7 Best Medical Apps for Doctors That Transform The Healthcare

Updated Date: May 13, 2024
Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal
best medical apps

As a doctor, are you struggling with heaps of patient records and paperwork? And, are you looking for a solution to simplify patient logs, streamline operational practices, enhance patient care management, and save your precious time?

Or do you have a healthcare startup ideas that converts your manual work into an amazingly designed automation via an app?

Fortunately, with the introduction of medical health apps, the days of manual systems and traditional record-keeping are over. You can easily save hundreds of man-hours by incorporating a solution by developing or picking up the best app for doctors. Not only this, but these digital health apps help you establish a long-term relationship with your patients thanks to their interest in chronic disease management, adoption of a healthy lifestyle, and quick medical support features.

Moreover, as per research conducted on the mHealth apps market, the medical application market is dominant in North America and is well spread into Asia Pacific, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Medical app current market

In 2022, the market size of mHealth apps in the United States reached USD 29.40 billion. Projections indicate substantial growth, with an anticipated value of USD 86.15 billion by 2032, showcasing a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.40% from 2023 to 2032.

Note: All 7 medical apps based on different mHealth categories are significant in terms of security for doctors and patients while catering to features that ease the treatment process. These sites have positive reviews by their respective clients.

7 Best Medical Apps For Doctors 2024

Be it a diagnosis app, a medical reference app, a hospital app for doctors, or a doctor-on-demand app, with the below mix of the seven best medical apps, you can cater to the right navigation of health updates, enabling a streamlined and structured patient care procedure.

Pick the best one of the most studied health apps for doctors and health professionals in 2024, as mentioned below!

1. Epocrates – Best App for Physicians

epocrates - Best App for Physicians
Epocrates is a free medical app for doctors, and has a paid version too. Health professionals providing medical information at the fingertips. The platform incorporates essential and progressive research on all clinical updates on health content to more than a million users.

The team of dedicated physicians, pharmacists, and other professionals filter through vigorous and empowering medical research with precise accuracy, ensuring safe prescriptions for patients.

In-App Features:

  • With CME and CE credits (you will find in the app), doctors can keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the health industry through blogs, articles, podcasts, and more.
  • Health professionals can seek safe information for multiple brands, OTC, and generic drugs.
  • Identifying a pill ID is easy on the app based on all physical characteristics of the pill, including color, shape, and scoring.
  • Interaction checks for all potentially harmful brands (up to 30), OTC drugs, generic supplements, and herbs in real-time.

mHealth Category: Diagnosis Apps

Available On:


2. Medscape – Medical App for Healthcare Professionals

Medscape - Medical App for Healthcare Professionals
Medscape is another online portal for healthcare professionals and physicians all over the globe to find the latest medical updates and expert perspectives. It is one of the best medical app for doctors.

The app features essential disease and drug information besides professional education to experts. The app’s membership is free and gives unlimited access to the whole network of services and sites.

In-App Features:

  • Finding drug monographs for 8000+ prescriptions, including herbal supplements.
  • The app has a drug interaction checker that adds up to 30 medications used currently and the potential interactions between these prescriptions.
  • You get a pill identifier tool that provides a list of possible medications that match the original prescription.
  • You will find clinical decision-making scores and 150 medical calculators in the app.

mHealth Category: Medical News Apps

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3. LexiComp – Best Drug App For Doctors

LexiComp - Best Drug App For Doctors
LexiComp is a supervised application (android apps for doctors) for doctors that provides evidence-based drug information. The platforms enable health experts to find the most suitable drug for each patient as per their specific health concern!

The referential drug content provided on the site helps with the immediate resolution of complex patient care with apt decision-making.

In-App Features:

  • Provides clarity on drug information, depicting the required support in prescribing efficient and right drugs.
  • Making patients understand the why and hows of drugs prescribed to them by medical professionals.
  • Ample resources for drug information and patient care through facts and comparison training videos, articles, clinical notes, apps, and user academy
  • Formulary status update for clinicians regarding the status of every prescribed medication.

mHealth Category: Patient Education, Laboratory and International Drugs information

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Looking To Transform Your Healthcare Services with Custom Medical App?

4. Muscle Trigger Point – Best Medical Diagnosis App

Muscle Trigger Point - Best Medical Diagnosis App
Muscle Trigger Point is an excellent app for physicians looking for a reference for muscle pain patterns and Trigger Point diagrams. It is a diagnosis app for doctors.

All healthcare professionals dealing with muscle pain diagnosis can find an advanced training program for the treatment of Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

In-App Features:

  • The app helps view all the muscle’s trigger points and also the nonspecific pain broken down into body zones.
  • You can find all trigger points represented by diagrams for a more vivid understanding of solutions.
  • The app has information on 70+ muscle points that can be found by clicking on the list tab.
  • The app is amazing for identifying problems and getting a clear visual pointing to the problem.
  • The home screen of the app displays the last muscle you opened before closing the app. This feature is a great one!

mHealth Category: Clinical Decision Helper App

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5. Prevention TaskForce – Best Hospital App

Prevention TaskForce - Best Hospital App
The Prevention TaskForce app aids primary care clinicians in identifying the counseling, screening, and preventive medical care services that fit appropriately with the patients.

Finding medical recommendations on the app is easy through specific searches based on patient characteristics, age, gender/sex, and specified behavioral risk factors. It is the best hospital app for doctors aiding multiple clinical solutions all at once.

