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An On-Demand App to Book a Ride Online

For our client based in Guyana, we built a robust taxi booking solution. He wanted to begin his entrepreneurial journey by launching an on-demand app. Let’s see how he did it with our support.

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6 Members


Georgetown, Guyana


On-demand Taxi Booking


4.5 Months Went LIVE in August 2022


Admin & Dispatcher, Passenger & Driver App Development, UI/UX


Passengers who don’t own a vehicle & prefer to hail on-demand taxis and car pooling.

How Did the Client Approach Us?

Mr. Ken Deocharran, our client, is a resident of Georgetown, Guyana. After observing the taxi culture in Guyana, he formulated the idea of launching a mobile app that could help people with their ride-hailing problems.

The client wanted to build an app to book cabs that could give tough competition to the already existing billion-dollar taxi-booking app giants like Uber and Lyft.

He also proposed that his idea of competing with the existing industry leaders is by offering competitive fare prices to users and revenues to drivers to make its spot in the market. After discovering all the client's expectations and requirements, the team at aPurple started brainstorming.

Our Deliverables to Digitize this Taxi Service

After an internal team discussion, we decided to build an Admin panel, a dispatcher panel and two independent mobile applications. (We considered the distributed statistics of Android and iOS phone users who would use this app to book taxi online in Guyana.)

Native Android & iOS Apps For Passengers

This app would help a user to register themselves as a rider. Furthermore, using this app, one can book rides, add favorite locations, give ratings to drivers, etc

book a ride app portfolio

Native Android & iOS Apps For Drivers

The driver app is specifically meant for driver registration, accepting or rejecting ride requests, tracking the fares earned, completed rides, etc.

Project Framing & Scope Designing

It is a norm at aPurple to first work on the project's foundation, i.e., the roadmap. To design the same, we took several calls with the client and his team. We asked them various questions to discover their point of view and noted things down, and all this data helped us design and develop the best app for ride sharing.


Walkthrough of Our App Development Process

Now, let us take you through the intricate procedure that we undertake for taxi app development:

On-call Client Meetings

  • Design working model
  • Formulating USP
  • Planning functionalities
  • App Conceptualization

Project Planning

  • Platform analysis
  • Technology brainstorming
  • Timeline fixation
  • Scope drafting by Business Analysts

Forecasting Outcome

  • App Architecture
  • App Designing
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Overall project specificatio

Final Delivery

  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Quality analysis & testing
  • Post-launch support

aPurple’s Extra Mile of Efforts to Make BookARide App A Success!!

While the deadline to deploy the Book A Ride Guyana app approached, many major issues remained to be solved. The team doubled their efforts to meet the deadline without compromising on the quality of the application.

Throughout this project design and development, we provided Night time support to the client’s team, considering their time zone and geographic location.

Another extra effort that aPurple’s hardworking developers put in was for the LIVE location tracking algorithm. We made it as accurate as Uber to provide their users with a seamless ride-booking experience.

A Glance at the Features of Driver & Passenger Apps

Today, the app has around 7500 active registered users. The figure is only growing. And we surely think this is quite a milestone in the app's lifecycle. However, this wouldn't have been possible without integrating the app's remarkable features, which made it stand out from the competitors.

Features of Driver App

  • Upload Documents
  • Get Approval & Then Login
  • Edit Profile & Bank Account Details
  • Duty On & Off Button
  • Receive Trip Request From Nearby Passengers
  • See Trip Details (With LIVE Location)
  • Start Waiting Time
  • Trip History & Payments
  • Total Earning Reports
  • Request Payment Withdrawal from Admin
  • Settings
  • Section For My Jobs: Future Jobs/Pending Jobs/Past Jobs
  • Profile Management
  • Add & Edit Payment Method (Cash, Debit & Credit Card, Payment Gateway)
  • LIVE Map View
  • Location pin drag
  • Add & Edit Favorite Locations
  • Select Vehicle Type
  • Book Now Trip/Book Later Trip
  • Apply Promo Codes
  • Trip & Fare History
  • Review & Rating
  • Invite Friends
  • Help

Features of Passenger App

Colors & Typography

Colors & Typography

Technology Stack Used to Build Book A Ride - Ride Sharing Application

Screenshots of the Taxi Booking App - Book A Ride

Our in-house designers delivered wireframes to the client for their feedback, as their approval is a must. Check out the final app UI design.

Taxi Booking App design

Challenges & Solutions in the Course of Project Development

Challenge 1 - Google map integration is very expensive.

Solution : We researched a custom algorithm for an estimated time of arrival (ETA) that was not so heavy on the pocket and fulfilled its purpose.

Challenge 2 - Multiple users on the app caused server failure.

Solution : Solved this issue with the load balancing method. We created & ran servers to support numerous users on the app simultaneously.

Challenge 3-Equipping the app with a LIVE tracking feature..

Solution : We equipped the Book A Ride app with the Kalman Algorithm, which aided in perfect LIVE tracking of the passenger & driver..

Book A Ride app solution

Build a Taxi Booking App with Us!

It is the rule of business that to outdo your competitors; you need a Unique Selling Proposition, a disruptive solution, features that set you on the epicenter, and a new design language that is bold in its ways. Hence, for your uber like app development requirements, you can entrust our skilled and certified team.

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