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7 Best Gig Economy Apps like TaskRabbit

You are busy in a meeting and need someone to fix the bathroom sink at home or perhaps pick up your laundry for the week. What do you do, who do you ask to help you? TaskRabbit is one of the best gig apps for such situations. You hire a handy freelance worker for a particular task like setting up your TV mount, babysitting or delivering a parcel and pay for the work done well.

TaskRabbit is an online mobile app marketplace that helps local freelance workers connect with local demand. With TaskRabbit, you can choose from a vetted 140,000 taskers for doing jobs across a wide range of categories like cleaning, delivery, heavy lifting, moving & packing, furniture assembly, etc. or any other simple tasks in daily life needs.

Statistics on Gig Economy

  • 36% of the entire US working population, is in the gig economy based on their primary or secondary jobs.
  • 29% of US workers have an alternate job to support themselves, which falls into the gig economy.
  • 63% of full-time employees have expressed their desire to enter the gig economy to work independently.
  • More than 3/4th of gig workers have stated that they are happy with their current freelance working style and plan to stay that way.
  • Close to 37% of independent gig workers are between the age group of 21 to 38 years.
  • It’s predicted that within the next five years, more than 50% of the US adult workforce will be a part of the independent gig economy.
  • By recent reports, the gig economy is expanding three times faster than the entire US workforce as a whole.

TaskRabbit Like Apps’ Features

There are three parts to TaskRabbit like the app’s digital side:

(a) Customer App

(b) Handy Professional App

(c) Admin Panel

Customer App

TaskRabbit Customer App Features

Handy Professional App

Handy Professional App Features

Admin Panel

taskrabbit admin App Features

Additional Features

  • Tracking
  • Live Chat Module
  • Caller Identification
  • Multi-Location Access
  • Cashless Payment

7 Most Popular Gig-Based Apps Like TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit could be the best app in the market for gig-based economy service, but several other taskrabbit alternative apps offer different kinds of handy professional services across various categories.

With the stats mentioned earlier in the blog, it is evident that the idea of an on-demand handy service startup is only going to grow exponentially with time as more people join in the mobile app revolution.

Today, we will be talking about the potential TaskRabbit like apps that will soon be the next billion-dollar app enterprise.

1. Handy (Best TaskRabbit Alternative App)

Handy is the most popular on-demand service marketplace in the US, parallel to the TaskRabbit app. It’s a more professional version of TaskRabbit, made not for any newcomers but for residential cleaning professionals and handymen.

The service providers working with the Handy must have prior paid experience in their trade. Handy app’s services are available throughout the US, Canada, and the UK. The Handy app boasts a 60-second booking process. In other words, there are enough professionals for all potential customers.

Handy App Services Category:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Move-Out Cleaning
  • Lawn Care
  • Home Renovations
  • Packing & Moving
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture Assembling
  • Shopping & Delivery Care
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Yard Work & Removal
  • Smart Home Installations
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Electronics Repair
  • Paint Work Interior/Exterior
  • AC & Fridge Service

Handy is one of the most popular apps like TaskRabbit around, and it’s definitely possible for service providers to make some solid money with this platform. The Handy platform just connects independent contractors to customers, so there aren’t too many app features, but the app’s design and the user interface are what takes the cake.

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2. Thumbtack (Top Services Like TaskRabbit & More)

Whether you want to hire a dog walker, a landscaper, a DJ, or anyone for a specific task, the Thumbtack app finds them for free. The Thumbtack app connects local professionals with millions of potential customers each day for their projects.

Thumbtack offers almost 1000 different services to choose from. It’s safe to say that you’ll find pretty much anyone you’re looking to hire with the Thumbtack app. Local businesses across the whole country use Thumbtack for their needs. So, from contractor to a tutor to every vendor that you could think of – Thumbtack has it all.

Thumbtack’s job-related interactions add up to $1 billion of revenue per year; all booked through Thumbtack. With the Instant Match feature, the bidding process automates for pros and algorithmically pairs them with the customers’ job requests.

Thumbtack App Services Category:

  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Electricians
  • Cheap Movers
  • Movers and Packers
  • General Contractors
  • Ethernet Wiring Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Metal Roof Contractors
  • Handyman Services
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Local Roofers
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Gutter Cleaning Services
  • Last Minute Movers
  • Small Moving Companies
  • Affordable Roofers
  • Security Camera Installers
  • Single Item Movers
  • Affordable Attorneys
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • App Developers
  • Freelance Web Designers
  • Personal Trainers

Thumbtack helps local vendors and service providers connect with their customers, get hired, and make a living doing what they’re great at. It is believed that with the new app features, some pros saw their bookings increase by up to 50% by the year’s end.

3. Pro Referral (Free Handy Service App)

The Pro Referral mobile app is powered by the Home Depot. So, you can have the right handy professional to help in setting up your home depot purchase. So, whether you bought a new TV console or garden landscaping material — get the best handy assistance with Home Depot’s Pro Referral app.