In-App Features:

  • The app features AHRQ tools and recommendations at one point.
  • It is easy to sort each group of recommendations with the help of letter grades under specific recommendations.
  • Browsing the rationales, overview, clinical considerations, and other relevant tools for a topic is applicable to the app.
  • While most information is already available on the app, it has many working hyperlinks to the USPSTF website and other healthcare organizations.

mHealth Category: Clinical preventive services app

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6. Tebra Kiosk (Kareo) – App for for Medical Appointments

Tebra Kiosk (Kareo) - App for for Medical Appointments
Kareo has a 360-degree inbuilt technology meeting the needs of clinicians and independent practitioners. Managing primary functions is much easier with Kareo’s intuitive platform.

The platform features Kareo Clinical, Kareo Billing, Kareo Engage, and Kareo from Billing Companies, providing services like telehealth, patient payments, patient statements, and analytics.

In-App Features:

  • Kareo helps with faster billing by sending a confirmed appointment, and then the patient filling insurance info before visiting.
  • The module supports the creation of an electronic superbill with a few clicks
  • The Kareo app has a smooth user interface, offering custom settings and preference options for different users.
  • The app’s dashboard provides an overview of important appointments, information, patient records, and billing.
  • The Kareo download app offers a variety of options to customize the app and create a unique look and feel as per the needs.

mHealth Category: Productivity Apps

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7. iPrescribe – Drug Apps for Doctors

iPrescribe - Drug Apps for Doctors
iPrescribe is the best drug app for doctors that allows paperless medical prescriptions for practitioners, simplifying the task of writing prescriptions for controlled and non-controlled drugs.

The app helps medical professionals find patients, view patient’s medical history, monitor prescription drugs, and handle renewal requests. iPrescribe makes writing prescriptions easy and effortless, eliminating the need to reach pharmacies and get faxes.

In-App Features:

  • iPrescribe works as a digital prescription pad
  • The app features various advanced patient management tools to create a patient prescription workflow.
  • Patient Finder helps find patients automatically
  • Clinicians and patients’ licenses are secure on the app
  • Retrieving prescription information from a robust network of providers, pharmacies, payers, PBMs, and more.

mHealth Category: Medical Reference Apps

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7 Things To Consider While Building Medical Apps

things to consider before medical app
Health apps help medical organizations, professionals, and doctors improve service quality, meet specific timelines, and lead reliable patient care processes.

When considering building the best iPhone apps for doctors or an android medical app to ease the burden and streamline medical processes, keep a note of the following pointers!

1. UI/UX Considerations

You must understand the value of user experience, aka UI/UX before creating a medical application. The app must look clean, with all required information sectioned properly, and the functioning must be easy to control and navigate.

The app’s process flow must look simple so that it is highly patient-centric, and the UI must be engaging to make users feel better.

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2. Regulatory Compliance

Health is a prime concern amongst people and a very sensitive aspect. Hence, understanding the regulatory complaint and obliging to all the compulsory health laws is integral.

Study the complaint, focusing on external legal obligations before mapping the medical app’s content and structure.

3. Interoperability

Interpolarity is the timely and secure integration of electronic medical data in optimizing health outcomes. As someone seeking to build a medical app, it is important to build a platform where accessing and sharing information is robust and secure.

4. Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are integral aspects when building a medical application. Patients’ or doctors’ information on the app must be safe and secure and should be used lawfully.

5. Budget

Considering your budget is one of the most significant considerations you need to make prior to creating a medical application. You must have an estimated budget and look for solutions that best fit it.

Rather than getting more features on a lesser budget, you must think of implementing proportional features to the budget and make your app high-performing in terms of quality.

6. Testing and Validation

Testing and feedback on application ideas and functioning will help you get assurance about the product’s quality and whether the product is rightly meeting the needs of the users. Also, the performance level must match the consumer’s needs in the process of testing and validation.

7. Feedback Mechanism

You must keep your medical application ideas open for feedback, especially from real users and app development experts. You can make people write a review and suggest app features.

The feedback mechanism is important when you are seeking the right understanding of a feature that users need and then creating one that matches the patient’s expectations.

Why Seek Help From aPurple to Build Your Healthcare/Medical App?

aPurple offers trusted and experienced custom and clone app development solutions for telemedicine app-making and across other industries’ application needs. In fact, we also have our ready made teladoc clone wherein we can make changes as per your requirement. We, as a team, hold unbeatable expertise in CMS (Content Management System) and deliver solutions to meet client’s expectations.

Elevate the digitization process in the medical industry with an innovative idea, and we will help you implement it the right way! As a leading medical app development company we ensure to deliver solutions that meet all specific business needs. If looking to get a scalable and reliable medical app, get in touch and obtain a superior level of services.

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Secure Digital Web Platforms
  • An Experienced Development & Design Team
  • Flexible Prices

For all requirements in the context of web design and development services, feel free to reach out and discuss with the aPurple team.

Our Key Takeaway on Top Medical Apps for Doctors

In this blog, we have already stated the best medical apps a doctor can use to provide the best medical assistance to their patients and be productive throughout the day. However, If you’re considering investing in your own medical application, aPurple can be a valuable partner to assist you in this endeavor.

All you need to do here is share your mobile app ideas with us. And we’re here to take care for rest of the things.

In fact, you can decide and add features, functionalities, and designs that you want to cater to your users. With our dedicated team of developers, you can include revolutionary AI technologies in your healthcare apps. Still have unanswered questions or queries – feel free to contact us!

Mayur Panchal
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