Top 5 Errand Service Apps in Los Angeles

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top errand service apps in los angeles

Are you wondering what are errand services?

Imagine you need to rush for a meeting but you also need to fix the running tap in the house. It is definitely annoying to manage these petty issues amidst other priorities.

This is where errand runners come into the picture. They help you fix little things within a few minutes.

Wouldn’t it be easy to have errand business mobile applications in Los Angeles that help to complete the pending to-d-list?

Yes, you heard it right.

We are here to give you a list of the five best errand service apps in the city.

These apps have the best design and professionals that cater to all the needs. Whether you have piles of clothes for laundry, a leaking tap to fix, take your dog for a walk, get groceries delivered, or home organization with the number of tasks increasing and piling up every day, everything between these is delivered.

Let us now learn about the top 5 errand service apps that run successfully in Los Angeles.

List of Top 5 Apps for Errand Services in Los Angeles

“Everyday Routine Made Easier”

“The concierge service market is valued approximately USD 596 million in two years and is expected to grow more than 5.3% in the next five years.”

The on-demand service requirements of a client may differ on a daily basis. Choosing what is right for the user may be difficult. Instead, providing them with a one-stop solution where they can find all the solutions to their urgent needs will actually make their life easy and convenient.

1. TaskRabbit App

With a 4.0 rating, this app lists on top to offer on-demand services. The runners at TaskRabbit are skilled to help you crush the to-do list safely and efficiently. The app’s general duties include delivery, shopping, cleaning, shifting, and furniture assembly.

You must be wondering how this app works, isn’t it?

It’s simple, download the app and choose the task you need a runner for. Get a list of qualified taskers based on pricing and reviews. Select one from the list and get the work done.

Features of TaskRabbit

  • Book contactless help
  • Get same-day help
  • Get affordable pricing
  • Trusted local taskers
  • In-app chat option
  • Secure payments
  • Contact support

TaskRabbit provides additional services like a personal assistant for delivery, and shopping, a handyman for home repair and plumbing, moving services for hauling and shifting furniture, yard work like snow plowing and gutter cleaning.

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2. Almost Anything Inc.

An elite errand service aims to create a balance between your personal and professional lifestyle. It is a one-stop go-to company that manages to save your day and get the errands done effectively. You can get some of your errands done and make some money by running errands.

  • Work-life balance managed
  • Paying attention to details
  • Customer service is of utmost priority
  • AAI helps people stay productive

Features Offered by AAI

  • Contactless delivery
  • Thorough background check of taskers
  • Set a scheduled time or recurring tasks


Handy is the most popular errand running business in Los Angeles. Handyman runners perform the tasks vetted and rated by the customers. They also serve in 20 cities throughout the US, UK, and Canada.

There are enough errand runners to complete the tasks assigned or booked by the customers, and it is handy for service providers to make some solid money by providing help to others. The app is straightforward with fewer features, but the design and user interface catch users’ attention.

Handy’s Services

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Lawn Care
  • Home Renovations
  • Smart Home Installations
  • Packing and Moving
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture Assembling
  • Plumbing and Electrical Repairs
  • Yard Work and Removal

Why is Handy a Better App?

  • Handy does a thorough background check of the pro though they are well-experienced in their respective fields to provide errand services.
  • Each pro is insured before they start providing services to the customers.
  • There are several Pro available for the same day, next day, early morning, or even late night.
  • The customers can avail of the services 24 hours to ensure they are satisfied; otherwise, there’s a money-back guarantee policy.
Looking to build game changing errand runner app?

4. Shipt Shopper

Shipt is all about grocery delivery at your doorstep. Grocery shopping is an essential part of our life, and no one can postpone or ignore visiting a grocery store despite a hectic schedule. This is why on-demand services came into existence.

Hence, grocery delivery app development has become an emerging trend. Apps like Shipt Shopper in LA have proven to be the best on-demand service with 1 million installations. Shipt has successfully competed with brands like Walmart and Amazon with its exclusive features.

How does Shipt Shopper Work?

It is simple and easily understandable how Shipt works. Download the app and register with a few details to create an account free of cost. Enable location to detect your exact address for groceries to be delivered. Membership and Passes are two options available monthly and annual for users to avoid paying every time they place an order.

There are distinct features for the user panel, admin panel, shopper panel under the business model of Shipt. It makes it easy for them to use and manage the operations.

5. Errand-Bee

Errand-bee is yet another errand service provider with all the concierge services included. It includes dry-cleaning pickup and drop, grocery haul, laundry pickup, medication delivery, online wine selling, etc.

Errand-bee is all about neighbors helping neighbors. If you have no time to run errands, these runners can lend you a helping hand to check errands off from the pending task list. The Errand-bee app runs the first three deliveries and gives you the 4th delivery for free by providing an item to its app users.

Why Errand-Bee?

  • Affordable prices
  • Personal reach for convenience
  • Save time and money on running errands.
  • Same-day delivery
  • Reliable and friendly team to run your errands

Now that you have read about the top apps that offer errand services, let us list a few types of errand running business ideas. This will help you serve people better.

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12 Types of Errand Running Startup Business Ideas

When developing an errand service app, it can offer multiple services where errand runners will complete the task assigned by the customer. Serving senior citizens and students is the top-most priority of any errand runner in Los Angeles.

Well, errand services are designed to help individuals and businesses by providing runners to complete their pending tasks due to lack of personnel in any department. Following are some app ideas you can implement to start a business.

  1. Pick and drop service
  2. Shopping
  3. Laundry service
  4. Banking services
  5. Food delivery services
  6. Home organization
  7. Car cleaning service
  8. Dog walk task
  9. Courier services
  10. Handyman services
  11. Babysitting service
  12. Medical services

errand services mobile app

Want to Launch Your Errand Startup App Now?

There are multiple on-demand services available worldwide. Similarly, apps for errand services are a platform that helps people to manage their daily chores and to-do-list. The best way to start an errand business is to customize an app like any of the above top-listed apps available in Los Angeles.

After reading this article, you must have thought to mimic their success with starting the same business to serve multiple people with their errand issues. However, running an errand business is not easy, but with the right tactics, you can become successful.

So, now you know about the errand service business and how they work, it’s time to transform your app idea into an on-demand errand service winning startup. aPurple is the best on demand home service app development company which have a team of proficient developers with years of experience. We have built beautiful errand running apps with a robust technology stack.

Let’s connect for more details.

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