15 Cheaper Uber Alternatives for Building a Taxi App

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Best 15 Alternatives to Uber for Pocket-friendly Taxi Trips

In recent years, Uber has become one of the most popular taxi-hailing services on the planet. More than 80 countries rely on the services provided by this platform regularly. When we compare the competitive taxi-hailing apps like Uber, it tends to have better and stands out in front of the audience.

On average, 93 million people use the Uber app every month. But, embarking on the journey of Uber-like app development, it is essential to explore Uber alternatives.

From region-specific apps to specialized services targeting apps, Uber alternatives offer invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cab companies like Uber that are transforming the future of transportation:

Discover The 15 Top Uber Alternatives Available In The Market

Companies like Uber provide unique features and services designed to meet various transportation needs. There are 15 Uber-alternatives that offer innovative solutions and competitive pricing in the ride-sharing industry.

Let’s discover Uber-alternatives that prioritize safety, eco-friendly mobility and cost-effective travel.

1. Ola Cabs

Ola - similar apps to uber
The first Uber alternative is one of India’s most popular ride-hailing services, Ola Cabs – A cut throat competitor and cheaper than Uber. After purchasing TaxiForSure, one of India’s leading ride-hailing firms, Ola Cabs now has the largest fleet of vehicles and operates in more than 80 Indian cities.


  • Ola provides a wide range of transportation options from budget-friendly economy cars to premium rides, and even electric vehicles.
  • Beyond ride-sharing Ola has also ventured into other mobility services like blike-sharing and electric scooter rentals.
  • Ola has been at the forefront of technology, offering real-time tracking, in-app payments, and safety measures to upgrade user experience.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.6
  • Android Ratings:- 4.0
  • Price:- Free of Cost(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 100M+
  • Available On: iOS | Android

2. Lyft – Cheaper than Uber

Lyft- Uber alternatives
In the taxi alternatives industry, Lyft is Uber’s most significant rival, and Uber vs Lyft are consistently being compared with each other. It’s currently the second-largest US ride-hailing company, available in more than 600 countries. As per the current analysis, the Lyft revenue has been over $4.25 B as of June 30, 2023.

  • Lyft operates through a mobile app which makes it easy for users to book rides, track drivers, and complete payments with ease.
  • This Uber alternative – Lyft emphasizes on driver satisfaction and offers incentives, bonuses, and support programs to attract and retain drivers.
  • Lyft continually explores new technologies and services like self-driving cars and electric scooters to cope up with the evolving transportation industry.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.9
  • Android Ratings:- 4.0
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 100M+
  • iOS | Android

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3. Gett

Gett- Best app like uber
Gett app is a widely used cab-hailing app in Israel, United Kingdom, USA, Russia and also in other European nations. Originally known as “Get Taxi,” the service’s name was modified to Gett over time.


  • This app is particularly known for its strong presence in the corporate transportation sector as it offers solutions for business travel and corporate clients.
  • Gett provides additional in-car services like Wi-Fi and phone charging to enhance the overall passenger experience.
  • It also offers advanced booking options that allows users to schedule rides and make convenient choices for planning trips.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.8
  • Android Ratings:- 4.2
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 50M+
  • iOS | Android

4. goCatch

alternatives to uber - Go catch
Australia’s premier taxi-hailing service, GoCatch is the largest fleet of licensed and meter-operated taxis with 350k+ registered drivers. The most important benefit of this cab service is that it charges according to the meter on the cab.


  • This taxi service focuses on passenger safety by offering features like driver ratings, in-app emergency assistance, and vehicle tracking.
  • GoCatch partners with professional taxi drivers ensuring that the passengers can access licensed and experienced drivers.
  • The app’s transparent pricing allows users to know the fare in advance with additional features like real-time tracking and estimated arrival times.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.6
  • Android Ratings:- 3.3
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 500K+
  • Android
Looking to build a cutting-edge taxi app?

5. Cabify: Cheap Uber Alternatives

Cabify- uber equivalent
It is a well-known app in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal that allows consumers to book their means of transport in just two clicks. Cabify for Business and Events was also designed to make it easier for people to plan their business and formal excursions.

