TaskRabbit vs Thumbtack – Which Online Home Service App is Better?

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Isn’t it human nature to compare and make a decision? Whether cuisines, brands, fragrances, or trusting people before assigning them tasks – we always need options.

When it comes to on-demand home service apps, the most famous battle is TaskRabbit vs Thumbtack. However similar they sound, both apps differ in their service professionals and legal terms.

People have been widely using mobile apps to book a house help because they find these platforms highly secure, easy digital payments, and time-saving. The usage of such online errand services are only rising. But how do you know which is a better app if you plan to clone it or build one like it??

Launching such an app will help you openly land newer opportunities to provide service in return for money, whether you are a contractor or service provider. Tasker, the customer, or an entrepreneur, read this blog to dive deep into the comparison between Thumbtack and TaskRabbit.

But First, Some Statistics About On-Demand Home Service Apps

  • Online home services market growth will increase at a CAGR of 60.77%.
  • The incremental growth of this domain in 2021-26 is expected to be $4.75 billion.
  • The market type is fragmented. However, if you launch your app in the market, you have a high chance of beating the competition with the right business and revenue model.


What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is one such central online home service booking app that connects freelancers with app users looking for a job. Users can post the project requirement on the platform, and the taskers bid on the job, do it, and then get paid.

  • Established in 2008
  • Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Few Services Covered – Assembling furniture in homes, cleaning, gardening, handyman work, office and home deliveries, plumbing help, running errands, TV mounting & other home chores.

Tasker Pro Requirements

Currently, TaskRabbit requires that Taskers have an identity card when completing a background check. This document contains the tasker requirements. Tasker registration now takes place only on TaskRabbit — website registration is banned. Taskers must be 18 or older. If your credit card is valid, a debit card will probably function — but not a prepaid type prepaid card. In addition, you’ll have to pay $25 registration charges, assuming they cover background checks.


What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is also an on-demand home service booking platform that helps clients connect with local professionals. A service provider first enlists his expertise and the types of jobs he is up for. Later, his business is displayed to the customers, and according to the budget and review analysis, a customer can book one of the local Thumbtack pros to come and do the job.

  • Established in 2008
  • Headquarters in San Francisco, California
  • Some Service Areas – Appliance repairs, cleaning, handyman work, home renovation, lawn mowing, moving & packing, painting, roofing, etc.

Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are the Amazon of the online home services market. This is because they offer range of services from A to Z!!

TaskRabbit & Thumbtack Competitors in the Market?

1. Fiverr

2. Upwork

3. Urban Company (UrbanClap formerly)

4. Handy

5. Wonolo

6. Agent Anything

7. Zumpii

8. Zaarly

Check out more competitors hereTaskRabbit Alternatives

How are Lead Generation Companies Thumbtack and TaskRabbit Similar?

  • Business Model – B2C – Both apps serve the end customers and make their life easier by taking up the assigned errands according to the zip code.
  • Multi-domain Expertise – Involves several industrial/residential jobs such as cleaning, painting, pet care, beauty care, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Review System – Users/Customers can give feedback about the service via ratings and reviews option on job completion in both apps.
  • Privacy – The users rest assured about security because they don’t need to share their contact details. All the communication (whether texting or calling) takes place on the application itself.
  • Paid Ads – The premium users (taskers) can float ads about their services to multiple users to receive more jobs.
  • Customer Service – Thumbtack and TaskRabbit customer service are very responsive and provide immediate resolution of problems.

How are They Different? – TaskRabbit vs Thumbtack

Sr. No. Parameter of Differentiation TaskRabbit Thumbtack
1. Variety of Services 20+ services 2000+ services
2. Revenue (approximate figures) $81.5 million $74.1 million
3. Geographic coverage & is used by people in USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy USA
4. Average Cost as per Hourly Rate for Jobs $25-60 $40-70
5. Pricing for Taskers/Service Providers How much does TaskRabbit take? $25 for upfront registration + 15% of the total fee withheld by the platform Only pay for leads that they work for.
Ready to Launch Your Own TaskRabbit-Like App?

Which is the Right Platform? – Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit

We have taken some of the integral parameters of difference and shown the distinction in detail.


Truly, features make or break the app. This online on-demand home service application contains features that make the app apt for placing task requirements by end users.

The below features are all self-explanatory.

TaskRabbit – Dashboard, Templates, Overview, Same-day delivery service, Referrals, Integration, Security, eSignatures
Thumbtack – Dashboard, digital sign, Security, Client screening, Lead management

Winner – As such, both apps provide all the essential features, so there’s no winner here.

Services Spread Out In

TaskRabbit operates in multiple locations like Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the UK, and the USA.

While Thumbtack only operates and functions in the states of the USA.

Winner – Thumbtack is a clear-cut winner since it operates in more locations.

Customer Service

The customers are delighted with the short-term and long-term services they have been receiving.

TaskRabbit – 4.8 stars
Thumbtack – 4.9 stars
(Source – App Store)

Winner – Well, the statistics from the operational regions of Apple Android users have rated both apps with great reviews. There’s a very close gap between the two. But, Thumbtack reviews seem to be a tad bit better than those of TaskRabbit.