With the Pro Referral app, it becomes easy to manage your job bookings, message them with specific guidance, and drop reviews and feedback, on the go — anywhere, anytime.

The Pro Referral app by Home Depot aims to provide a seamless and reliable experience for home owners in creating the perfect home. Pro Referral uses the latest app technology to match Home Depot customers, both online and in-store, with local handy service pros.

Pro Referral App Services Category:

  • Plumbing
  • Handiwork
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Landscape
  • Contracting

The best part of Pro Referral app is that there is no charge to request or receive referrals. But, the app is only for the customers of Home Depot.

4. Jobble (For More Than Just House chores)

Jobble is just like the TaskRabbit app but for offices and factories. The app connects business managers to a network of professionals who can run out any office tasks. The Jobble app is changing the way people and businesses find flexible work.

Just like TaskRabbit is for handy professionals like carpenters and plumbers, the Jobble app is a resource discovery platform for businesses to post job contracts and workers to accept as per their availability and skills.

This app, like TaskRabbit, is perfect for people who want to work for offices and factories on their own terms. Not everyone can work the same hours every single day, so you can customize your job searches to match your lifestyle.

The Jobble app gives you the freedom to create your own work schedule. The Jobblers can apply a single day or multi-day setup for local opportunities and find the perfect gigs to meet your timing and work preference.

Jobble App Services Category:

  • Events
  • Field Marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Field Sales
  • Promotional
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Distribution
  • Delivery
  • Labor

The Jobble app connects local companies to the perfect Jobblers (freelance workers) for the work. The Jobble app has several fantastic features like Position Tracker, Seamless Payment, Jobble Messenger, etc.

5. Wonolo (A Successful TaskRabbit Alternative)

Wonolo is yet another on-demand freelance staffing app alternative to TaskRabbit. The app’s work is very simple. All you need is a smartphone, a valid social security number, and you are good to register and work with Wonolo app.

The app’s system is just as any other app like TaskRabbit, Wonolo helps freelance gig workers connect with daily jobs that pay up within 1-5 business days. The people who offer freelance service through Wonolo are called Wonoloers, the in-demand worker. These Wonoloers are all thoroughly screened to meet each job’s needs and requirements.

Wonolo App Working Process:

  • Download the app and complete the registration process.
  • View posted jobs and the qualifications needed for them.
  • Pick the jobs you like. You choose when, where, and how much you’ll work.
  • Receive payment for work done within 1-5 business days.
  • Rate & give feedback.

Working a job you’ll love has never been easier than this. Wonolo makes the entire process of freelancing services super easy.

Wonolo App Services Category:

The Jobble app connects local companies to the perfect Jobblers (freelance workers) for the work. The Jobble app has several fantastic features like Position Tracker, Seamless Payment, Jobble Messenger, etc.

  • Warehouse operations
  • General labor
  • Delivery drivers
  • Food production

6. Care (Freelance Care Services)

The Care app is a TaskRabbit alternative that specializes entirely in care offering services. They have a vast portfolio and numerous certified caregivers registered with the company.

Finding the perfect caregiver depends on making the right connections, and word of mouth can only take you so far. That’s where the Care app comes into play. This TaskRabbit alternative app takes precautions in listing the right caregiver resources.

With the Care app, you’ll have access to our large network of caregivers right in your local area. Download the app and find the right match for all your various care services.

Care App Working Process

  • Share your needs by creating a job post in the Care app.
  • Search from the listed caregiver profiles, photos, and reviews.
  • Get instant notification when interested caregivers respond.
  • Manage bookings, interviews, and payments-all in the Care app.
  • Put in Review & Feedback of the service your receive.

Whether you need a care service full-time or part-time, find the care that suits your needs.

Care App Services Category:

  • Child Care
  • Senior Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Pet Care
  • Special Needs
  • Tutoring & Home-Schooling

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7. Nextdoor (Freelance Local Business Portal)

The Nextdoor app boasts of creating a platform where local businesses can make trusted connections and exchange helpful information, goods, and services. An important requirement to join and succeed as a local business, the app users need to add their local address and some basic details.

The Nextdoor app is active in 260,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries, namely the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Australia. In the US, one in every five households is active on the Nextdoor app.

The local businesses registered with the Nextdoor business app have earned upwards of $40 million in recommendations. All the other platforms mentioned here start global and later aim to target the local audience. The Nextdoor app has the opposite approach – it starts and stays local for businesses and customers.

Nextdoor App Services Category:

  • Real Estate
  • Home Services
  • Professional Services
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Fitness
  • Retail
  • Beauty
  • Neighbor for Hire

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Launch Your Own TaskRabbit Alternative App

The apps like TaskRabbit are a very successful and lucrative startup idea to launch in 2020. There are slight variations in the services like the TaskRabbit app that you can offer to cater to a niche audience. The best way to move forward is to go with a TaskRabbit clone app development solution.

The custom app development approach isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. Some startups may find it costly and very time-consuming. The alternative approach of the TaskRabbit clone solution does the same at a fraction of the price and timeline of custom development.

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