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With 11+ years of experience in designing and delivering various on-demand home service app for clients, we are glad to share our comprehensive mobile app design process in this app design of the month. Although, Our various mobile app design and development process includes research and development along with the seamless execution of design concepts, app functionality & latest app design trends.

Service Provider App UI design

Witness the Incredible Journey of Seamless Home Services with our Game-Changing On-Demand Home Service App!

If you are looking for On Demand Home Services App Development services where users can book and hire trusted professionals with ease then, discover our app design of the week. Our team has designed a user-friendly and easy to navigate experience that connects users with dedicated service providers for their daily home chores.
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Home Services App Design

  • The end-users can do search the services or select from the categories as per their requirement.
  • With the help of various categories showcased, users can easily hire professionals for their handy services.
  • Our app has a seamless payment gateway model, which allows users to effortlessly complete their payments. Parallelly, they will earn valuable rewards points which can be redeemed at their convenience.
  • Service providers will have whole comprehensive booking management system to streamline their day-to-day bookings and other essential operations.

Motion & Animation Highlights

  • Once you’ve completed the hassle-free sign-up process, our handy clone app will provide you with recommendations from dedicated professionals who have higher ratings and positive reviews.
  • Moreover, users can evaluate service providers conveniently using the provided options on their profile, including ratings, reviews, and more.
  • For the booking, users will select the convenient Date & time and complete the payment process with the inbuilt Hirely payment model.

Color Palette

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Font Family

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Home Service App Design

Making the user journey seamless yet eye-catching user experience requires creative designers. Our highly skilled designers work on improving hassle-free sign-in to booking the service providers process. Our exceptional features not only elevate the user experience but also elevate our application to a realm of unrivaled excellence, setting new benchmarks in quality and performance.

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