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The “Uberfication” of ride-hailing cabs transformed the taxi business paradigm in 2009. Since then, it’s been a successful ride for Uber, increasing revenues over the years. However, Uber alternatives offer tough competition in the ridesharing services market.

From San Francisco, where it all began, Uber’s services have expanded to over 70 countries and 10,500 cities. Uber has extended its services beyond taxi booking with Uber Eats, package delivery, and freight transport.

Despite being a market leader, Uber is still facing tough competition, creating multiple options for users. You can book taxis from several Uber alternatives available in the market. However, the number of apps available can be overwhelming for any user.

So, which one to choose then?

This article compares all the alternatives to Uber that you can use to book cabs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cab companies like Uber that are transforming the future of transportation:

Discover The 15 Top Uber Alternatives Available In The Market

Companies like Uber provide unique features and services designed to meet various transportation needs. There are 15 Uber-alternatives that offer innovative solutions and competitive pricing in the ride-sharing industry.

Let’s discover Uber-alternatives that prioritize safety, eco-friendly mobility and cost-effective travel.

1. Lyft

lyft alternatives to uber
Lyft is one of the significant Uber alternatives in the US. While Uber has more coverage than Lyft, the higher availability of rides in localities and cheaper options make Lyft an ideal choice. Lyft offers better options, especially during peak hours when ride-hailing companies charge surge prices.

Both Lyft and Uber have several similarities in terms of services and pricing. However, Lyft is introducing attractive services like “Lyft Driver Centers,” which will help drivers maintain cars at low cost.

Critical Features of Lyft

  • Transparency on pricing and trip data
  • User-friendly interface with in-app tipping
  • Affordable rides with better availability
  • Personalized driver-user interactions
  • Express payouts for drivers
  • iOS Ratings:- 4.9
  • Android Ratings:- 4.9
  • Downloads:- 50M+
  • Available On: iOS | Android

2. Curb

curb app like uber
Curb is another alternative to Uber that you can consider in the US, unlike Uber and Lyft, which partner with independent contractors, Curb partners with licensed taxi companies and drivers. It has a network of over 100,000 drivers across the United States and the UK, providing service in over 65 major cities.

This means Curb offers licensed taxi drivers and ensures better safety for users. Riders can request on-demand or pre-scheduled taxi rides from the app, just like Uber, but there are other features.

Critical Features of Curb

  • Upfront price estimation
  • Pair and pay feature for users
  • Wheelchair-accessible vehicles
  • Integration with public transit options
  • Better transparency of prices
  • iOS Ratings:- 3 stars
  • Android Ratings:- 4.8 stars
  • Downloads:- 1M+
  • iOS | Android

3. Gett

gett similar to uber
Gett is an Uber alternative popular in Israel but has expanded in markets like UK and Russia. It does offer individual ride bookings for riders but also provides businesses with a platform to manage transportation.

Gett has been aggressively positioning itself as an Uber alternative by collaborating with strategic partners like Juno, Curb, and Lyft. Its global expansion has been noteworthy and competitive for Uber and Lyft.

Critical Features of Gett

  • Car preference for users
  • Provides business fleet management
  • Corporate travel policies
  • Ground transportation management
  • iOS Ratings:- 4.3 stars
  • Android Ratings:- 4.8 stars
  • Downloads:- 10M+
  • iOS | Android

4. Grab

grab apps similar to uber
Grab is an app like Uber that has operated in Kaula Lumpur since 2012. Founded by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, it is one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent tech startups and a leading Uber competitor.

Grab’s services, such as ride-hailing, food delivery, hotel booking, and grocery delivery, are similar to Uber’s. However, Grab also offers financial and online payment services.

Critical Features of Grab

  • Pre-screening of the ride before booking
  • QR-based payment called Grabpay
  • A super app offering multiple services
  • Incentives for drivers completing rides
  • Higher user safety
  • iOS Ratings:- 4.9
  • Android Ratings:- 4.8
  • Downloads:- 100M+
  • iOS | Android

5. BlaBlaCar

blablacar uber alternatives
BlaBlaCar has been pivotal in promoting sustainability through focused services on carpooling. It is an environment-friendly alternative to Uber and Lyft, connecting drivers with riders headed in the same direction.

