A Complete Guide On How To Start An Errand Service

The world is constantly evolving, and with all the hustle and bustle, we are witnessing a dazzling amount of increased demands. With digitization at our side, people are engaged in several activities more so than ever.

Every time your partner tells you to get the groceries or mend the broken sink pipe, you think, what if someone can run errands for you while you sit back on your sofa, at home, sipping on your coffee?

Guess what? Your wish has come true with the latest trend of errand services app.

Everyone is busy in their lives, and there are several pending errands that people need to attend to daily. But, once again, technology comes to the rescue with finishing your daily errands.

Whether you need to walk your dog, clean the house, do the laundry, or get groceries for your Granny, all of it can be done with just a few taps on your phone.

The errand service business idea came into existence thanks to someone who figured out how to make money over people’s laziness and help them chill out on their weekends.

Now the gifts are being purchased, groceries are being delivered, and people’s needs are being taken care of by professional errand runners. You, too, can take advantage of fulfilling their requirements by running an errand service.

Find out how to start an errand service and develop the best errand service business plan to run your startup successfully.

What Is An Errand Service App?

So, what is an errand service app? The classic definition of running errands meaning is a short journey undertaken to deliver or collect something or to do a task. Now an errand can be anything as small as picking up tickets for a movie to dropping an important file to someone.

Now an app that offers errand service is just like any other on-demand app service like food delivery or task runner (another name for errand services). If you have some unimportant task to finish that can be done by anyone, you assign an errand service near me and outsource your meager task, saving more time for the important stuff. You might have used Errand runner services like Taskrabbit or Handy.

On the other hand, the errand runner from the app will have several such tasks to run in a day in his/her to-do list by various customers. These errand runners will set their schedule so that all the tasks are done correctly in time while minimizing their course of action to save their own time and get more errand done.

If you’re going to run an errand, chances are you won’t just hire them for a single task but might run other errands simultaneously. So, you can also hire a personal errand runner for a few hours or an entire day who will only focus on your errands.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone else pick up your laundry while you convert that business client you’ve been chasing for weeks? So get all your tasks from home and office done within the schedule and also save your energy for the more important stuff of the day.

The booming errand business has shown its presence in metropolitan zones and huge urban communities. The overall growth has been reported at a 10% higher rate for individuals in this errand business.

Thus, making the errand business idea, something you should consider to get on the roll with.

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What Are The Best Errand Business Ideas To Launch?

You can either offer a general service where your company’s errand runners will do any task that your customers will hire them to do, or you can go for a particular niche with the errand running services.

For instance, you can decide to cater to senior citizens or college students and work on a niche first by making your initial audience from educational institutes and retirement homes. As your revenue and your business grow, you can expand into wider task-running services for a larger demographic of users.

Errand services are helping those people and businesses who can’t find time to complete their regular errands, so they recruit locally established or office-based errands and complete their work.

There are many lucrative errand business ideas out there. The world is yours to grab. You just need to open your eyes and get what you can to go ahead.

Here are some of the ideas for errand business:

  • Pick up / Drop off Service
  • Personal Shopping
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Bank & Post Office Work
  • Deliver lunch/brunch for Kids or Staff
  • House Watch
  • DVD/Video Pick Up
  • Prescription Delivery
  • Handyman services
  • Mail and Newspapers Pickup
  • Courier Services
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Car Cleaning and Servicing
  • Pet Walking

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These are just the ones that I came across within a 5 minute Google search. There would be several more tasks and errands that you can offer your services for with your errand running app business.

How To Start An Errand Service?

1. Give It A Unique Name

People are attracted to unique and creative brand names. That should be your first step, to think of a name that is:

  • Unique & Creative
  • Gives an idea what your business does
  • A name that anyone can remember

Individuals like fresh ideas and professionalism, and giving your errand service a name should meet those criteria. However, when you examine something critical and infectious, something nobody else is utilizing or has not been recently commented on.

