On-Demand Local Pickup and Delivery Service Solution

With the rise of the on-demand service economy, the traditional approach for delivering goods and couriers has also become obsolete. Keeping these in mind, a team of logistics and shipping experts wanted to create a peer to peer shipping platform that makes the delivery process seamless and efficient.


Overview of The Project

The project is based on an on-demand local pickup and delivery service idea. On clients requirements for building a platform for last-mile logistics delivery, we built a solution that helps both the shipper and carrier.

The platform allows anyone with the van, car, pick up truck, SUV, or bike to register and start earning through delivering parcels, couriers, or goods while they are on a way to their home or destination. The solution lets drivers earn as minimal as $20 for local deliveries to $600 for long haul deliveries. Shippers can also find a fitting carrier for their parcel delivery by just entering pick up location, delivery destination, and parcel weight.



Those who have a small truck can deliver the medium to big couriers from appliances to furniture.


Pick up Truck

You can make some extra dough delivering big goods and couriers if you have a van.


Car owners can carry a small to medium-sized parcel on their way home or destination.



Bike owners can register on the platform for delivering small parcels like letters and appliances.

What Client Wanted

The client was in the logistics and transport sector for many years and was pretty impressed with a new concept called crowdshipping in the courier and parcel delivery system. So he wanted to shape one such project in his city that would later become a money generating idea

The client went through many development company’s profiles on the internet but finally approached us for helming the project.

The client was clear and sorted on his requirements and what he wanted in his project. He insisted that we build logistics apps that aggregate shippers with the interested drivers. Also an administrative panel, from that he could set and monitor every aspect of pickup and delivery service. The client told us to build an engaging and user-friendly dashboard that would allow him to oversee and manage shi

What We Did

For us, the project was somewhat familiar in terms of execution because we had in the past developed an Uber freight clone for our client. Nonetheless, the project required meticulous research on our part and know how to match local shippers to the drivers and successfully deliver their goods or courier to the destination.From our side, as soon as we cleared the flow of the project, we started working on the design and wireframes of the project. However, there were some suggestions from our side which the client really appreciated.

When the design got approved by the client, our developers started their part. Our backend developer developed an admin panel that allows the client to do important tasks like shipper & driver management, Vehicle management, parcel type & weight management, shipping details, and more.

On the other side, the Android team built user-friendly and feature-rich apps as the client insisted on building a native android app for both shippers and drivers.

Features of the Logistics App Development

The client wanted to make both the apps and admin panel to be easy to use and attractive. Keeping these things in mind we added most sellable features and functionalities that could make the app unique.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Vehicle Management
  • Manage Parcel Type & Weight
  • Manage Shippers & Drivers
  • Generate PromoCode
  • View Ratings (Drivers & Shippers)
  • Shipment Details
  • Earning Report
  • Driver’s Shift Log


  • Book Shipment
  • Advance Booking
  • Shipping status
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Save Favorite Location
  • Shipping History
  • Promo-codes
  • Booking Cancellation


  • Easy SignUp
  • Activate/Deactivate Shift Status
  • Identity Verifications
  • Track Shipment Location
  • Accept Request
  • Notification
  • Job Status
  • Shipment History
  • Emergency Alert
  • Document Expiration Alert

Challenges & Solutions

Developing this project was not an easy part. We had faced many adversities while implementing logic and inclusion of other features.

The client had a unique way of setting a price for shipment which caused great research for the backend team to make work. Also, there were times when the client got some better ideas and he would demand some other add on features to the app. These caused our developers to work on a new module and incorporate them.

In the admin panel, the client wanted to include booking and earning features that allows him to track orders and earning by month and days. It was a bit of a challenge for the developers, however, their past experience in building somewhat similar features didn’t take too much to build this feature.

Screenshots of The Logistics Mobile App

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