Tesco, Asda & Sainsbury’s: Which is the Best Grocery Delivery App in the UK?

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By shopping online for groceries, you avoid all the hassles of physically visiting the local store and running between aisles to fetch your required products.

The United Kingdom currently has 16 operational supermarket chains, and Tesco, Asda, and Sainsbury dominate the food and retail market.

Tesco, Asda, and Sainsbury’s are the names we hear on a daily basis, but have you ever rated their apps for performance and usability?

The benefits of grocery delivery apps in the UK provide ease and convenience of shopping from your comfort and at any point in time. The joy of having products delivered to your doorstep is unmatched, so this trend is prevalent.

Shopping online provides varied advantages depending on how you use and benefit from the app.

Though here are the best supermarkets that deliver groceries to online customers in the UK.

  • Tesco
  • Asda
  • Sainsbury’s

From Where Should I Get My Groceries Online In The UK For Same-Day Delivery

The best option for you depends on your convenience and the one with the best deals. Another element that affects is the product of your choice and slot availability for your order delivery.

Delivery slots are generally in a two-hour time gap, so you need not wait the whole day to receive your order to get that specific ingredient to start your cooking. Prices of the slots vary depending on the popular time and odd hours of fast delivery and generally remain between £4-5.

Many grocery supermarkets provide a one-time delivery fee payment facility on a monthly or per annum basis to receive unlimited deliveries. And order picks up facilities from their stores or directly from the warehouse.

Let’s see in detail all the three most popular supermarkets and their best grocery delivery apps in the UK.

Tesco – Every Little Helps

Tesco is one among the giant online supermarkets in the UK. It has a wide variety of grocery products available for click-and-collect or home delivery. This supermarket shopping chain has competitive prices and runs a loyalty program for its regular customers.

This supermarket app offers high-quality products and essentials and is the most flexible online grocery delivery app in the UK. They also have a variety of in-store services, such as bakery and deli counters, as well as a pharmacy and a petrol station.

You can choose from a one-hour time slot to any other time in the day. Delivery charges depend on the time you select, meaning the rush hours are costlier than the off-peak hours.

One-hour delivery slot is charged at £3 – 7; the same order is charged at £1- 4 if you go for a flexi-saver slot. A basket at Tesco has an extra cost of £4 for an order under £25.

Rewards subscription service of Tesco, Clubcard plus, costing £7.99 / month for its prime members. The Plus subscription offers discounts on in-store brands and twice 10% discounts on in-store ‘big shops’ each month.

These rewards are even clubbed with the Tesco grocery app and Tesco bank customers. On joining the Tesco grocery app, you get a Clubcard Plus membership free for the first six months.

The Delivery Saver Subscription gives unlimited free deliveries of larger orders above £40, no minimum spend bar, and can use click and collect at the store.

Tesco provides you with a coupon to compensate for your extra spending on a subscription than you would typically spend on deliveries.

Tesco Mobile App Features:

  • Never miss a deal by receiving notifications
  • Choose from Home Delivery, Click+Collect, and Whoosh.
  • Get reminders when your order is due and handy updates.
  • Make a shopping list with live stock info
  • Build your basket straight from your favorites

Below are the cities having the most number of Tesco retail stores in the UK.

City Number of Locations
London 310
Bristol 44
Manchester 40
Birmingham 35
Liverpool 32
Nottingham 30
Leeds 30
Southampton 28
Glasgow 43
Edinburgh 26

Sainsbury’s – Helping Everyone Eat Better

Sainsbury’s is a popular online supermarket in the UK, offering a large selection of products for its customers. Their prices have a competitive edge, and they even have a loyalty program designed specifically for their loyal customers.

The supermarket has a loyalty program named Nectar, for customers to earn points on their purchases that can be redeemed for discounts and other rewards.

Ordering online at Sainsbury’s groceries is simple and offers sensible prices. The supermarket is known for its high-quality own-brand products, often priced lower than leading brands.

Sainsbury’s online shopping app and website allow you to set your dietary preferences to receive personalized recommendations of products with ingredients of your choice and suggestions on avoiding specific products.

