Uber Clone App Source Code for Your Startup

Acquire the finest Uber Clone App Source Code for taxi booking app and empower your business.

  • Be the Next Uber for Your City
  • Build a Brand for Your Taxi Business
  • Enter the World of Digitization
  • Streamline Your Business Operations
uber clone script

Get Exclusive Uber Clone Script Solutions for Your Taxi Business

Our Uber App Development Solutions Guarantee to Offer You

Budget-Friendly Solution
Uber Like App Source Code
Real-Time Connectivity
Reduced Operational Costs
Streamline-Your-Busines- Operations
Streamline Your Business Operations
White-Label Taxi App Development
Branding Strategy for Your Taxi Business
Free Support and Maintenance
Uber App Clone

Why & How is aPurple Different Than Other Companies for Uber App Clone?

Along with basic features that every other Uber clone app development company provides – here you get 100% customized Uber app source code and a lot more.

App Store Approved App

It’s our responsibility to get your app’s approval from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

White Labeling

Your app will have your company’s name and brand logo with every customization you need.

Multiple Currency Feature

Along with USD, you can add your country’s currency to your mobile app, and our Uber app developers will do it for free.

Primary Language Integration

You can integrate your local language along with English; our developers will add one more language to your app without any extra charges.

Licensed Code

You don’t have to worry about the modifications; our Uber clone source code will be easy to understand so in future your local developers can also do the basic modifications to your taxi app.

Live Chat

Driver and rider can have a real-time chat in your app itself so that your passengers don’t need to share their contact number or any other personal information.

Why aPurple’s Uber Clone Script is Best for You?

Uber App Clone Script

We understand the importance of taxi booking app development for your business/startup.

It is high time that you establish your taxi startup. How to get started? Set your foot in the taxi industry with the next amazing taxi booking app like Uber, developed with the best Uber Clone App source code. And, that is why we can assure you that our Uber app Clone Solutions will be the perfect choice for your taxi cab business startup.

We are a renowned taxi app development company, well known for delivering white-labeled Uber Clone App solutions to taxi businesses.

Adding more to it, our uber clone app development company enforces you with a customized Uber clone script as per your requirements. With us, your on-demand taxi booking app will hail across your targeted audience in no time!

However, let’s automate, expand and grow your business with our Uber Clone App Source Code.

Customized Uber Clone App Source Code for Your Ride Sharing Business

A Complete Taxi App Solution Fit for Your Passengers

Give your passengers a whole new level of cab booking experience with our customizing native iOS and Android Uber like app development solutions.

  • Easy registration & sign-in
  • Push notifications
  • Account management
  • Social Media Login
  • Quick Bookings
  • Live Tracking
  • Live Chat With Driver
  • Real-Time Updates
  • In-App Payments
  • Seamless Payments
  • Security & Ratings
  • Password Recovery
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Offers and Promos
App for Passengers
App for Drivers

Native iOS & Android Taxi App for Driver

With our on-demand taxi booking software, your drivers will receive the ride requests in real-time from the manual dispatchers or from the users.

  • Unique Driver Profile
  • Quick Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • Set Availability
  • Reloads Ride Feature
  • Accept/Decline Ride Request
  • Ride Details
  • Track Payments
  • Push Notifications
  • Contact With Dispatcher
  • Previous and Upcoming Trip Log
  • Post My Location Feature

A Central Admin Panel to Manage Your Taxi Business

You’ll receive an easy-to-use browser-based panel to control and check taxi booking operations for your business as well as track earnings and analytics reports and do a lot more with our ready-to-go Uber Clone Script.

  • Create Sub Admins
  • Multi-Level Admin Access
  • Complete Dashboard
  • Driver Management
  • Passenger Management
  • Analytics & Reports
  • God’s Eye View
  • View Transaction History
  • Block Transport Company/Users
  • Add/Edit/Delete Various Profiles
  • Manage Payment Accounts
Admin panel
Taxi Dispatch Solution

Feature-Rich Taxi Dispatch Solution for Your Dispatchers

Your exclusive Smart taxi dispatch software will be capable of taking phone bookings, track taxi locations, schedule trips, assign trips to drivers, take a recurrent booking, send and track payment receipt to the users.

