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Let’s suppose you have a serious heart condition and consultants say you should get operated. Are you going to trust a heart surgeon or a general physician for the same? A heart surgeon for sure, right? If you don’t choose to compromise on your health, why would you compromise with your business? So, it is a fact that for app development, you should hire our developers since they are the best.

If you are looking for an app that is both engaging and profi
at the same time
you must choose our developers who come with due experience and industry know-how.

At aPurple, we believe these are the three pillars of our app development services:

1. USP Formulation & Execution
2. Niche-wise Feature Brainstorming
3. User Flow Understanding for Better Outcomes

Along with these, we have developers with expertise in specific niches that enable us to provide digital solutions to your industry domain. Along with robust coding, our programmers also aid the clients with USP and conceptualizing the app that can help you fetch more customers.

Our Dedication Can Make it Possible for You!!
Apart from this, there are multiple reasons that you should hire dedicated developers from aPurple who are vetted to build an app of your niche.

Hire Expert on Demand App Developers to Create Customized Clone App Solutions

Hire Niche Expert Developers

First, let us check out some on-demand app industry numbers you must know before you hire our dedicated developers:

  • DoorDash, a food delivery application in the USA, has captured over 50% market share. If you start a food delivery business and get it digitized with our developer’s support, you can also capture the food market sector.
  • Drizly, a liquor delivery application receives more than 45% of its orders via mobile application. Therefore, building a liquor delivery app with our skilled developer can be very profitable in the time to come.
  • Video conferencing apps’ market value is expected to rise to 8 billion USD by 2028. With some tips from our certified developers, you can launch your own app that rocks the market.

Why Hire Dedicated App Programmers for Your On-Demand App Solutions from us?

Together, our team has provided digital solutions to various clients — be it in the USA, Canada, Africa, Kenya, UAE, and many other Middle East countries. Do you know what’s the best part? These clients from all across the globe trust our developers because they are us very well aware about the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the client’s countries.

Also, the developers at aPurple know about the prevalent payment gateways, taxi rules, employment regulations, etc.

Now, let us check few of the many niches in which aPurple developers have thorough experience and expertise.

Hire our Logistics App Developers

Have you been meaning to create a brand out of your logistics business? Well, you can give tough competition to the industry competitors by building a mobile application. To do so, you would have to hire our logistics app developers who have enough knowledge about such app essentials.

We can help you build the app’s shipper, carrier, admin, and dispatcher panel for the smoothest functioning. This way, you can digitize the freight management operations in your organization. Our team can build a digital solution that makes it easy for all sellers to arrange freight logistics like Uber truck app.

Be it loading and unloading of goods, tracking the delivery, estimating the date and time of pick-up or delivery, and so on. To simplify your business procedures, you can integrate this uber truck clone app solution into your daily functioning.

Until now, we have built and deployed a number of trucking applications like Uber Freight in the cities of the USA to Africa.

Here’s a short testimonial from one of our top clients – Kevin Parker. Watch now! ????

Hire our Expert On Demand Ride-sharing App Developer/Taxi App Developer

If Uber is currently earning $29.1 billion in the USA alone, imagine the amount you can earn by launching a clone app of Uber!!! You can empower your local taxi business and reach many other cities in your state apart from your own. Don’t know how?

By choosing our professionals for taxi app development, you can build your customer base and replace the monopoly of Uber or any other taxi service prevalent in the market. We provide customizable clone scripts that can be tailored to fit your requirements. Hire dedicated taxi app development resources to accomplish your project objectives.

We can help you create all the required panels, i.e., passenger app, driver app, admin, and dispatcher panels. Also, there is a separate business analyst team to help you integrate distinct features that will, in turn, ensure outstanding results for your end users, i.e., riders.

Adding more to this, our talented developers can integrate the exact replica of features like Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) cost-effectively in the mobile app.

Spending so many years in the industry, they have learnt tactics to design the revenue model also. How you can earn more as the app owner by not exploiting the passenger is also an art, and our developers can help you learn the same.

Recently, we designed, developed, and deployed a taxi booking application for our client base in Guyana. Our client was keen to provide the Guyanese public with a solution to their taxi unavailability and booking problems. Hence, with our support, he came up with BookARide taxi booking app.