  • It takes active measures to promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices, by including electric and hybrid vehicles in their fleets.
  • It offers transparent pricing structures through user-friendly mobile app, making it easy for users to book, track, and pay for rides conveniently.
  • Cabify places a strong emphasis on passenger safety by offering services such as in-app SOS buttons and real-time tracking for added security.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.8
  • Android Ratings:- 3.7
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 50M+
  • iOS |

6. LeCab

Lecab- Uber alternative
Over 70,000 active customers and a growing fleet of vehicles have made LeCab France’s most popular taxi service. Users may even charter private aircraft through LeCab, a service beyond Uber-like apps. LeCab allows customers to fly to their desired location via a partnership with PrivateFly.

  • LeCab primarily operates in and around Paris. So it makes it a convenient choice for both locals and visitors.
  • Known for its commitment to quality, LeCab provides a comfortable and efficient transportation experience for its customers.
  • The service offers a variety of vehicle options like standard and premium vehicles while ensuring that the passengers can select the type of transportation that suits their needs.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.3
  • Android Ratings:- 4.0
  • Price:-Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 1M+
  • iOS | Android

7. Grab

Grab Taxi
GGrab, a ride-hailing service based in Southeast Asia has grown into a massive enterprise. In Indonesia, Malaysia (where it operates under the name MyTeksi), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, the app provides services in more than 400 cities. Before enrolling, all drivers undergo a pre-screening process.


  • Grab offers a reward program where users can earn points for using the platform and redeem them for discounts or free services.
  • GrabExpress is a feature that enables users to send parcels or documents quickly and efficiently and take advantage of the logistics service.
  • GrabPay is Grab’s mobile payment service, offering users the convenience of cashless transactions for rides, food orders, and other services.
  • GrabFood allows users to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to the doorstep.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.9
  • Android Ratings:- 4.8
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 100M+
  • iOS | Android

8. Didi Chuxing

Didi-cheaper than uber
DiDi Chuxing, often referred to as China’s Uber, a transportation platform, was founded in 2012 by Cheng Wei. Its strong presence is not only found in China but also in countries across Asia, Latin America, and other parts of the world.


  • One of the primary reasons DiDi has gained popularity is due to its reputation for tapping into a vast network of drivers and providing riders with varying price points.
  • This platform offers advanced technology to provide real-time tracking, secure payment options, and safety features, such as SOS buttons and driver identification verification.
  • DiDi Chuxing is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact by investing in electric vehicles and promoting eco-friendly transportation options.


  • iOS Ratings:- 4.8
  • Android Ratings:- 2.8
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 4M+
  • iOS | Android

9. Bolt

Bolt- App similar to Uber
Bolt is an app quite similar to Uber, started in 2013 in Estonia city of Europe. Now, the app has flourished in more than 45 countries worldwide. Commuters from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America love to use Bolt while traveling to their preferred destination.


  • Bolt offers a range of ride types to suit different needs like standard Bolt rides, Bolt XL for larger groups, and Bolt Premium for a more luxurious experience.
  • This app often engages in social initiatives and partnerships aimed at improving local communities and promoting sustainable mobility.
  • Bolt offers corporate transportation solutions by making it a popular choice for businesses and corporate travelers.


  • iOS ratings:- 4.8
  • Android ratings:- 4.8
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 50M+
  • iOS | Android

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10. Careem

Careem - Uber alternatives
The Careem app was founded in Dubai, UAE, in 2012. It is just like Uber, which has expanded to 80 cities across 10 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey. The Careem app offers numerous services, including ride-hailing, car rental, and bike-sharing services to the end-users.


  • Careem offers in-car comfort amenities like Wi-Fi and phone chargers to enhance the passenger experience.
  • It often offers subscription plans that allow users to enjoy discounted rides and added convenience.
  • Careem for Business provides corporate transportation solutions by making it an appealing option for companies and business travelers.


  • iOS ratings:- 4.6
  • Android ratings:- 4.2
  • Price:-Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:-50M+
  • iOS | Android

11. BlaBlaCar

Blablacar- Uber alternatives app
The French startup is based on the carpooling technique and came out with the motive to curb city traffic problems. BlaBlaCar is among the apps like Uber but cheaper due to its carpooling approach. BlaBlaCar is considered a leader with revenue worth around $1.6 Billion in July 2023 from 22 countries like Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, etc.


  • BlaBlaCar uses dynamic pricing based on factors like distance of the journey, allowing passengers to find affordable options.
  • This app has trust-building features like verified profiles, ratings, and reviews to ensure a safe and secure ride-sharing experience.
  • It provides options for both one-time and recurring rides to make it suitable for various travel needs for commuting to vacations.