A Quick Analysis: Online grocery shopping is to stay forever now.

You can receive same-day delivery if you order by 12 PM and get groceries delivered by 6 PM, or you can store pick your order from 4 PM. Alternatively, you can order by 11 PM and collect or get delivery the next day between 8 AM to 8 PM.

With a minimum spend of £25, you are entitled to a handy small shop, but this small basket has a delivery cost of £7. The bigger the orders, the less the delivery cost, which means all orders above £40 are charged from 50p-£7.

Sainsbury’s offers a Delivery Pass subscription for a monthly fee of £10 for 3 months of midweek deliveries from Tuesday to Thursday and up to £20 for 3 months at any time. To use the Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass, you must spend a minimum of £40.

Sainsbury’s has a unique delivery option called ‘Green’ delivery slots. They deliver your order when their delivery driver is in your area for further customer deliveries.

Sainsbury’s Online Shopping App Features:

  • Browse, search, and shop for products
  • Create a new order or edit an existing one
  • Link your Nectar card and collect rewards points while you shop
  • Get all the best offers and deals in notifications
  • Deliveries all over the UK, or Click & Collect your shopping from one of their stores.

Cities mentioned below have the most number of Sainsbury’s retail stores in the UK

City Number of Locations
London 281
Leeds 24
Bristol 23
Nottingham 22
Manchester 18
Sheffield 16
York 14
Newcastle Upon Tyne 12
Edinburgh 27
Glasgow 25

Asda – Save Money. Live Better.

Asda, another major online supermarket in the UK, holds a variety of product ranges at pocket-friendly prices and a loyalty program called ‘Asda Rewards’ to its regular customers.

As your expectation goes, the online store prices are as low as the in-store prices. You get value for money and convenience both at the same time.

The product choices are excellent, and the Asda groceries app for online shopping is easy to use and even has a recipes section.

The departmental store has no minimum spend limitations, but you will be charged a £3 delivery fee for all orders below £40. All other orders above this will be charged between £1 to £7, depending on your slot choice for home delivery.

You save on delivery charges by opting for home delivery services at less busy hours. Again, you can receive your orders on the same day if you place an order by 12 PM.

Alternatively, you can collect your orders from their physical stores on the same day after 1 hour of placing an online order.

Asda online grocery has a Delivery Pass subscription service, and you can choose from Anytime Delivery Pass and Midweek Annual Pass; both are packed with immense benefits for your convenience.

Anytime Pass costs £8 for 1 month, £40 for a 6-month pass, or £65 for an annual pass. And Mid-week Annual Pass costs £35, and you receive orders only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Asda online operates over 600 stores across the UK, and the company is known for its emphasis on low prices. With regular promotions and deals that help their customers save money on their shopping.

The company also has its branded products, including fresh produce from local producers and non-food items, often offered at even lower prices than other brands.

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Asda online shopping features:

  • Book, change or cancel your order while on the go
  • Quickly shop list items and add favorites to your trolley
  • You can browse rollbacks and special offers
  • Find items using a barcode scanner
  • Discover new recipes and add ingredients straight to your trolley or Shopping List in one tap

Given below are cities with the most number of ASDA retail stores in the UK.

City Number of Locations
London 12
Manchester 10
Leeds 9
Birmingham 8
Sheffield 7
Bristol 7
Liverpool 7
Hull 6
Coventry 5


A Comparison Of All The Three Giant Supermarkets

Description Tesco Sainsbury’s Asda
Turnover £54.8 Billion £29.9 Billion £20.4 Billion
Market Share 27.5% 15.4% 14.2%
Physical Stores 4673 1400 633
No. Of Employees 367,321 189,000 145,000

The shoppers are clearly indicating a switch towards a more budget-friendly store as household finances have been under a crunch recently. Online shoppers are trying on challenger deals to get better value for money, and this trend will continue as long as the cost of living crisis takes a better stand.

Incentives Advantage

You may have already developed a liking for a particular supermarket brand because you shop there regularly as it is in your nearby locations. The reason can be the offers or deals you get for online food shopping, products of your choice, good parking space, humane customer service, or their values that align with yours.

