One-of-its-Kind Fashion eCommerce App Portfolio

Our Texas-based client inquired about building an eCommerce marketplace dedicated to buying and selling various items like clothes, accessories, footwear, etc. They wanted to clone the existing shopping app with a few customizations. Here’s how this project went!



8 Members

Development Time

6 Months


UI/UX designing, Mobile & Web development

Client's Location

Texas, USA


eCommerce Marketplace (Retail)

Target Users

Anybody interested in buying & selling apparel, jewelery, shoes, etc.

Client Relations with aPurple

Immense reassurance and support from our business analysis team helped us bag this project. The client was curious about the development procedures right from the beginning. And, the team helped her with all the possible insights. Selling Indian apparel to the US market wouldn’t be easy. However, we were ready to help our client claim success!!

What is the Platform All About?

This eCommerce platform involves sellers and buyers interacting and exchanging wearable items for money. The admin has a complete overview and can control/manage the tasks on the platform. The three pillars of this eCommerce app solution are - Community, Income & Sustainability


Founders of this platform wish to make this platform not only a buying and selling marketplace but a community of buyers and sellers to build new relationships.


The primary aim is for the sellers to earn from the commodities they upload. Sellers on this platform earn about 80% of the total income.


The client launched this South Asian marketplace app to sell or re-sell attires online. This idea creates some space in the cupboard and helps users exchange cultures.

Trail from Design & Development to Deployment


Design Strategy

Wire frames

Design Builds

Tech Stack

App Launch!

Outcomes of Our Multi-Party Platform Approach with Features

Super Admin Web Panel

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Manage Users (Buyers/Sellers)
  • Upcoming & past order details
  • Manage Categories
  • Reports
  • Broadcast notifications (Offers)
  • Manage CMS


  • Login/Onboarding Screens
  • App Onboarding Processes
  • Product Detail Screen
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • My Orders
  • Push Notifications


  • Add/edit/draft products
  • Products set-up
  • Accept/Reject
  • Order Received
  • Refer & Earn Module
  • Logout

What Makes this eCommerce Marketplace Unique/ Stand Out?

Among numerous eCommerce applications existing in the market, this platform stands out. Don't believe us? Read the following bullets to learn more!

  • Unlike any other online buy-and-sell app, this eCommerce platform allows users to create and maintain profiles as they do on social media platforms. naturally, it involves the 'Followers' & 'Following' features.
  • Sellers can get verification tick marks on their profiles to gain buyers' trust and increase sales.
  • Buyers can pitch a counteroffer on the product they want.

Extra Chunk of Efforts

The client’s ever-increasing faith and satisfaction in our work are always worth the extra efforts that we put in!

Inventory Management

We made the inventory display of sizes and colors simple yet elegant just like the client wanted it to be.

Offer/Discount Management

Despite the common app for sellers and buyers, we provided seller users with offers and discount features.

Dashboard Analytics

We added the dashboard analytics feature for admin and sellers to view and manage their earnings.

API Integrations

We integrated third-party APIs like Stripe for online payments and Sendle for third-party shipping management.


We integrated the automated tax rmodule that would automatically apply the taxes according to the address details.

Colors & Typography


Technology Stack


Glimpse Into the eCommerce App Solution Via Screenshots

A certified and extremely talented team of UI/UX designers works on wireframing, prototyping, and designing the application interface. Check out what eCommerce app UI design looks like!

Hurdles We Faced & How We Solved Them!

Every project we work on comes with its challenges. But, the team at aPurple are problem-solvers. We firmly believe in solving every hurdle that comes our way.

Trying hands with a new API - Sendle

We believe in walking with the updated industry trends. Hence, our team tried hand with integrating a new third-party API called Sendle for shipping and tracking management.

Showing analytics in the sellers' app but not in the buyers' app

It took us a different UX approach to accomplish the showing and not showing of dashboard analytics since the app was used and differed only according to the functionality.

In between adding of attributes & sizes features

During development, it occurred to the client that we would need to manage all wearable products' available colors and sizes in the front end. Our team still managed to integrate this functionality within the proposed timeline.

Want to Build an eCommerce Platform with Industry Experts?

The eCommerce marketplace solution we built for this USA-based client has been doing very well in the industry. We take pride in sharing and are genuinely happy for the client’s success!! If you are looking forward to developing a unique eCommerce application/website, entrust in eCommerce app development.

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