Apart from this, ride-hailing apps built by our developers are also running smoothly in cities in Canada and the USA, like Texas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.

Hire Liquor Delivery Application Developers

Rather than owning just one liquor store, you can take over the entire liquor market in your city/state. Excited to know how’s that possible?

Android & iOS Mobile app developers for hire can help you embark on your traditional liquor-selling business with the highest quality coding standard digital solutions.

With your business-facing tools, you can attract all the liquor-selling retailers to register as a seller on your Uber alcohol delivery app. Furthermore, you can arrange for third-party delivery personnel or employ in-house delivery staff to enable the delivery of liquor orders placed online.

In this 10+ years of journey, our in-house developers have picked the skills to suggest various features that can enhance the app’s quality.

For instance, our developers can give you more ideas on how to enable the curbside pickup to save on the cost of delivery personnel and gas.

Since they have made multiple alcohol delivery applications, they will share ideas on how to manage your inventory in different warehouse locations as well as manufacturers.

You can get more such help in planning your app if you hire developers from aPurple.

Our developers built the ABCtogo Liquor delivery app within a very tight project timeline. Today, the client is very satisfied with his annual revenue and is still in words with us for scaling the app.

Food Delivery App Developers

The food delivery apps at the top of this industry hold a significant share of global revenue. Therefore, if you hire dedicated developers to build your food delivery app clone, you can make a part of this revenue for yourself.

Our food delivery app developers can design and develop the app to have three to four panels depending on the platform-to-consumer or restaurant-to-consumer model. It can be the customer, restaurant, delivery, and admin panel.

As a restaurant founder, you can also digitize their cafeteria, eatery, or restaurant’s menu and order-placing functions via an e-restaurant app. Also, connecting with our team can benefit you in more ways as we can help you with some tips on how to bring more restaurants to register o your app platform as a seller, how to run ads, various ways to earn commission.

Whether your food delivery business is well-established or still in start-up stage, our developers can help you.

Did You Know?
Body Leasing means to hire dedicated developers. And by the end of this blog, we will prove that aPurple developers are the most reliable choice for body leasing.

Developers To Create Video Streaming Platform Like Netflix

We all are so familiar with the jargon ‘Netflix & Chill’. However, suppose you are looking forward to becoming the next jargon of the entertainment industry. In that case, we can provide you a developer who will provide end-to-end support to conceptualize and launch your version of a customized Netflix clone within your stipulated deadline.

If you are an avid watcher of Netflix, you may note its features or bugs and consider them as tips for your on-demand OTT platform development. Then, you can share the same with our dedicated development team for hire. Actually, not only movies and series, but you can also offer LIVE TV and audio streaming on your app.

As a matter of fact, we can also guide you with hosting more servers to enable more users to watch the LIVE stream on your app. Choose aPurple developers who are always enthusiastic about brainstorming with you and formulating new relevant ideas. Make a wise choice!

Beauty or Salon Appointment Booking App Programmers

Are you a salon owner who is tired of managing bookings via calls? Or are you forgetful hence you hire a manager to remember the available booking slots?

Well – we offer a common digital solution that is quick, reliable, and robust to manage all your problems — industry expert developer to build an Uber for Beauty app!

Hire developers and dedicated web developers to build a customer and salon portal and a website to brand your services under one name. With the portals, we can help you integrate smart features like making an appointment booking a smoother process, showing the availability of slots to fetch more bookings, exclusive UI designs to give the best user experience, and coupon management to attract more bookings.

Looking to hire on demand dedicated developers?

aPurple on demand Developers vs Other Developers – How Are We Different?

Basis of Difference aPurple Developers Other Developers
Special Expertise/Skills Our developers are expert in what they do. This means that every developer at aPurple builds apps for specific industries. Other developers do everything – they are Jack of all, master of none!
Industry-Relevant Experience Our developers have seen all ups and downs of the industry they build apps for.

Example – Food delivery app developer will specifically have idea about how to tackle the retention rate and app loyalty.

A generic developer who works on all industries simultaneously might not know how to face such industry-specific obstacles.
Know-How Here, developers possess the knowledge about specific geographic location’s trends, rules, laws, etc.

