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The convenience of getting your medicine delivered to your doorstep has become commonplace. Especially for customers with disabilities and old age, getting regular refills of their medicines has become easy with the medicine delivery app.

The ease of medicine delivery and rising demand for online pharmacies have driven a CAGR of 11.57%. The online pharmacy market is estimated to reach $81.37 billion in revenue by 2028. Medicine delivery apps are becoming attractive for an entrepreneur or pharmaceutical company looking to digitize its operations.

But why is a medical delivery app important for your business?

Medicine delivery apps offer a wide range of features beyond just delivering medicines. Features like insurance claiming assistance, medical consultation, and prescription management enhance the medicine delivery experience.

Though medicine delivery apps offer many benefits, building one requires careful planning, consideration of features, and development approaches. Does it seem overwhelming? Fret not!

This article provides nine examples of medicine delivery apps that aced medicine delivery app development. It also covers critical features to build a successful medicine delivery application.

Top 9 Medicine Delivery Applications USA for 2024

medicine delivery apps usa

1. CVS Pharmacy – Online Medicine Delivery App

cvs medicine delivery application
CVS Pharmacy is a top-rated pharmacy delivery app in the USA, known for its strong supply chain. Owned by CVS Health, the CVS Pharmacy covers over 9000 locations across the USA, making it easily accessible to customers. Moreover, more than 10,000 stores nationwide are part of the CVS Health chain.

The CVS Pharmacy mobile application offers a range of features such as prescription management, in-store shopping, extra care rewards management, pharmacy services, and more.

These features cater to CVS Pharmacy’s more than 100 million user base. According to Statista,CVS Health Corporation’s prescription revenue in the United States was around 140 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

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2. AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy – Pharmacy Delivery App

alliancerxwp medicine delivery app
AllianceRx focuses on providing medications for chronic conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Its mobile application leverages industry-leading technology and innovation to enhance patient treatment assistance.

AllianceRx is well-known for its self-serve refills, medication synchronization, personalized pharmacist support, and insurance coverage assistance.

3. Rite Aid – Instant Medicine Delivery App

ritaid medicine delivery application
Founded in 1962, Rite Aid has become one of the leading drug stores in the USA. However, Rite Aid recently acquired Health Dialog in 2014 and, with subsequent acquisitions, transformed its offline pharmacy delivery chain into a suite of online services.

Rite Aid is more than just a pharmacy delivery app; it offers services. Users can browse Rite Aid for prescription medications, health and wellness products, beauty and personal care items, household essentials, and more.

In addition to these, Rite Aid also provides features like health screenings, medication counseling, immunizations, photo printing, and vaccination schedules.

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4. PillPack By Amazon Pharmacy

pillpack medicine delivery app
PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy offers various unique features, such as medication packaging, automatic refills, free shipping, and prescription management.

It offers a unique user experience to its customers, allowing them to manage prescriptions through mobile and web. The company representative handles the headache of contacting healthcare professionals and the insurance plan verification process.

The Pill Pack’s sign-up process stands out. It asks users to list their medications, doctor information, insurance information, and payment methods to create a patient profile. Saved data helps users order recurring medicines without the hassle of searching them individually each time.

5. Capsule

capsule medicine delivery application
The capsule is an instant medicine delivery mobile application offering same-day delivery functionality. Its ability to deliver medicines without patient intervention makes it one of the best medicine delivery apps.

Capsule even allows doctors to share their patients’ prescriptions. Once the pharmacy application receives the prescription, it schedules free, same-day delivery. Further, Capsule offers refill reminders, 24*7 chat functionality with pharmacists, coordination with insurance companies, and more.

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6. Health Warehouse

healthwarehouse medicine delivery app
Health Warehouse is yet another mobile app that allows users to get their medicines delivered at their convenience. As the name suggests, Health Warehouse is a place to get medicines for everything. Whether you are looking for human medications, pet medicines, insulins, home medicine, or any other, Health Warehouse is the place for you.

Health Warehouse also offers prescription services for new prescriptions, refill prescriptions, and transfer prescriptions. It allows users to track their orders and provides much-needed support for order processing and lost package claims.

7. GoodRx Care

goodrx medicine delivery app
GoodRx Care might not be considered a medicine delivery application, but it offers an advanced search feature to help users find the medications they seek. Users can search for a medicine for information like side effects, pros and cons, dosage instructions, and more.

Further, GoodRx provides discount coupon codes, drug price comparisons on different medicine delivery apps, and more.