Consider placing your own name in it, close by your city name if conceivable.

2. Make Sure You Go Legal

Any business needs to get all its legal requirements complete. Getting your errand service business enrolled will improve your presence. You could even apply for any particular tax write-offs or subsidiaries offered to a new startup.

Most of the clients don’t usually care about your business’ legal status. However, it has been seen to put a few cutoff points to business openings and help characterize how some legitimate customers see you.

Is your startup an association, sole ownership, or restricted risk organization? This is significant because whatever you pick will absolutely influence what charges you settle and your obligation.

Nonetheless, you’ll have to finish up on the authoritative document of your business. Moreover, guarantee you permit your business depending on what is your state’s procedure. You’ll also need to acquire a government charge recognizable proof number for your errand service app business.

3. Don’t Start Without Insurance

The significance of insurance for a business can’t be stressed enough. It can absolutely ensure you in any unlikely circumstance that you or your company faces, whether natural or man-made.

There are likewise different insurances you can choose from, and it is best advised to check in with your insurance agency to realize what is required.

4. Promote Your Business

There are numerous approaches to promote your business to a potential audience. You can go the old-fashioned way with posters, flyers, and other paper-based promotional content placed strategically in places like cleaning workplaces, occasions, and putting into distributions around places like supermarkets, food stores, and wine shops, etc.

But the best way to promote a digital app-based errand service business is (obviously!) digitally. The internet can be the best way to promote your errand running services, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Errand Service Business Model

Launching and running an errand service business plan is not as complicated as one might think. To put things into perspective, here’s the canvas model of an errand service.

How Does An Errand Service App Work?

The working of an Errand Service App is simple.

  • The customer posts the work that s/he requires an errand runner for.
  • The app shows available errand runners, alongside their hourly rates, and experience level.
  • The errand runner chosen will receive the request and can accept or decline the errand request as per their availability.
  • The Errand runner completes the task that s/he is hired for and receives online payment for the work done.
  • The app cuts a commission rate on the transaction and gives it to the app owner, you.
  • All the errand runners in your database should be completely skilled and hired only after a thorough background check.

How Can You Earn Money Through An Errand Service?

errand service make money

As the founder of an errand service app startup, you can earn in multiple ways from this business model. There are numerous income sources that you can use. Nonetheless, if your platform like errand service offers some incentive to the clients, you can benefit from the accompanying sources:

1. Commission Rates

The most generally perceived way to deal with getting benefits from such help is to take the commission from the deal. It may very well be a rate from the installment or a fixed charge from each settled negotiation.

For instance, your errand service app takes 12-15% of the total cost got by the errand runners for their complete services.

2. Membership Fees

You may utilize a freemium model by giving some fundamental features to the clients for free and afterward empowering clients to overhaul services for more advanced features and services.

3. Ad Promotion

A few businesses of a similar niche give their coordinating services for free to both the stakeholders. You can offer ad space on your app for companies that have the same customer demographic as yours. You can charge for advertisements on a monthly plan.

4. Business Partnership

By having a business relationship with specific brands like Ikea, Amazon, or eBay, you can get a partner commission from buys. You will give a ‘one-stop-shop’ to clients, saving their time, and expanding fulfillment from using your platform.

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The Future Of Errand Service Apps

The world around us keeps on changing, and to be able to catch up with its pace, we need to change too. As long as there are going to be people around, their needs will never diminish. And, in metropolitan cities, people are always busy.

So, the need for an errand service app will only keep growing for years to come. Believe me, when I say this, the journey has just begun.

It is safe to assume that your “what is errand?” question has been answered thoroughly. We have gone through the A-Z of errand services. The business model of the errand business is catching on big time.

To put the icing on the cake, it is always better to go down the road with a pinch of digitization attached to your customers’ stellar experience. So, what are your thoughts on this? Don’t hesitate to touch base with us and connect with us now.

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