Rather than imposing heavy commission fees, BlaBlaCar charges a 10% transaction fee to make money. This reduces riders’ exploitation and improves the ride experience.

Critical features of BlaBlaCar

  • Easy access to passenger profiles & ratings.
  • Higher passenger safety
  • Social media integration
  • Instant ticket booking
  • Exclusive female driver fleet.
  • iOS Ratings:- 5
  • Android Ratings:- 4.2
  • Downloads:- 50M+
  • iOS | Android

6. Bolt

bolt alternatives for uber
Bolt is one of the cheaper alternatives to Uber and Lyft, providing services across 45 countries. It is a relatively simple app with an easy-to-use interface that allows riders to book their rides hassle-free and quickly.

In the UK, Bolt has emerged as a leading Uber competitor, offering services like Bolt XL, Comfort, Executive, and Luxury. It is often cheaper than Uber in European regions, such as Lisbon.

Critical features of Bolt

  • Secure payment options
  • Quicker bookings
  • Facility to add multiple stops
  • Trip information sharing
  • Destination changing facility
  • iOS Ratings:- 4.8
  • Android Ratings:- 4.7
  • Downloads:- 100M+
  • iOS | Android

7. Yango

yango apps like uber
Yango provides ride-hailing and food delivery services in 19 countries, focusing on regions like Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, and Senegal. It is a significant urban mobility and logistics provider across Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

Yango offers ride-hailing services similar to Uber but provides food delivery and courier service. It prioritizes safety protocols to ensure the security of the riders. Yango does comprehensive background checks and real-time tracking of drivers to ensure passenger safety.

Critical features of Yango

  • Higher discounts
  • Smart destination recommendations
  • Multi-stop ride booking
  • Better safety and security
  • iOS Ratings:- 4.9
  • Android Ratings:- 4.8
  • Downloads:- 10M+
  • iOS | Android

8. Kidcaboo

kidcaboo apps similar to uber
Kidcaboo is a new alternative to Uber and Lyft designed to alleviate the transportation challenges of busy parents. Unlike traditional rideshare services like Uber, Kidcaboo exclusively employs vetted nannies as its drivers, ensuring children’s safety.

Kidcaboo may seem like an app similar to Uber, but the core business model has stark differences. It focuses purely on parents as customers, which makes Kidcaboo a more niche-based ride-hailing service. With Kidcaboo, you have the flexibility to schedule a meet-and-greet in advance with the driver.

Critical features of Kidcaboo

  • Vetted drivers with childcare expertise
  • Personalized approval and scheduling
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Higher safety for children
  • iOS Ratings:- N/A
  • Android Ratings:- N/A
  • Downloads:- 500+
  • iOS | Android

9. Meituan Dache

meituan dache
Meituan Dache is a Chinese alternative to Uber that offers various car-hailing services, including economy, comfort, premium, business, carpooling, and designated driving. Uber entered the Chinese market in August 2013 but sold its Chinese subsidiaries to DiDi Chuxing in 2016, which now competes with local ride-hailing companies, including Meituan Dache.

Meituan Dache and DiDi Chuxing dominate the Chinese ride-hailing market and compete for customers regarding pricing, convenience, and service quality. Recently, Meituan Dache has focused more on the food delivery business, leading to the restructuring of the ride-hailing services.

Critical features of Meituan Dache

  • Users can place orders for delivery to their desired location
  • Real-time trip tracking
  • Supports a variety of payment methods
  • iOS ratings:- 3.5
  • Android ratings:- 1.6
  • Downloads:- 10L+
  • iOS | Android

10. Gojek

gojek similar to uber
Gojek is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is one of the significant alternatives to Uber in Southeast Asia. However, what makes Gojek far more attractive to users than Uber is its ability to provide a comprehensive suite of services.

Gojek is a crucial example for startups and businesses looking to create an app like Uber but wanting a service bundle. These include transportation, food delivery, eCommerce, mobility, and logistics.

Critical features of Gojek

  • Multi-service offerings
  • Ability to book motorcycle rides
  • Financial services
  • Built-in integration of services ecosystem
  • iOS ratings:- 4.4
  • Android ratings:- 4.3
  • Downloads:- 10M+
  • iOS | Android

11. Snapp

snapp alternatives to uber
Snapp is one of the significant Uber alternatives in Tehran, Iran. It works similarly to Uber, connecting drivers with riders and providing users with the upfront trip cost on the app.