  • iOS ratings:- 4.7
  • Android ratings:- 4.3
  • Price:-Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:- 50M+
  • iOS | Android

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12. Juno

Juno - cheaper Uber alternatives
Juno was founded in 2016, and a year later, it was sold to Gett. The company tends to pay more to the drivers than Uber and Lyft, mainly as it boasts 60 to 65% commissions. At the beginning, Juno was limited to NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn, but then it expanded more in New York and some parts of New Jersey.


  • This service offers benefits and better earnings to incentivize drivers to provide high-quality service.
  • Juno’s mobile app offers key features like real-time ride tracking, easy booking, and hassle-free cashless payments.


  • iOS ratings:- 4.0
  • Android ratings:- 3.3
  • Price:-Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:-100K+
  • Android

13. Via Taxi App

Via is one of the cheaper Uber Alternatives available in more than 35 countries and has more than 500 partnerships. It offers Uber-like services that provide various transit services like first/last mile, school bus, transit desert, paratransit and other non-emergency solutions.


  • Via uses advanced algorithms for efficient route planning with minimal detours for passengers.
  • In some locations, Via partners with public transportation agencies to offer last-mile solutions and complement existing transit services.
  • By promoting shared rides, Via contributes to more eco-friendly urban transportation and reduces carbon emissions.


  • iOS ratings:- 4.4
  • Android ratings:- 3.5
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:-1M+
  • iOS | Android

14. Curb

Curb is a fresh and innovative driving app that has emerged as a strong contender in the world of ride-hailing services. One of the standout features of Curb is its emphasis on connecting riders with licensed taxi drivers.


  • Curb’s user-friendly interface allows passengers to quickly request rides, track their drivers in real time, and make secure cashless payments through the app.
  • Unlike Uber, which primarily depends on independent drivers, Curb partners with established taxi companies so that the passengers can trust the professionalism and safety of their drivers.
  • Safety is the most important feature of Curb, with drivers’ background checks and vehicle inspections, the app comes with an SOS button. This button allows passengers to quickly contact emergency services or report any safety concerns during the ride.


  • iOS ratings:- 3.9
  • Android ratings:- 3.9
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:-1M+
  • iOS | Android

15. Tesluxe

Tesluxe is an Uber-like startup specially designed to target premium customers providing luxury taxi services. This service is for people who like to arrive at events and parties in style. This Uber alternative provides a personal wheel-man who comes with premium electric cars of Tesla. Tesluxe luxury app is gaining a lot of popularity among the rich residential areas of the USA.


  • While prioritizing style and sustainability, Tesluxe also emphasizes safety as all the drivers undergo thorough background checks.
  • Passengers can enjoy a range of services, including point-to-point rides, airport transfers, and hourly rentals.
  • Tesluxe is redefining the ride-hailing experience and taking every journey to a new level of comfort and sophistication.


  • iOS ratings:- 4.2
  • Android ratings:- 4.0
  • Price:- Free(No in-app purchases)
  • Downloads:-1M+
  • iOS | Android

Factors To Consider While Building Your Own Taxi App?

Mobile applications have completely changed the face of user expectations and experiences in today’s digital world. Many icons on the smartphone have become a part of users’ day-to-day lives; taxi booking application is one of them. Uber-like apps embark users on a seamless journey of convenience and comfort, letting them say goodbye to long waits and hailing frustrations.

When building a taxi application, several factors need to be considered:

1. Identify the Target Audience

It becomes essential to identify your target audience while designing your own Uber alternative. The audience may consist of commuters, tourists, professionals, and individuals who will require a user-friendly and tailored experience through taxi application.

2. Determine your Technology Stack

While developing your taxi application, consider various factors of scalability, security, compatibility, and performance; and then choose the right technology stack.

3. Know Your Market

Through market research, you will be able to understand your competition and demands. By studying a proper business model, unique features, and pricing strategy, you can identify the gaps and generate new business opportunities.

4. Gauge Safety and Security Measures

During the development of an Uber-like taxi application, one should always prioritize and incorporate safety and security features into the application. Features such as driver and passenger verification, real-time tracking, anonymous feedback, and emergency assistance should be considered to ensure a safe and secure experience.

While building a ridesharing application, It is also important to follow a customer-centric approach with careful planning.

Why Seek Help From aPurple to Build Your Taxi App?

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The good news is that you’re never too late to get started! Whether you’re an established business or a budding startup, aPurple is the best Taxi app development company globally that can help you beat the Uber alternatives by developing a taxi-hailing app solution.

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