  • Request Management
  • Ride Tracking
  • Create Bookings
  • Payment Tracking
  • Reviews & Feedback
  • Take Phone Bookings
  • Track Driver Locations
  • Assign Trips to Drivers
  • Drivers Management
  • Live Tracking
  • Add/Edit/Delete Profiles
  • Change Password
  • Transaction History
  • Take a Recurrent Booking
Uber Clone Script

You Seem Interested But Wish to Check a Demo?

Here is the LIVE demo app experience of how the driver’s app, rider’s app, and admin panel function.

Moreover, take a look to know why we are a perfect fit for your development needs!!

Entrust the Best Uber Clone Development Company Team to Integrate Advanced Features

  • In-App Live Tracking
  • In-App Payment
  • Instant Alerts
  • Fare Estimation
  • Invoice Generation
  • Review and Ratings
  • Social Login
  • Push Notifications
  • Emergency Contact (SOS)
  • Ride Estimation
  • Promotion and Referrals
  • User Wallet

Uber Clone Development Company


How Your Uber Clone App Will Look When It’s Ready


Mobile Meter

Mobile Meter

Ride Sharing

Ride Sharing

Multi Language

Multi Language

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatcher Panel

Front-End Website

Front-End Website

Gender-Based Features

Gender-Based Features



Wallet Integration


NFC Integration

NFC Reader for Driver



Bank API Integration

Bank API Integration

COD Gateways

COD Gateways

Technology Stack

Linux OS

Linux OS

Operating System



Node v5.0.0 Version



MOD_Rewrite Enabled



Version 5.0+



Version 5.0



Version 3.0



With Ejabbered 15.09 version



With I Pv6 Address


The Uber app clone is a replica of the ride-hailing app, Uber. In simple terms, it is the replica of the source code of the Uber app, which you can use, modify, and upgrade to build your own Uber-like on-demand taxi app.

The difference between Uber and Lyft clone is the difference in the replica source code of both the apps. Both apps have some unique features and flow of app that differs from each other, so the flow of your taxi clone app development will depend on the clone source code you choose to work on; Uber or Lyft.

Our Uber like app source code offers multiple revenue-generating models. However, the most promising revenue source for our Uber app clone is the commission model. Just like Uber does, the admin (you) can charge a service fee from the riders for each ride.

First of all, you submit your information on our website based on which we’ll contact you and also send you a demo of our existing Uber clone taxi app. Then based on your requirements for Uber-like app development, you can choose a suitable package.After choosing your package, you’ll be assisted by our sales reps with the complete details regarding payments. Once you’ve paid the upfront charges, our team of developers will start working on creating your taxi app that suits your requirements.

Before starting the Uber clone app development project, we’ll decide on all the features and designs that we’ll be working on. If you choose to add more app features in the middle of the project, we can do that for you, but the project timeline and development cost will change accordingly.Once the project is started, we’ll be in continuous contact, and you can quickly get a quote for your additional requirements at any time.

We provide six months of free support within the scope. If you wish to continue our support service after that, we offer a few paid support plans that you can choose from.

aPurple is the name for premium Uber clone script needs. We provide the most customizable, design & feature-rich clone solution in all of the US, UK, and India.

We have a record of building the most basic clone app within weeks. Further, the timeline extends as the complexity of app design and app features increases.

The price range for a taxi clone app development depends on a lot of factors like which clone script you are using, what platforms you’ll be building them for, how many features you’ll be adding, and how unique is the app’s design and UI/UX.The cost range to develop an Uber clone app could go anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.

Yes, our Uber clone script app adapts itself according to your requirements. Whether you are a small, medium, or large size taxi company, our Uber clone app can function seamlessly according to your needs. We provide ready-to-use software suitable for all kinds of taxi services.

Moreover, if you are already running a Taxi Company or planning to start one, then the Uber clone app is perfect for you. Even if you are not interested in owning taxis, you can still go with this business model; Uber did the same thing.

There have been several local and global taxi app startups that have found success by improving and upgrading on existing taxi app clones of Uber and Lyft. Many companies like Curb, Hailo, and Gett have succeeded from the ideas of existing apps (Uber). So, you can set forth your startup success story with our taxi app source code.
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