12 Mobile App Design Trends To Apply Before 2023 Ends

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mobile app design trends

Key Takeaways: Mobile App Design Trends

UI/UX design is crucial in making an app more feasible for the end-users. Your users are also expecting a more trendy and creative app design. In order to deliver this convenient and appealing app usage experience, app design trends are a must for every company to follow. To get up-to-date with the 2023 mobile app design trends, read through this blog article and select the suitable approach for your app.

In this ever-evolving world, trends in every sector are becoming an integral part. From technological to mobile app design trends are everywhere, and it keeps on changing with the wheel of time. That is why it is becoming crucial to opt for these app design trends to develop the best mobile app development.

Though you might be thinking that frameworks in a mobile app might keep on changing at frequent intervals that we have to adapt,

‘Why is it important to follow app design trends with its evolution?’

Ok, Let’s make you understand…

Suppose you are developing an app with mesmerizing features and up-to-date functionalities per today’s market needs. Still, you are facing challenges in getting users to your app. Besides, there are instances that users might have stop using this app after downloading.

‘What is the main reason behind it?’

Well, one of the most common errors in your app is that it needs to be updated to the latest mobile UI/UX design trends that top players are choosing in your industry.

For instance, adapting to the latest design trends in the fashion and architecture industry is crucial. As design and convenience is the main attraction for the users.

In the present year, there are a lot of app design trends that you will know under one roof. Hence, without any further ado, let’s find out the shaping of UI/UX trends and the top 12 app design trends 2023 that you must know.

Let’s begin this knowledgeable journey.

Major Factors That Influence App Design Ideas

The simple way to capture your target audience with the latest UI/UX Design Trends. There are three major factors behind shaping these newest design trends. Through which you can consider developing the most user-friendly apps as per the end-users:

1. Current Market Demand

In the current market, the primary need of the users is maximum comfort, which has become the new normal in app design trends. People are demanding seamless navigation with the highest features at their fingertips.

The app access should be easier for even a layman, and a creative app design is the need of an hour. Henceforth, look through such demands as they significantly shape the latest UI/UX trends. New and trendy app design is a phenomenon of the every passing day to work as per your needs.

2. Changing In Users Habits

The user habits and behavior itself identify a lot of trends. Businesses should cope-up with the latest changing behavior of the trends and the ever-changing habits of users’ minds.

Additionally, note that technology does not stay still with every passing day. It keeps on emerging with new tech, trends, etc. Therefore, with that changes, it is crucial to keep up with those trends and adapt them to your app post development.

3. Consistent Competitor Analysis

Take note that gaining users is the most difficult challenge in making a mobile app successful. Mainly, that is when the competitor analysis will help your app gain end-user attention.

The competition gives rise to product development, resulting in mobile app design trends. Besides, the trends always emerge from the business level and are later picked up by the end-users and others.

Example: Whenever a top company like Apple tends to launch a new product, then its UI/UX trends grow for almost every other niche, and that becomes a trend.

Hence, after understanding the significant factors affecting these mobile app trends shaping, let’s dive directly into the 12 app design trends.

12 Mobile Apps Design Trends You Must Know

The app UI trends tend to change every year and to gather more information this year. Read on to know the app layout ideas:

1) Make A Way For Neumorphism

Neumorphism requires the elements of both flat design and skeuomorphism. This app design style uses the minimal color palette effect with shadows and lighting to achieve a three-dimensional effect for your app.

This trend tends to give elements that present a soft or blurred appearance and its primary focus is on mobile app icons and other UI elements as per the need. Neumorphism has various advantages but the versatility factor tops the chart.

Besides, it has made available various app design elements, like icons and buttons, to curate a consistent user interface that provides a functional and visually appealing app. It considers the contrast, typography, and colors to ensure the interface is accessible and reliable for the target audience.

2) High Demand of Chatbots

It is one of the most potent ideas for mobile application design. Chatbots are used everywhere, from websites to apps. It has an immense contribution that will help develop long-term relationships and keeps improving the customer experience at a par level.

Besides, the investment in intelligent chatbot solutions will help you understand the crucial needs of your end-users. Through Chatbots, make sure that your business is available 24*7 for query solving of your current and potential customers.

Mainly, it also has an increased responsive experience for the end-users. The machine learning algorithms, chatbots, easily taking the user’s intent into consideration and presents the exact and relevant information that end-users are willing to seek.

3) Minimalism

For businesses willing to create a splendid application with a user-friendly interface, you cannot miss the minimalism. Besides, minimalism is one of the best mobile app design trends that stress-on to use clean lines and delicate shapes.

The highest usage of minimalism is done by fashion apps, magazines, and business apps, conveying a sense of equal sophistication and professionalism in an app. The white space is used here with limited palettes, fewer graphics, and crisp typography.

Moreover, prioritizing the content over the visual stimuli can be challenging as it sometimes becomes difficult to find the difference between the various elements providing the user interface with a creative genius mind, even a minimalistic design can become a famous face of a business.

4) Flat Design

Flat Design
One of the most appealing and attractive app design trends has to be Flat design. It is characterized by bright colors, decent shapes, and minimalistic illustrations for creating easy-to-navigate apps with user-friendly interfaces.

Such a mobile application design offers the apps a modern and stylish look. These design styles originally featured bright colors; these days, they will also find a flat design or white background.

Flat design is particularly beneficial for mobile devices with low-speed internet. It empowers users with a streamlined and enhanced user experience that can seamlessly run on various devices.

I have an app idea! What is the next step? Are you in need of more information on it? You can continue reading to knowmore trends.