Uber’s app design is similar to Snapp’s, and it offers the ease of booking rides within seconds. Like Uber, Snapp also provides other services like SnappEco, SnappBike, SnappBox, SnappFood, SnappRoom, SnappTrip, and SnappMarket. Both Uber and Snapp have similar business models but later became more localized services.

Critical features of Snapp

  • Multi-service offerings
  • Ability to book motorcycle rides
  • Financial services
  • Built-in integration of services ecosystem
  • iOS ratings:- 4.5
  • Android ratings:- N/A
  • Downloads:- N/A
  • iOS

12. Co-op Ride

co op ride app like uber
With the commission rate going high and drivers constantly conflicting with ride-hailing apps, a new alternative to Uber has emerged: Co-op Ride.

Also known as the Driver’s Cooperative, it was launched to curb the rampant exploitative behavior of major players like Uber in New York. Co-op Ride is operational in Denver and New York, providing drivers a minimum of $30 per hour.

Critical features of Co-op Ride

  • Cheaper than Uber and Lyft
  • Financial security for drivers
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • iOS ratings:- 3.4
  • Android ratings:- 3.8
  • Downloads:- N/A
  • iOS | Android

13. Revel

revel apps similar to uber
Revel is another major US Uber alternative offering an eco-friendly service. Launched in 2018, it offers blue electric vehicles across New York and San Francisco. Revel’s app operates the same way Uber’s does.

However, there is a major difference! With Revel, your driver will pick you up in a Tesla.

Critical features of Revel

  • Eco-friendly fleet
  • Cheaper rides
  • Ease of booking
  • iOS ratings:- 4.8
  • Android ratings:- 4.4
  • Downloads:-1L+
  • iOS | Android

14. Blacklane

blacklane alternative for uber
Uber offers luxury car services, and Blacklane is one of the best alternatives for this service in Boston and New York. You can consider Blacklane as more of an online chauffeur service with four different ride options,

  • City-to-city ride
  • Chauffeur hailing
  • Airport transfers
  • Hourly car service

It has also become one of the cheaper alternatives to Uber in cities like Los Angeles.

Critical features of Blacklane

  • No hidden fees
  • Free Wifi for riders
  • Green points with every ride
  • iOS ratings:- 4.9
  • Android ratings:- 4.4
  • Downloads:-1L+
  • iOS | Android

15. Alto

Alto is a Dallas-based Uber alternative that claims to be one of the most secure ridesharing services in the US. It became one of the first companies in the US to hire W-2 drivers.

Alto provides ridesharing services in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C. The App has many features for customizing rides.

Critical features of Revel

  • Do Not Disturb mode for riders
  • Users can choose the vibe of the trip
  • Luxury fleet at a higher price
  • Monthly subscription facility
  • iOS ratings:- 4.7
  • Android ratings:- 4.4
  • Downloads:- 50T+
  • iOS | Android

Now that you have an exhaustive list of top alternatives to Uber choosing one of them for your ride bookings will be easier. However, if their success inspires you and you want to make an app like Uber, here is a list of steps to follow!

How to Create an App Similar to Uber?

Creating an app like Uber requires careful planning, a reliable tech partner, and extensive market research.

Here are some steps you can follow to create an app like Uber,

  • Perform extensive market research to identify the need for a ride-sharing app
  • Identify key localities and markets where you can operate
  • Analyze the cost to develop an app like uber
  • Build an offline network of cab drivers and aggregators
  • Plan the entire roadmap of the customer journey
  • Decide the features that you can add to the app
  • Find a reliable ridesharing app development solution
  • Create an alternative to Uber and launch the app
  • Maintain the app by regular monitoring and maintenance.

Riding Off on an Uber Alternative

Whether you are a rider looking for the best alternative to Uber or an entrepreneur analyzing the competition, the above list covers everything. However, it is important to understand that Uber is an International ridesharing giant, and some alternatives are hyperlocalized.

From a business perspective, localized services can be profitable. However, you need the right solution to create an app like Uber. aPurple offers you,

  • Reliable ridesharing app solutions
  • Uber clone for rapid app development
  • High-quality applications
  • User-friendly UI
  • End-to-end support

So if you want to develop an app like Uber, contact us now!

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