experience in the software domain, we understood that there was a gap between what the customers wanted and what other software developers were offering.

We built a software development team that could handle software development for Android as well as software development for iPhone. We believe in creating products that will help you achieve your goals and serve as exemplary examples that need to be replicated.

At aPurple, we have a value system based entirely on customer satisfaction, and our team believes in going the extra mile to deliver exquisite software solutions.


Our Software Development Process

We at aPurple follow a battle-tested process of software development that has helped us deliver high-quality software solutions to our clients located worldwide.

1. Brainstorming

We would listen to your brilliant concept and brainstorm it with our technical team. Using our years of experience in delivering complex projects, we would suggest the necessary changes, if any, to add to your ideas.

2. Feasibility analysis

In this step, we would determine the project’s scope and specify every detail. Our experts will conduct a feasibility analysis that includes a detailed analysis of the resources required to complete the project, the ROI of the project, the cost and time needed to complete the project.

3. Design

This stage will determine the precise software architecture that matches the specific project criteria. The design phase includes the look and feel of the software and consists of the design of the database structure and the overall solution. We will finalize the mockups and the final prototype to be used in later stages.

4. Coding

Our expert software developers will translate the design documentation into actual running software in the development phase. Our team will handle the alpha, beta, and final production build and ring test the product once the software’s complete architecture and planned features are constructed.

5. Testing

In this phase, our team will finish the testing of the system and integrate the system with your existing systems. Our quality assurance team executes various tests, including user acceptability testing, interoperability, functionality testing, and systems integration, to ensure that the software is bug-free.

6. Deployment

This is the stage where our experts install the software step-by-step according to the implementation strategy. Our team may decide on a simple release or a stagewise release depending on the project complexity. We ensure the full support of our team in this crucial stage so that you and your team members do not face any hassle in using the software.

7. Maintenance

This is the final stage of the software development life cycle. Our team ensures that your software works without any hiccups in the real world by ironing out any remaining bugs in the software. We will provide you with maintenance support for a reasonable period. We will also update your software according to the contract.

Why Choose Us?

Whether it’s software development for desktop or mobile app software development, always choose aPurple for your software development needs. These are just some of the reasons why you should go with aPurple instead of any other software development company.

Scalable & Flexible

Based on your needs, we provide you with the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your team at any point in the software development life cycle.

On-time Delivery

We at aPurple take pride in the fact that our team always delivers on time regardless of the project’s complexity.

End-to-End Communication Process

We have a transparent and efficient communication process in which you are always kept in the loop. We believe in updating the client regarding the smallest detail of the project.

Hire a Team of Specialists

When you choose to work with aPurple, only domain expert developers work on your software development. Over the years, we have assembled a team of experts who are specialized in building software. Till now, we have developed, sold, and scaled countless software solutions for clients located all across the world.

The software development lifecycle acts as a roadmap for software developers. It’s a process that ensures that the cost of software development is accurately assessed and costly mistakes are avoided. An SDLC is the best way to remove the uncertainties involved in software development.
Outsourcing software development to developing nations like India can prove to be a wise decision. This is because the Indian software developers have proved their mettle to provide the best product at the best cost.
That depends on the complexity of the software and the location of the software development company. As a thumb rule, software with many complicated features will be costlier than simple software. Similarly, software developed by Indian software developers will be 3-5 times less expensive than software created by developers located in the U.S. or Western Europe. A ballpark range of software development costs can be estimated between $5000-$900,000. Contact us for more accurate estimates.
Software development has many advantages for startups as well as established businesses. We have mentioned the most prominent benefits below
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better visibility of product
  • Improved brand image
  • Ability to handle more demand easily
  • Improved sales
  • Better marketing of the business
Client Review 1

Peter Davis

Liquor Delivery App Owner

Client Review 2

“A team with positive attitude to deliver my liquor solution on time. Not only this, I received maintenance & support from the team for an extended period! Sincerely grateful!”

Client Review 3

Kevin Parker

Founder of Trucking Business App

Client Review 4

“Impeccable efforts by the aPurple team. I digitized my freight business and there has been an upward graph of my revenues. They helped me build the foundation of my business in the digital world.”

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