How Much Does it Cost to Make Clone Apps Like Rentals, Dating, and Social Media?

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Cost to Make Clone Apps Like Rentals

While thinking of on-demand business models, the first-ever strikeout would be digitizing your business online. Many entrepreneurs are ready to invest in developing mobile apps to give a new introduction to their business.

However, developing a mobile application for your business is the best option. But are you ready to invest a lot of money and still wait for a few months?

No, right?

To boost your business and reap profits quickly, opt for developing a clone app. This will occupy less time and money. The cost of cloning popular apps is low compared to creating a new app from scratch.

Let us give you a clear understanding of why cloning an app is a better choice.

Advantages of Developing Clone Apps

Clone apps are an ideal choice for entrepreneurs as it gives enormous leverage in the market and scope to customization. However, you can make minor design changes or add/remove features from the app according to your needs.

Read the following advantages of buying a clone app for your business.


The source code gives a developer access to edit and customize the app according to your needs and requirements. Remove the not helpful features and add the most apt ones that help the business and the users better.


Clone apps do not require initial research as they are a replica of the existing popular apps. Also, it does not require adding any UI design cost. So, the cost of clone app development is relatively less than developing an app from scratch.

Easy Maintenance

If you purchase a clone script from any clone app development company, you will surely get complete maintenance support even after the deployment of the app. The team of developers will take care of all the hurdles and thus create the best clone app.


While developing a clone app, not much of the initial work is needed. Choose any of your favorite apps to make a clone. It saves a lot of time in the initial planning and preparing the design or sketch of your app.

Developing apps from scratch can market your business well, but cloning apps will give an added advantage of promoting your business and also reduce the development cost.

But wait, wouldn’t you like to know the cost to develop a clone app? Of course, creating a clone is less expensive than developing a new app. But, it does cost you some amount.

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How Much Does it Cost to Design a Clone Mobile App in 2023?

Consequently, developers have often been asked, “How much would a popular mobile app clone cost?”

Well, the answer to this question is equivocal. Irrespective of the nature of the business, you can develop a clone for business needs.

To discuss the needs and features for developing a new app may take some time. Instead, cloning is always easier and faster than developing the app from scratch.

Deep dive into a few of the categories that are popularly used to create a clone.

Dating Apps

cost to clone dating app

Technologies have changed and impacted personal relationships. People are finding their life partners online with the help of dating apps.

For example, the Tinder app is an app for dating. Although to create a clone of Tinder, you need to be familiar with its regulated rules.

The popularity of making a clone of Tinder will never fade. Are you interested to know how much Tinder clone app development costs?

However, the cost to develop an app like Tinder depends on the complexity and features you want to add. Roughly, the clone app of Tinder costs around 40,000 USD to 50,000 USD for a single platform, and if you need a Hybrid app, it’ll cost a little more.

What makes dating apps like Tinder in demand? Firstly, its simple features help users swipe right or left and choose the person they want to get connected with.

Also, Tinder is integrated with Instagram and Facebook to check common friends and shared interests.

Social Media Apps

cost to clone social media app

Moving to another popular app category- Social Media apps.

“The global social media apps market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 25.38% to reach USD 939.679 billion in the next five years.”

Numerous social media apps like Amazon, Facebook, etc., have witnessed tremendous growth and success in their respective categories. To connect with people, apps like Instagram and Facebook are no less and considered the most robust platform.

So, if the idea of cloning apps like Instagram is crawling into your mind, carry on reading further. Learn the estimated cost and why developing an Instagram clone is different from the other social media apps.

Develop an MVP, a basic version with features that can stand in the market and get users’ feedback. Come up with exclusive features and avoid any copied specifications like Instagram lite or IGTV recently added.

The estimated clone app cost of Instagram is 35,000 USD to 50,000 USD. The cost also depends on the developers you outsource based on their location and skills.

Taxi Apps

cost to clone taxi app

How progressive is it to develop a taxi app? For example, the Uber clone app is a ready-to-go script. Uber is a blessing to people as they have to book a cab with a tap on the phone. This type of transportation service is what everyone would want.

With millions of users worldwide, people are urged to develop an app like Uber for their transportation business.

Mind that no one can give you the exact cost of developing an app; though we can help you with the approximate cost to clone an app like Uber. The estimated cost is around 10,000 USD to 30,000 USD.

So, why should you develop an Uber app clone for your company?

Well, Uber has two app sections to develop, one for the drivers and the other for passengers. Around 15 million Uber trips are hailed in a day. Its significant features like geolocation, routing, payment integration, cost estimation, call to the driver, etc., make it all the easier to use.

I Have an App Idea, What Is the Cost to Clone Popular Apps?

Every business is in search of an outsourcing company to digitize their business but the cost is the biggest concern. However, where developing an app is not a rare thing to find, cloning an app is the best solution to go ahead.

But, every company takes about 8-9 months to develop a clone app. And, if you are looking for a quick app solution and cannot wait for a couple of months, you have landed the right place.

aPurple is the best place to get your clone app developed. Explain your requirements to the development team and get customized clone apps within 48 working hours with lifetime update support. From conceptualization to deployment, the clone app delivery process takes nearly 48 working hours.

However, to know the exact cost to clone popular apps like Uber, Tinder, and Instagram, contact our team of proficient developers with years of experience.

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