Grocery Apps In Sweden- A Detailed List of Online Swedish Supermarkets

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popular grocery apps in the sweden

With the increasing popularity of grocery apps in Sweden, taking care of daily groceries has become simpler, and there’s no need to reach an offline grocery store.

Therefore, on-demand apps like groceries are divided into multiple categories. For example, if you see the business model of Instacart, they hire someone to reach the store and purchase the items ordered by the customer.

Peapod services operate on a virtual store, and Walmart works on a brick-and-mortar model or picking and delivering service from its inventory.

Ordering groceries online with the useful apps in Sweden has excited millions of people, even if people might face technical issues with the apps. However, a few fantastic grocery apps in Sweden have absolutely no technical issues and are helping the customers get their groceries in time.

Did You Know?
The grocery stores in Sweden are valued 29.4 billion in 2023.
Adding more to this, the market size growth in 2023 will be 1.3%.

This states that there will be a tremendous demand for grocery delivery services currently and in the future. Let us study the top 10 grocery stores in Sweden that have adapted to the digital era by creating alluring mobile apps.

10 Popular Grocery Apps In Sweden – Sweden App List

Guess what?

There are more than 50 grocery apps in Sweden, and here is the list of the most popular ones.

1. is a Swedish online grocery store. They use refrigerator boxes to deliver the groceries and focus on high-quality food at the right price. So, whenever a customer orders groceries, they are allowed to choose the type of package and get their orders on the same day. warehouses are in Stockholm’s district in Vastra Frolunda, Malmo, and Arlov.

Benefits of using the

  • They deliver food all days of the week
  • Major deliveries are to Stockholm and Gothenburg, and the surrounding area
  • Online delivery services for Tuesday to Friday are accepted until 1 pm
  • The app helps the users to track the order with an updated delivery time
  • A user can experience the same shopping cart irrespective of their log-in device

2. Vembla

“Shop in seconds, delivered in minutes!”

It is the mantra of Vembla- a Swedish supermarket that delivers groceries, food, and medicines without any delay.

Vembla is gaining popularity for its quick deliveries in an environmentally friendly way. A McKinsey report says that this grocery delivery business in Sweden has gained 100% growth a year after its inception. Similar to Instacart, Vembla partners with the local grocery stores in Sweden.

Benefits of using Vembla:

  • Vembla shoppers check the expiration date for all the grocery items and the quality before buying
  • Maintain the optimal temperature in their refrigerator to ensure fresh product delivery
  • Fossil-free emissions through green vehicles
  • Large selection of items
  • Customers can view how shoppers try to find the products they have ordered

3. Kavall

“Groceries at your doorstep in 10 minutes.”

Kavall is a grocery on-demand app. Just as we think it should be, it is precisely the same. They offer food from the highest quality producers available from the local stores of Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm supermarkets.

Check below the reviews written by Kavall’s happy customers.

kavall app review

Benefits of Kavall grocery stores

  • Fastest delivery
  • Wide range of food and fresh products
  • Plenty of deals and discounts

4. TradeBay

Started a large-scale fruit selling business in Stockholm; it is a leading B2B marketplace connected with wholesale buyers and sellers. Exciting bidding or purchase, you can check and decide what you want via auction or the Tradebay app.

Benefits of TradeBay

  • Wide fruit marketplace
  • Good negotiation deals
  • Buyers and sellers connect on one platform

5. Stockfiller

With enterprise management solutions, Stockfiller helps restaurants and grocery stores track and manage orders and deliveries efficiently. Suppliers, retailers, and restaurants will benefit by knowing how the product is selling in the market.

Benefits of using Stockfiller

  • Track customer orders and purchase
  • Tracking customer reviews
  • Provides insights on sales
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6. Matspar

Matspar is a shopping list app that helps you compare the cost of the items you have added to the cart. Also, all the retailers partnered with this app will have their prices compared to the products added by the user.

Benefits of using Matspar

  • Price comparison engine
  • Directed to the retailer store for orders and payments
  • Data insight on in-stock availability

7. MatHem

MatHem is Sweden’s online shopping store that offers products from fruits, vegetables, pantry items, baby care products, pet food, organic foods, household essentials, to medicines. Users receive their orders in recyclable, biodegradable paper bags. MatHem has been awarded “The Grocery Website of the Year” consecutively and Gold Mobile 2012 award for three years.

Benefits of the MetHem

  • Offers and bargain corner
  • Wide and local range
  • Smart search with simple filters
  • Clever barcode reader
  • Tracking orders

8. NorthFork

An AI-powered shopping app helps the customers create a grocery list for the recipes the app provides. Using cloud-based solutions for online grocery in Sweden, customers can mix any recipe they like and shop according to the ingredients they need.

Benefits of using NorthFork

  • Cooking recipes
  • Ground-breaking technology app
  • Customized recommendations based on lifestyle, diet, allergies, and budget

9. Whywaste

Whywaste is a Swedish online grocery store that offers a software solution to reduce food wastage and not purchase online groceries. Therefore, it is basically to assist the retail stores in predicting the expiry date of any item daily. Companies like Asda have partnered with Whywaste to reduce food waste.

Benefits of integrating Whywaste

  • Log of the grill temperature
  • Registration of product data
  • Shelf-life of seafood
  • Quality assurance with analytics

10. Matsmart

Save food and sell it at the lowest rates. Matsmart sells discarded food items from the Swedish supermarket. From personal hygiene to medicines and pet supplies, everything is available at Matsmart. The third-party handles the delivery of the products.

Benefits offered by Matsmart

  • Sells soon to expire products to save wastage
  • Surplus grocery items
  • Discounts and offers

Would You Like to Build a Grocery App in Sweden?

We would like to wrap up the Sweden app list of grocery supermarkets.

With grocery home delivery, we have also mentioned apps that would help reduce food waste and sell at the lowest rates before its expiry. Therefore, established grocery stores or grocery delivery startups will surely benefit from such software solutions.

So, after reading all the above grocery apps, which one would you prefer as your grocery delivery app clone that holds the features you are looking for?

It’s not easy to choose, right?

Well, it’s never too late to start! Be it an established store or a startup; you can access the idea of creating an app and look for grocery mobile app development solutions with the world’s best mobile app development companies.

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