How Does DoorDash Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Food Delivery

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how does doordash work

Are you a business looking to make your mark in the booming world of food delivery apps?

In this technology-driven era, people like having their cherished food arrive at their doorstep without having to step outside. This shift in consumer behavior has unlocked new business opportunities for businesses in the food delivery industry.

People get more curious about the workings of food delivery apps when they use them more regularly. They are fascinated by how smoothly food delivery works and later explore potential job and business opportunities within the same app. With DoorDash being a renowned international food delivery app, people’s curiosity about the inner workings of the app is constantly growing.

By learning about the inner workings of DoorDash, you will gain invaluable insights into the strategies and technologies that have made it a standout player in the food delivery industry. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned entrepreneur in the food delivery industry, this comprehensive guide will provide you with an understanding of the ins and outs of DoorDash’s success.

But first,let’s understand what is DoorDash and how does DoorDash work:

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a popular online food and grocery delivery service provider. Mainly, DoorDash helps customers choose from a wide variety of eateries and restaurants to order meals online and get them delivered to their doorsteps. Through DoorDash, users browse menus and place orders, dashers (delivery agents) earn money, and restaurants grow their sales.

This platform has revolutionized the overall food and grocery delivery experience by integrating technology with restaurants. So, it has become a key player in the food delivery industry and is known for its accessibility and wide delivery reach.

How Does DoorDash Work?

The working of DoorDash is quite simple and has business models for three different service infrastructures.

DoorDash is an online food delivery platform that connects customers, restaurants, and dashers. It all starts when a customer places an order, and then the restaurant receives it, accepts it, and gets it delivered by a dasher.

To have a detailed go-through, let’s take a deep dive into the food delivery working of DoorDash:

1. Ordering

Customers will download the DoorDash app (Android or iOS) to browse menus from nearby restaurants and place orders.

2. Partnerships with Restaurants

DoorDash partners with a wide range of restaurants, fast food chains, and local eateries to expand their customer base.

3. Dashers (Delivery Drivers)

Once the restaurant has confirmed the order, dashers or delivery drivers pick up orders from the restaurants and deliver them to the customers. Dashers receive delivery requests via the app.

4. Real-time Tracking

Customers can track their orders in real-time and know the status of their food delivery- prepared, picked up, and delivered.

5. Fees and Revenue

It charges restaurants a commission fee on each order, and customers also pay delivery and service fees. Delivery agents receive a portion of these fees as their earnings.

6. Ratings and Feedback

After the delivery, customers can rate their experience by providing valuable feedback to restaurants and dashers.

DoorDash’s success lies in its ability to offer convenient food delivery service to its customers. To have detailed knowledge, let’s understand the process of how does DoorDash works for customers, dashers, and restaurants.

How Does DoorDash Work For Customers?

how does doordash work for customers
DoorDash has a simplified food delivery process for customers, carried out using a user-friendly app or website:

  • To begin with, customers have to sign up with all the necessary details to see a variety of restaurants and eateries available for delivery in their area.
  • Customers have the option to check menus, review prices, assess ratings and ratings and then choose their dish to order. With DoorDash, customization on orders is possible where the customers can add specific instructions and modify food items according to their preferences.
  • While checking out, customers can verify their order and proceed with payment.
  • After the payment is made, customers can track their orders in real-time and know when the dasher has picked up their order and when it is on the way.
  • Customers can provide ratings and feedback to enhance the quality of service.
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How Does DoorDash Work For Restaurants?

How does doordash work for restaurants
DoorDash benefits restaurants by partnering with them, expanding their reach, and simplifying the delivery process:

  • Restaurants partner with DoorDash to access a broader customer base without the need for in-house dedicated delivery staff.
  • DoorDash integrates with the restaurant’s order management software to allow smooth order processing.
  • When a customer places an order through the DoorDash platform, the restaurant receives the request and processes it.
  • When the food is prepared to be delivered, the dasher collects the order and delivers it to the customer.
  • DoorDash charges a commission fee from the restaurant, but due to the increased sales and exposure, restaurants benefit from it.
  • With this, restaurants can receive insights into how well they are performing and can optimize their menu, pricing, and operations.

How Does DoorDash Work for Delivery Agents/Dashers?

how does doordash work for drivers
After empowering the restaurants, DoorDash offers flexible income opportunities to delivery agents, also known as Dashers. For which, they have to:

  • Sign up via the DoorDash app and go through a background check.
  • When on duty, dashers receive delivery requests through the app with information on the pickup location, delivery location, estimated time of arrival, and approximate earnings.
  • Dashers have the flexibility to accept or decline orders based on their preferences and availability.
  • If the dasher accepts the order, they can pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to the customer’s location.
  • The best part about DoorDash is that the dasher can choose their working hours and create their own schedule.

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Additional Services Offered By DoorDash

In addition to the core food delivery service, DoorDash offers a wide range of complementary delivery services. These services consist of groceries, alcohol, catering, business solutions, and subscription options, providing convenience to customers and businesses. Let’s understand each service in detail:

DoorDash Drive:

With this service, businesses can utilize DoorDash’s delivery service for their own deliveries. It provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to expand their delivery services without the need for a dedicated delivery infrastructure. Due to DoorDash’s extensive network, businesses have access to timely and reliable deliveries.


It is a subscription service offered by DoorDash, where subscribers can enjoy the benefits of free delivery, reduced service fees, and access to exclusive promotional offers. This pass is designed to provide cost savings and added convenience to frequent DoorDash users, making food delivery even more attractive.


This is a service by DoorDash that is functional as a virtual convenience store. It offers a diverse range of everyday essentials like groceries, household items, and snacks, which customers can order and have delivered quickly.

Alcohol Delivery:

DoorDash offers alcohol delivery service to customers from local liquor stores and restaurants through the DoorDash app or website. It provides alcohol delivery service to customers at their doorstep who can choose from a selection of wines, spirits, and beers.

Grocery Delivery:

Grocery delivery through DoorDash allows users to order groceries and other everyday essentials online through nearby stores and get them delivered. Customers can choose items ranging from fresh produce to pantry staples and get their groceries delivered at the preferred time.

Building a Grocery App?
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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Doordash?

When it comes to DoorDash’s clone app development, costs can vary depending on the location. Factors such as delivery rates, market demand, and economic conditions can influence pricing.

Hourly rates for hiring developers to develop an app like DoorDash are: $35 – $75

MVP Application $12,000 – $18,000
Website/Software $25,000 – $30,000
Fully Functional Web and App $45,000 – $55,000

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aPurple’s extensive knowledge and experience in developing robust and scalable applications with the right technology stack has proved to be a game changer for businesses. We have a deep understanding of the food delivery industry and can follow the market dynamics and user expectations. You can explore our impressive food delivery app portfolio and glimpse into our successful projects and outstanding achievements.

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