Postmates VS DoorDash: Which Delivers the Best Food Experience?

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Postmates vs DoorDash

Remember this? Consumers fearing to go shopping… Craving to eat delicious food but too scared to step out. Amidst this chaos, we all not only got introduced to but also got comfortable with using the apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates.

So, which of the popular delivery services to use, Postmates vs DoorDash, to order a hamburger? And whom to work for DoorDash or Postmates to deliver as a driver? This extensive blog will help you discover a more suitable option for you of the two apps.

Details About Postmates

  • Founder – Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice & Sam Street
  • Found in – May 2011.
  • Headquarters – San Francisco, California, United States.
  • In November 2020, UberEats acquired Postmates. They drafted a new USP to provide better service with more restaurants, making deliveries faster and better restaurant recommendations.

Introduction About DoorDash

  • Founder – Tony Xu, Andy Fang & Stanley Tang
  • Found in – January 2013.
  • Headquarters – San Francisco, California, United States.
  • DoorDash business model offers food delivery services inclusive of fast food, quick service, and fine dining.

Tabular Differences Between DoorDash vs Postmates

Basis of Distinction DoorDash Postmates
Pricing Structure Offers fixed delivery fees with no surge pricing Charges delivery and service fee
Restaurant Selection Partners with popular restaurants, including fast food chains and local favorites Partners with restaurants with a focus on smaller and independent establishments
Delivery Service Speed Aims to deliver orders within 30-45 minutes It delivers orders within 45 minutes to an hour
Delivery Service Options Customers can schedule orders up to four days in advance with special delivery instructions Users can schedule orders up to seven days in advance with specific delivery instructions
Customer Support Offers phone, email, and in-app chat support, with dedicated support teams for customers and delivery driver Provides phone and email support, with in-app support available for all delivery drivers
Availability Available in over 4,000 cities in the United States, Canada & Australia Present in over 4,200 cities in the United States
Rewards Program Offers DashPass, a subscription-based rewards program for free delivery & reduced service fees Provides Postmates Unlimited, a subscription-based rewards program that provides free delivery, reduced service fees, exclusive discounts & promotions

Hopefully, you have got your answer to “Is Postmates or DoorDash better?” If you want to know the difference between DoorDash and UberEats, our all-inclusive blog Uber Eats vs DoorDash covers each ounce of difference you must know.

Postmates vs DoorDash App – Driver Eligibilities & (Valid Driver’s License)

Are you wondering if you can register and work as a driver with DoorDash or Postmates? If yes, this section is meant for you!

Moreover, it is necessary to fulfill all the driver eligibility criteria to register as a driver successfully.

First, the driver eligibility criteria for DoorDash are as follows:

✔️ Driver age ought to be 18 years old or above
✔️ Driver should own a smartphone (iPhone or Android)
✔️ Own or should have access to a car, scooter, or bike
✔️ Provide DL number & SSN (in case of USA)
✔️ Undergo & pass the background check

The driver eligibility criteria for Postmates are:

✔️ 18 years old to deliver by foot or 19 if the Driver wants to use a vehicle to commute
✔️ Must own an Android or iPhone smartphone
✔️ Submit SSN to pass the background check
✔️ Should have a clean driving record
✔️ Own a driver’s license or a state-issued Government ID

DoorDash vs Postmates Pay of Drivers

Drivers registered on the application work with the platform for payment in return for their services.

So let us now throw light on questions like:

  • Who pays more DoorDash or Postmates?
  • Does Postmates pay more than DoorDash?
  • Or is it that DoorDash pays better than Postmates?
  • Is it better to deliver with DoorDash or Postmates?

A – How do Drivers Get Paid for DoorDash and Postmates?

Let’s address the question, “Is DoorDash better than Postmates and what is the driver pay structure?”

DoorDash drivers get $23-25 per hour that they work. On top of this, they also get 100% of tips from the customers. Their formula to calculate the driver’s total pay:

DoorDash Driver’s Pay = Base Pay (Time, Distance) + Promotions (Peak Pay, Challenges) + Tips (100% go to the driver)

On the other hand, Postmates pay their delivery person staff around $10-17 per hour. Their formula to calculate the driver’s total pay:

Postmates Driver’s Pay = Pay for each completed pickup + Pay for each completed drop off + Time spent waiting in the store + Distance traveled.

Apart form these figures, obviously both DoorDash and Postmates platforms provide their drivers with some perks too. For more clarity on the payments hourly pay, you can visit the websites.

B – When do Drivers Get Paid for DoorDash and Postmates?