Supermarket websites and apps are mirror images of their physical store. All you change is the order delivery mode, and perceive that a particular online ecommerce platform offers more high-quality products than its rivals.

If so is the case, then it is sensible to continue with your preferred supermarket and be a loyal customer. Again, you would even be enrolled in a loyalty program with that supermarket and may have gained points and rewards.

Still, no one is bound to any single marketplace. You are free to switch to other online grocery shopping platforms, avail of the deals and discounts for new customers, and take advantage of rewards and vouchers for first-time shoppers.

Loyalty and Reward Schemes

All major supermarket stores run loyalty programs and reward schemes to retain loyal customers. You have the advantage of shopping both in-store and online for reward points. And similarly, you can exchange it over an offline or online purchase while making payments.

Tesco has Clubcard, Sainsbury’s has Nectar Points, and Asda has Asda Rewards, all linked with innovative and unique user benefits. These rewards can even be used for discounts at a petrol pump and restaurant bills payment.

The reward schemes are like a cherry on top of a cake. You shop for your favorite products, get your grocery home delivery and receive price offs and discounts for purchasing from that supermarket. The loyalty programs are an added bonus.

So Which Online Supermarket App is Best in the UK?

All the major supermarkets provide a large selection of products, and their apps are equivalent to their physical stores. One-quarter of all grocery shopping in the UK is done online, and supermarket brands have recognized the importance of this market trend.

What supermarket brand is best differs from person to person depending on their personal preferences and the incentives they receive by affiliating with that brand. The delivery options, product range, and pricing even affect the choice of a supermarket.

You can give loyalty to a single brand but try on all prospective ones.

To summarize, it is always better to try and sample test supermarkets and gain the advantage of the offers and current promotional deals. It is always better to practice going with the offer flows and get better value for your money.

aPurple is Here to Help You With Grocery Delivery App Development:

So, here we come to the end for Grocery Delivery Apps in the UK. We have shared the maximum details we can about all three apps.

Today, all grocery retail supply chains like Tesco groceries, Sainsbury’s groceries, and Asda groceries are successfully operating online rather than offline stores. All supermarkets need a solid online presence to capture a significant share of this ever-increasing lucrative market.

Going with the trend is the best advice for all the new startups in this niche. To reach a maximum target audience and spread the word around your online presence is a must. Get in touch with our experts, who are here to build strong competitive grocery delivery clone app development or grocery delivery apps in the UK for you.


1 – How does Tesco’s home delivery work?

Tesco home delivery is a service offered by Tesco, a prominent UK-based supermarket chain, which allows customers to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Here’s how it works:

  • Order online for products
  • Select delivery slots
  • Picking and packing your order at the warehouse
  • Delivery to your desired address or location
  • Payment through online payment gateways

2 – How profitable is owning and operating a grocery App?

In summary, owning and operating a grocery delivery app in the UK can be profitable if it can attract a large and loyal customer base, minimize operational costs, generate revenue through various streams, and have less competition. However, the profitability of a grocery retail supply chain app will depend on several factors specific to the market it is operating in.

3 – What Tech Should You Choose to build an app like Tesco, Asda & Sainsbury?

The technology stack that can be used for making an app similar to an UberEats and Deliveroo app is as follows:

  1. Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  2. Programming languages: Kotlin for Android. SwiftUI for iOS
  3. Location: Google Place API, Google Maps, MapBox
  4. Navigation: API, MapBox Geocoding API
  5. Delivery time: Google Matrix API
  6. Database: PostgreSQL, Firebase
  7. Cloud environment: Azure, AWS
  8. Payment gateways: Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  9. Real-time analytics: Datadoe, Prometheus, Kafka, Grafana
  10. Utilities: Firebase, Twilio, Google SDK, and Facebook SDK

4 – How much does it cost to develop a grocery app?

Single-vendor grocery delivery apps in the UK, have development costs that may range from £15,000 to £55,000 for multi-vendor app development. Please note that the above is just the estimated cost and will differ from the original.

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