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Number & Variety of Services Offered

TaskRabbit taskers usually help with tasks around the house, whereas the jobbers on Thumbtack are more inclined towards fulfilling the tasks in corporate offices and professional jobs.

Both the platforms, Thumbtack and TaskRabbit apps, cover numerous services under their umbrella. However, Thumbtack offers more variety of a number of services than TaskRabbit.

Winner – Talking numerically, Thumbtack offers more services.

Revenue Streams

The sources that TaskRabbit and Thumbtack earn through are similar with minute differences. Let’s analyze together – How does TaskRabbit work first and then explore the Thumbtack revenue model!

TaskRabbit earns through:

  • Commission Fee/Platform Charges
  • TaskRabbit Trust & Support Fee
  • Peak Pricing
  • Advertising Charges

Thumbtack earns through:

  • Commission Fee/Platform Charges
  • Subscription Charges
  • Advertising
  • Listing

Winner – As stated above, the revenue streams of both platforms are different.

Pros & Cons of TaskRabbit and Thumbtack App

Check out all the sections for the advantages and disadvantages of using TaskRabbit and Thumbtack apps.

TaskRabbit Benefits

  • 24 Hours x7 Days Customer Service – The customers and service providers, both parties, are entitled to receive solutions to their problems/grievances from the customer care center at any time of the day.
  • Transparency – Only professional service providers with a clean background and thoroughly checked work quality get through the registration process. They are shown leads related to their expert skills.
  • Flexibility & Timeliness of Payments – Taskers work and get paid with a service fee hourly. They can quit the platform anytime they want to.
  • Partnership – It has partnered with IKEA. This implies that there is a vast customer user base and more chances of taskers to get paid per lead.
  • No Fee to Take up Tasks – To attain the customer’s contact details, a tasker need not pay any fee.

Cons of TaskRabbit

  • Area of the Job – If a customer is searching a jobber in a rural area, it might take a lot of work to get a hold of someone quickly. Comparatively, it is easier to search for taskers in urban areas because of more potential people looking to earn. This is how TaskRabbit works.
  • No Contol on Finding Taskers for Normal/Odd Jobs – There is no guarantee of the quality of work the taskers will do. Consumers need help finding the same experienced tasker whenever they post the requirement.

Thumbtack Benefits

  • 0 Registration Fee – Building a profile is free for both users and service providers.
  • Utter Flexibility – Easy to use interface with setting available hours and locations feature. Users will have the exact information about the service contractor’s availability. Also, while booking a service, users can quickly check other providers’ per-hour rates before booking an appointment.
  • No share Charged (%) from Contractor’s Fee – The platform charges nothing for the profits a service provider makes.
  • Ideal Platform – To start a lead generation start-up or digitize a local business.
  • Easy Refunds – The contractor’s money is refunded if the customer doesn’t respond within 48 hours of booking.

Cons of Thumbtack

  • Variable Pricing – The lead acquisition procedure on Thumbtack is different. It’s not dependent on a percentage model but on the quality of attributes such as job type, experience, bid price, job cost, etc.
  • Fierce Race of Contractors – On average, the number of contractors has increased from 5 to 15. The taskers are only increasing in number with their need to find employment. So, you must launch one such central app.
  • Account Deletion – If you violate any platform guidelines, the Thumbtack admin will delete your account without any warnings. This is pretty harsh since the contractor could be trying hard for a long while to maintain his profile, and within seconds, he could lose it all!

Conclusion – HOW to Build an App Like TaskRabbit & Thumbtack?

Researchers say that laziness in doing the work by themselves made commoners the founders of online home service apps like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Urban Company.

As stated above, people depend on such third-party service providers to complete their tasks. On the parallel side, these service providers look for jobs and sources of income.

Are you thinking of building a TaskRabbit or Thumbtack clone app? Consult the best clone app development company in the IT world without further ado. What makes us the best? Our unique customization ideas, timely delivery of projects, end-to-end post-deployment support, and much more!


Q – Is it worth paying for TaskRabbit?

If you look forward to establishing a flexible and scalable business, you can register as a tasker on TaskRabbit. On parallel lines, it is a safe platform to hire taskers from if you are a customer.

Q – How much would it cost to develop a TaskRabbit clone?

First, you got to hire a service marketplace app-building company. Now, developing a TaskRabbit clone app with no or fewer customizations would cost you around $10000 to $15000. On the other hand, to integrate more customizations in the TaskRabbit/Thumbtack clone mobile app, you might have to spend between $12000 to $25000.

Q – Why building a handyman app can be a profitable idea?

Building and launching a handyman app can be profitable because users have become highly dependent on on-demand home service apps. This also means that the dependency will increase more in the time to come. It’s the perfect time to launch a TaskRabbit or Thumbtack handyman app.

Q – How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Application Like TaskRabbit?

You need to hire a reliable software development company to develop an app like Urban or Thumbtack or TaskRabbit from scratch. The cost ultimately depends on the types of functionalities you equip your app with.

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