DoorDash drivers get paid weekly via direct deposit, while Postmates app drivers can be paid instantly after each delivery or receive weekly direct deposits.

C – Referral Codes for Drivers of Food Delivery Apps

Both apps provide a referral code to the driver after a successful registration. Moreover on Postmates, drivers can use this referral code to refer to other drivers as often as they want. But, on the contrary, DoorDashers can only refer the code to 15 drivers a day.

D – Minimum Required Deliveries for Guaranteed Pay

There are few pre-set conditions for the drivers. As follows:

  • Postmates – 30 to 60 deliveries within the first 30 days
  • DoorDash – 120 to 150 deliveries within the first 60 days

Postmates vs DoorDash – Driver Support

Postmates drivers can attain online support during an ongoing order. But, DoorDash drivers need to fetch support from the team from the online DoorDash website for bugs regarding accepting orders or anything else. There are also dedicated support teams for drivers.

A similarity is that both applications have very active Twitter handles (DoorDash Help and Postmates Support) which drivers can seek help from.

DoorDash vs Postmates – Pricing Strategies & Delivery Fee

Two things that matter the most are price and services. Whether the prices are worth, the services is the primary question.

The prices on both platforms are competitive during the ongoing active hours on weekdays.

However, the apps receive more orders on weekends and special occasions days. During such rush hours, DoorDash increases the customer’s wait time for the order. On the other hand, Postmates raises the delivery fee.

DoorDash vs Postmates App – Availability & Sales

Let’s see how far both Postmates and DoorDash have spread their wings. The service availability of the DoorDash platform is more widespread than that of Postmates.

As a matter of fact, Postmates not only holds a larger market share than DoorDash but also wins over all the other on-demand delivery giants. It has left behind Grubhub too. Check the below image for the latest data on sales of all the international food delivery companies.

DoorDash vs Postmates App availability

[ Source – Bloomberg Second Measure ]

DoorDash vs Postmates – Ease of Use/Accessibility

Users (both customers & drivers) don’t complain about the app flow since both platforms are accessible.

Similarities Between DoorDash and Postmates:

  • Intuitive apps
  • Easy sign-up processes for customers & drivers
  • Flexible scheduling options for drivers

Differences Between Postmates and DoorDash

DoorDash’s larger restaurant selection and more extensive driver support options may make it slightly more user-friendly.

DoorDash vs Postmates for Customers

So, there are two aspects to take into consideration:

  • DoorDash offers dedicated support teams for customers and drivers, whereas Postmates doesn’t.
  • Postmates offers a delivery guarantee, which refunds the delivery fee if an order is incorrect or more than 30 minutes late. To compare, DoorDash does not offer any such benefit.

DoorDash vs Postmates – Restaurant/Merchant Options

However, most of the restaurants we eat are registered with DoorDash and Postmates applications. Here’s a couple of similarities and differences between both.


Regarding restaurant and merchant options, DoorDash and Postmates are quite similar.

Both offer a wide selection of local and national restaurants and other merchants like grocery stores and convenience stores.


However, DoorDash may have a slight advantage in this area, with a larger restaurant selection and partnerships with popular chains like McDonald’s and The Cheesecake Factory.

Conclusion to Postmates vs DoorDash – Which is Better?

Whether you choose Postmates or DoorDash to order in fries and coke, which is better for you, will completely depend on where you are and what you are ordering.

How Can aPurple Help You in Food Delivery App Development?

Are you interested in developing an app similar to DoorDash or Grubhub from scratch? Or are you willing to go for UberEats clone app development? No matter what your need is, experts at aPurple can help you to develop an application that can bring you maximum revenue.

To brainstorm the concept of your delivery app, get in touch with the experts at aPurple!

Planning to Build a Food Delivery App?


How much would it cost to build an app like Postmates or DoorDash or UberEats?

Moreover, The development cost to build and launch an app like DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, or UberEats can be nearby $25,000 and $45,000. Although factors like development time, features, functionalities, etc. can pull or push the cost.

Does Postmates or Uber Eats pay more?

As a matter of fact, Uber Eats owns Postmates. The drivers now register on the Uber Eats website directly instead of on the Postmates Fleet app. So, the drivers working for either platform receive similar actual earnings. Neither of the platforms advertises how much they pay their drivers.

Is Postmates cheaper than DoorDash?

When it comes to customers, both apps are the same when it comes to ordering fees. However, if a user has subscribed to ‘Postmates Unlimited’, they have to pay lesser than usual if the orders are above $20.

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