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8. Pills2Me

piils2me app
Pills2Me is an on-demand medicine delivery app that allows users to order their medications from any pharmacy. Although it is a relatively new application, Pills2Me has a dedicated user base. One of the best things about Pills2Me is that it allows users to choose their delivery scheduling options based on their preferences and schedules.

Like the other instant medicine delivery apps, Pills2Me also sends refill reminders, manages prescriptions, provides medication counseling, tracks order history, tracks delivery status, handles insurance processes, and more. Users can order prescribed medicine, OTC medications, and wellness products.

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9. DiRx Health

dirxhealth medicine delivery app
DiRx Health is widely known for its dedicated prescription fulfillment service to its customers. It allows users to access digital pharmacy solutions across the USA. This pharmacy mobile application offers prescription management, refill requests, and convenience in communication. It provides competitive pricing and insurance processing to ensure affordability.

All the above medicine-delivery apps offer different features that ensure optimal patient care. However, developing such features can take time and effort due to their complexity. For example, creating a prescription management feature requires robust infrastructure and a backend.

This is where a medicine delivery app development company can help you with an infrastructure that can handle data transformations at scale.

Prescription management is one of many features you will need to develop a pharmacy delivery app. Taking cues from the top medicine delivery apps discussed above, here are some key features of your project.

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5 Key Features of Pharmacy Delivery App

The introduction of innovative features makes the application functional, improving the experience for your target audience. You can face tough competition from top medicine delivery businesses in a saturated market.

So, how do you ace the medicine delivery market?

The answer lies in your app development plan!

Yes, you need to go beyond the basic features such as sign-in/sign-out, profile creation, and push notifications. Let’s discuss features that can be a differentiator in the market for your medicine delivery app.

1. Smart Prescription Management

Offering smart prescription management in your pharmacy delivery app can help you stand out amidst the competition.

This feature lets users capture and upload their prescriptions anywhere and anytime through the app. Once uploaded, the application can verify the prescription against the available inventory and add the prescribed medicines to the cart. Users are then notified to confirm the cart and proceed with the payment process.

Innovative prescription management includes functionalities like prescription auto-filling, medicine refill management, and medication auto-scheduling.

2. AI-based Chatbot Assistants

Integrating an AI-based chatbot into your medicine delivery application can help improve customer experience. Users need support with medicine verifications, delivery issues, and recurring pharmacy orders.

An AI-based chatbot can help with customer support for different delivery issues. However, chatbots can also help patients with health-related questions and suggest specific medicines. Further, you can integrate telehealth services that book consultation calls with doctors based on chatbot conversations and deliver medications prescribed during the call.

3. Refill Reminder

Have you ever opened your medicine box, realizing you had forgotten to order your regular medication? One of our biggest challenges is keeping track of our refills regularly. While some top medicine delivery apps send reminders for refills, none schedule the delivery.

You can go beyond the usual reminders by introducing a subscription model. Your users can receive recurring medication directly without ordering it each time they need a refill.

4. Multiple Payment Methods

Almost every best medicine delivery application offers multiple payment methods. Adding different payment methods allows customers to pay freely. You can add debit or credit cards, online payments, and cryptocurrency.

However, it is crucial to have secure payment mechanisms in place. Every medicine delivery app needs to comply with specific data regulation standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA.

5. Real-time Order Tracking

Real-time order tracking can help users stay informed about up-to-date information about their orders, including when they are processed, shipped, and delivered. This feature is crucial, especially since 68% of customers prefer a shorter delivery window.

It lets your customers track the delivery time, improving the entire experience through instant gratification. Such features help cater to the human psyche of gathering information instantaneously.

Once you have a list of features you want to integrate into the medicine delivery app, the next step is determining the cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Build the Best Medicine Delivery App?

The cost of medicine delivery app development depends on factors such as the scope of the project, tech stack requirements, complexity of features, and the expertise of developers. The development of the medicine delivery app can cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

However, you can optimize the quality and cost of your projects with a top mobile app development company. Choosing the right expert is crucial to thriving in the medicine delivery market.

Why Choose aPurple for Online Medicine Delivery App Development?

Online medicine delivery platforms are increasing, and there is no denying that competition is more intense than ever. However, looking at the top medicine delivery apps discussed above, you will see that each has created a differentiator.

For some medicine delivery apps, features are differentiators, while others have aced operational efficiency. With the right blend of unique features and technological prowess, you can ace the market, too. This is where aPurple can help you with

  • On-demand app expertise
  • End-to-end app development
  • Better compliance with data regulations
  • Scalable and reliable apps
  • Enhanced tech support

If you want to disrupt the medicine delivery market, aPurple has an experienced team to ensure success with tailor-made solutions. Get in touch with us now!

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