5) Password-less Login

Passwordless login
For creating a seamless user experience with the password-less login app design ideas. With this app design ideas that will have no hassle of forgetting a password or any password resetting. You can impeccably login into apps through facial recognition.

If you need to look at the camera and unlock your phone. Besides, fingerprint sensors are trending in most modern phones. They are highly prevalent in banking and financial applications for ensuring the security of your data.

These provide a convenient authentication system that will improve in the upcoming years. It currently provides every customer with a unique login complicated enough to replicate.

6) Voice-User Interfaces

Convenient voice interfaces
This mobile app design trends is a little bit more than just visuals. Today, it emphasizes voice interactions like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Mainly, the objective behind this creative app design is not to overload users with a plethora of information. It primarily works on voice user interfaces just for giving a voice command to the system and letting your users interact without using their hands.

Voice commands can be quickly provided without the hassle of typing or browsing through buttons and menus. Furthermore, a voice-controlled personal assistant gives users a more personalized experience.

7) Asymmetrical Elements

Asymmetrical elements
The mobile cool apps design trend has been followed for a long time. More thanks to the even-trending grid system. So, asymmetrical elements are an uneven step-up of arrangements that give visual details like irregular size, changes in the line weight, different shapes, and more contrasting colors.

It is mainly all about erasing patterns and deleting unnecessary trends that is present an unbalanced and dynamic app layout. It includes explicitly coordinating the proportion between various elements and creating white spaces whenever needed.

You can find such designs in interior decorations, graphic designs, art, and construction designs alongside mobile app designs. To properly achieve an asymmetrical design, one needs to apply certain principles.

Looking to redesign your existing mobile app?

8) UGC (User-Generated Content)

It is a UGC that is a valuable asset for any business that contributes significantly towards promoting the business products and services. Besides, it is 35% more memorable to the audience then the normal content. This UI design for the mobile app trends is considered extremely powerful compared to the traditional marketing content as it focuses more on the needs and preferences of the end-users than the company.

If your app has integrated UGC, then there are higher chances of building trust again on your target audiences. With this feature, designers can understand users better and gain insights into the most popular among users. They can use this information to enhance the features of apps and tailor-made mobile apps.

9) Augmented Reality

Augmented reality
Augmented Reality(AR) is an idea for app design worldwide, that is stepping towards the future when the digital and the real world are indistinguishable. You can call this mobile app design a 3D product model before you buy it, you can try it. The best trend especially for the sectors like furniture and real estate property.

With the help of Augmented Reality(AR) you can get different options to enhance the features of apps and tailor-made a platform as per the customer needs.

10) Glass Morphism

It can be called the best app design trends for the web app designers that have sincerely come up with this exciting work that gives a sense of physicality. Glass Morphism is one such technique.

Glass Morphism is an app design with a semi-transparent background covered with the sublime and a border with a blurry effect. Besides, you will find Glass Morphism on Dribble, and even big companies like Apple and Microsoft.

It can be perfectly integrated with various contexts and applications for the formation of simple
to fully-functional interfaces. Moreover, combining this trend with others like minimalism and flat design is beneficial to create a distinct and visually alluring design.

11) Dark Mode

Dark Mode
Dark Mode has been used by around 81.9% of smartphone users for the longest time. The most attractive part of this Dark Mode is its opposite UI which makes the elements visually more appealing for the end-users and is consistent with being an app design trend.

Many people are even calling it a design inspiration as it has come across as a rich user interface that gives a desirable interface experience to the end-users. Besides, this interactive UI that is making the app look seamless and uncluttered. It is valuable for app users and website users who prefer web design with dark Mode.

12) Bottom Navigation

Bottom navigation
It is considered one of the most common attributes that is a necessary for the best mobile application design. The end-users can explore and switch to the top-level and bottom-level view with just a click.

Besides, these features mainly enable easy & enhanced features that gives an easy access to the elements. This trend can be used to display the three to five dimensions at the bottom of the screen. Each of these destinations can be represented as an icon and an optional text label.

When the features are at the bottom of the screen, it becomes easier to handle them single-handedly.

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Final Thoughts – Mobile App Design Trends

We are moving toward the end of displaying the current app design trends. Now, you are well-versed with the present mobile app design trends that you can adapt in your app. With the help of these best UI/UX design trends, you can confidently ensure that your mobile app is assembled with the latest concepts required in your sector.

So, are you up to get the latest & best design services? Then, aPurple is here to provide you with the most seamless app designs that are tailor-made to your app ideas. You have to share your app layout ideas, and we will ensure it will form the best application design.

You can also check out our appealing and user-centric UI/UX design portfolio on leading designing platforms- Dribbble, Behance & UpLabs.

Feel free to contact us if you want to turn your app idea into reality.

FAQs About App Design Trends

1. What are the visual UI trends for 2023?

The best visual UI trends in 2023 are mainly personalization, data storytelling, and buttonless UIs. Moreover, the desktop experience has also been boosted recently to accommodate the latest app concept.

2. What are the UI trends in 2024?

In 2024, you can expect the latest UI design, and many other additional trends are predicted to find a UI landscape. Firstly, an augmented emphasis will be predominant in animation within the UI design. Animations will still be an intact part of the UI trends in 2024, bringing an impactful and visually appealing user experience.

3.Is UI UX in demand in 2023?

UI/UX design demand is still intact and will increase in the upcoming years. Though the intention may have changed, it’s all about making new memories and ensuring unique app experiences with effective app speed.

4. How much does it cost to design an iOS app?

The current total cost of designing an iOS app cost you around $3000 to $5000.


These are mere estimations as the design cost mainly depends on the needs and industry of your iOS app. Hence, discuss with our experts for overall designing to development cost estimation.

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