Client & Project Overview

A senior doctor from a reputed hospital in Texas, USA, wanted to go for a Telemedicine app development through which his entire hospital staff and patients could access and manage his multi-specialty hospital's healthcare services.

They were on the lookout for the best healthcare app development companies when they found aPurple and approached us with their vision. The clients were a team of senior-most doctors and hospital administrators, so they were clear on the technical and user-friendly aspect of the digital space.

Our designers and developers had the opportunity to work with the smartest minds in healthcare by building telehealth mobile apps for them (doctors and their patients). that would assist the in rendering top care services.


Texas, USA


iOS & Android App Development, Website Development, UI/UX Design



Client Requirements

The client wanted to build a complete digital ecosystem for their hospital with multiple platform mobile apps, website, web panels for the doctors with all the bells and whistles. We discussed the project at length and figured out to create a TeleMedicine application platform that would be beneficial for all the stakeholders in the hospital; patients, doctors, healthcare assistants, and hospital administration.

We planned to build a TeleMedicine software for providers and patients on both the prominent platforms, Android and iOS. We also developed a web panel for doctors to access via their computer or tablet at work—also, a website for people to visit and understand the working of the FerMD system.

telemedicine platform app

Technology Stack

Android App Development

Android Studio: 3.6, Java: 8, Kotlin: 1.3.72

iOS App Development

XCode: 11.2.1, Swift: 5.0



App Security

HTTPS & encryption based on HIPAA-compliance

Payment Gateway


Runtime Tracking

Google Analytics


Node.js / PHP (CodeIgniter)




PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript


The design team worked consistently towards Telemedicine app development for building the best app and web panel UI that would be understandable to the patients and highly efficient and quick for the doctors. We had to make sure that the patient app was very easy to use for people across all age groups. Here are a few glimpses of how the wireframing was processed.
teleMedicine app wireframes

Colors & Typography

fermd typo

Features of FerMD

  • Connect with your primary doctor
  • Primary care provider
  • Digital pharmacy
  • Contacting specialty physician
  • Schedule appointment
  • Video consultancy
Features of FerMD App

The Challenges We Faced In The Project

Issues with implementing video calling

To implement high-quality, efficient & real-time video communication between two parties, we had to research different methods, and we tried them all; finally, we settled with Twilio.

There was a latency issue with the app

To resolve the latency issue in the Telemedicine app development, we used Socket communication for efficiency & to reduce latency.

Additional Features That We Suggested

The FerMD TeleMedicine application platform is a complete digital system with appointment booking, video consultancy, digital prescriptions, etc. But in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic that affected the whole world, we suggested adding a COVID-19 tracking feature to the website as well as the apps.
telemedicine app screenShot

Are You Planning To Digitize Your Chain Of Hospitals?

If you are thinking of digitizing your entire medical operation, then aPurple can help you.

Our clients at FerMD liked our app development agency because of our 24x7 availability, expertise in understanding their requirements, bespoke features for the platform, and agile implementation for the development, among many other offerings.

We were able to realize the vision with FerMD, and we can do the same for your hospital or medical institute.

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