Example 1 – Our developer will suggest you a list of payment gateway options that are relevant to your app’s target location. He/She will save your time and energy with his effective research.

Example 2 – Also, considering our developer’s experience in your domain, he/she will be ready with the research on user behavior of your target market. This will further help you in deciding your app’s features.

You cannot expect a general developer to know such in-depth concepts and research ideas.

White Label on demand Clone App development is our Expertise

Our developers have over years of experience working in the same industry. This includes successful clone app deployment of Uber, Netflix, UberEats, DoorDash, etc.

We have been entitled in the industry to be the #1 clone app developer provider company. It is for sure that you will reach the top of your industry potential because along with high-quality code, you will also receive guidelines and knowledge from our team. Join hands with us to become #1 in your industry domain.

Always trust the best, reach out to us for more information on the clone apps we have made and get a demo.

We Offer Unparalleled Flexibility… That’s a Promise

And we don’t break promises…

Do you want to start your project in the next 24 hours? Have a very short deadline on hand? Are you located in an opposite geographic location with time zone changes?

Well, whatever your problem may be, our flexibility and engagement models can be tweaked to meet your custom requirements. It is a green signal to hire dedicated programmers.

Share Your ‘Want List’ & We’ll Take it From There – Our Process

Are you questioning – “How to hire a dedicated developer in 4 steps?” or “How do I get started with the hiring process?” Follow this trail!

Step by Step Process to Hire Developers

1. Tell us your Requirements
Describe to us what you are looking for.

2. We Give you the Best Resource from 200+ Certified Available Talents
We have a pool of talented developers, we screen and match their capabilities with your requirements and pick the most suitable niche-expert developer for your project.

3. Talk to your Developer
Acquaint yourself with your new team member.

4. Start Working
Assign the tasks & be rest assured about the quality.

Why Are aPurple Developers the Best?

We have the industry’s best coders onboard who put in 100% of their efforts to make your project an ultimate success.

It’s the extra mile of effort that our programmers put apart from coding that makes them the best.

Be it deciding the taxi app models or how to add more trucks to your logistics business, or getting more restaurants to register with you in food delivery app clone – simply trust the most reliable developers at aPurple.

If you want the best, you got to choose the best!!

We firmly believe in this, and we recommend you to believe it too.


1. How can I find a food delivery app development company?

You should hire developers from reputed app development companies like aPurple to avoid signing a deal with a non-worthy freelancer. You get a plus point by hiring aPurple resources because they come with food industry-specific experience and knowledge that they share with the clients during the course of development. This includes tip sharing like menu designing, lucrative UI, announcing discount offers, etc.

2. How to hire developers for a food delivery startup?

Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, aPurple’s developers with all the will and might to help you accomplish your goals.

The procedure to hire developers for a startup is:

  • Identify your exact needs.
  • Ensure what type of dedicated developer model can you afford.
  • Choose the country and then narrow it down to the company you want to hire developers from.
  • Go through enough interviews and sample tasks to assess the capabilities of various resources.
  • Choose, confirm and go commence with your project!

3. What are the things to keep in mind while hiring dedicated developers to build an industrial app?

So you can call this a checklist, there are some primary and secondary qualities that you should look for before you hire dedicated resources:

  • Niche-experience
  • Self-reliant
  • Self-motivated to learn from mistakes
  • Responsible
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Strong & relevant work portfolio
  • Communication skills.

4. What are the 5 Steps to Hire The Best Taxi App Developers?

The 5 steps to hire the best taxi App developers are:

  • Screen through multiple companies which provide taxi app developers.
  • Check if the developer has any past experience in the same domain.
  • Discuss your requirements with the shortlisted developers.
  • Compare the quote and timelines.
  • Sign an NDA and get started on your project!

Remember – Choosing low costs over everything is like compromising your business for low-quality standards. Beware!

Mahil Jasani
Mahil Jasani is an enthusiastic web and mobile app development expert who always loves to enlighten readers about his experiences and the ever-evolving technologies in today's world. He has a decade of experience helping startups and enterprises with custom digital solutions to drive better ROI results across different industries.

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