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How to Make an App Like Uber?

How to make an app like Uber? A question that has occupied the minds of many startups.

No wonder after such humongous success achieved by Uber, many startups & entrepreneurs are attracted to dive into the ride-hailing app business. Not only investing, but they also try to copy the same strategy to get an expected profit. They know it would be a safe bet to invest in the business model that has been tried and tested.

On-demand taxi app development is a prime choice for startups because of its low barrier. This means you can easily enter into the on-demand taxi business. However, due to the low entry barrier, the market is a little bit competitive. But with some unique features and a solid go-to-market strategy, you can thrive in this market and earn massive revenue.

So, are you planning for the same?

In this article, we will be sharing every detail on how to build an app like Uber, what is the average cost for it, and more.

But before going to the main topic, let us first get a glimpse of the current scenario for Uber and the taxi market.

Statistics of Current Taxi Booking Market

Statistics of Current Taxi Booking Market

As I told you that the market for taxi booking is running with huge competition for a few years. But Uber still remains at the top. Just take a quick look these points,

  • The global market value of Uber is $72 billion.
  • According to the , the revenue of the taxi booking market is expected to grow by 13.7% in the upcoming years.
  • More than 40% of the market share is covered by top ride-sharing platforms like Uber, Lyft, and Gett.
  • Approximately 20 billion trips have been completed across the globe until now. 
  • The market share for an app like Uber is 60-65%.

Looking at these figures we can say that a considerable amount of growth is expected in the taxi industry. Even with this high competition, you can make your place in the taxi industry. The best examples for it is the business model of Lyft & business model of Uber, which made its place in the market with unique features and services.

Points to Take a Note of For Uber-Like App Development

Before moving forward let us first go through a few points that you must know to create an app like Uber.

How Does the Uber App Work?    

To build an app like Uber, it is essential that you are aware of Uber’s business strategy and its working pattern. Here are the 5 steps which explain the working of Uber.  

Step 1: Passenger will request for a ride. They will even be able to see the estimated price for the trip.           

Step 2: Verification and confirmation from the user’s side. They need to confirm the pickup time, location and destination. 

Step 3: Easily matchup with nearby drives. Takes note, drivers have a choice to either accept or reject the ride. 

Step 4: Take the ride and make payment either online or cash. 

Step 5: Passengers can give reviews & ratings based on their ride experience.

Uber gives its passengers various choices on the type of vehicle and services they want to opt for. Some of them are mentioned below, 

  • UberX – The cost-efficient option that you can find easily.
  • UberBlack– Luxury option and can even be called as an alternative to UberBlack.
  • UberSUV-The luxury service for SUV vehicles.
  • UberSelect– Even known as Uber Plus, it is a good option for upscale rides.  
  • UberLux – An ultimate luxury ride in comparison to all of the above.            

So, after going through all the above points, it’s time to move towards the development process of taxi apps like Uber.

How to Make App Like Uber? – Watch out Video

How to Make an App Like Uber – Apps & Must-Have Features

So, let’s come to a million-dollar question! How to make an app like Uber? How much does it cost for an Uber clone script?

Let’s first start with the functionality.

Any Uber clone script for your business consists of a driver app and passenger app. The development process relies on these two apps which are interconnected to the admin panel. Above all, you need analytics to check the growth and the activities of your application. To give you an in-depth detail, here we’re mentioning some of the basic features that are must for your Uber clone taxi app.

Driver Features in Uber-Like App

Driver Features in Uber like App
Best features for Driver App for uber

Passenger Features in Uber-Like App

Passenger Features in Uber Like Apps
Top Features In Taxi Passenger App

Geolocation is the key feature when planning to build an app like Uber. The last one comes to the admin panel which typically gives you an overview of the activities going on. With admin panel, you can keep a complete track of driver and passenger. It gives you complete access for managing user data and payment information.

Admin Features in Uber Like App

  • Create Sub Admins
  • Multi-Level Admin Access
  • Complete Dashboard
  • Driver Management
  • Passenger Management
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Block Transport Company/Users
  • Add/Edit/Delete Various Profiles
  • Manage Payment Accounts

When you select the features for your application, ensure the payment gateway you want to include. The most popular payment gateways most businesses use are PayPal, Stripe, M-Pesa, Braintree, etc.

The below-given image shows the complete flow of both the apps.

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How to Make an Uber like App– Development & Cost

Cost to Build An App Like Uber

Once you’re clear with the functionalities you want to include in your application, next comes the development. Along with it, there is a key question in your mind of how much does it cost to build an app like Uber.

Decide your targeted audience so that you can come to a choice about the platform to build an app like Uber. Do you want to go for Android, iOS or both? Or Do you want to build a hybrid app?

It is the main point you need to be clear about, as the whole development process and cost will depend on it. Remember one thing that the cost for both the platforms may vary as per your requirements. We would recommend you to create an app like uber for both the platforms for more user engagement.

Here’re a few points as per our research on which the cost of your app development depends,

  • Android or iOS platform or both.
  • Hybrid or native app development.
  • Frameworks and other configuration you select.
  • UX/UI designs you decide for your Uber clone script. 
  • Quality assurance for the project. 
  • Resources you hire tells much about the cost to build an app.  
  • Time taken to build an application is directly proportional to the cost of app development.
  • Demographics of a development company.

Average Cost to Build an App like Uber

As per my research and analysis, We’ve divided the cost of app development into three levels,

  • MVP with basic features & UX/UI designs – $4000 – $7000
  • Application with advanced features- $16000 – $20000
  • Extraordinary & enterprise level full advanced application like Uber – >$25000

Still, remember that the cost will vary as per requirements and customization.

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Benefits to Create an App like Uber

You’re witnessing the success of Uber and many such platforms. So, we can conclude that the business model and strategy followed by them is the right way to reach the audience and hold a place in the industry.

Another benefit that you get with Uber clone script is you don’t need to develop an app from the scratch. You can customize the app as per your requirements. There will be fewer efforts and a high chance of success as you’re cloning an already successful strategy. Hence, when you’re developing an app like Uber, the opportunity to make your business hitting the notes increases.     

Revenue Streams for App like Uber

The revenue model of Uber is so simple and easy to follow. Similarly, you can earn revenue from your uber clone taxi app by being a mediator between the two platforms. If you’re going for the same business model just like Uber then the following are the models you can consider.

  • Commissions on every ride completed.
  • In-app advertisements
  • Charges for trip cancellation

You can calculate the fare for the ride like,

  • Cost per minute
  • Cost per mile
  • Safe ride fee
  • Cancellation policy fees
  • Base Fare – Type of vehicle your book

Create an App Like Uber Clone Company

That’s It About How to Make an App Like Uber

The taxi industry is an excellent choice for startups. The one with traditional business in the taxi industry, it is the ideal time to digitize.

So, if you’re planning to develop an app like Uber, Contact us to get the best solution. You can even buy our Uber clone app or just get a customized solution from us.

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