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Over the past few years, while every industry was embracing various technology solutions; luxury fashion brands have also appeared tentative to integrate fashion app development solutions in their business. However, with continuous technology advancement, most luxury fashion brand has recognized the necessity of connecting with potential customers with new approaches.

The emergence of Smartphones and mobile app development solutions has shown hope for this industry to collaborate with the technology world. Consequently, more and more brands have been executing fashion eCommerce app development ideas and started introducing their personalized apps with the specific intent of brand awareness and marketing.

The noteworthy fact is, there has been a positive and successful impact of such fashion apps on users and the market as well.

According to Luxury Institutes’ news, 93% of consumers who have downloaded the fashion apps state that they had a good experience, and 71% of them believe to be better connected to the luxury brands.

At present, top brands and designers are choosing to build their own customized fashion app in order to maintain their brand, rather than subscribing to the apps like Amazon and eBay.

Now you must be curious to know why fashion mobile apps are acquiring this much admiration and demand across the world. This blog will help you to lessen your curiosity.

Types of Fashion Brand Apps

Fashion brands can give users the opportunity to buy directly from them with their own mobile apps – but that’s not the only way consumers are finding new looks and building online communities.

Here are the three types of fashion app development to choose and monetize:

Fashion Brand Discovery platforms

The fashion brand discovery platform app is usually to connect designers with fashion enthusiasts. In such a discovery app platform, the designers share their work and enthusiasts can connect with the designers to purchase their products.

It’s the perfect app platform for designers to be discovered by big brands and new designs to trend in the market.

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Universal Shopping Cart Apps

Consider it as a multi-vendor eCommerce app, as an Amazon app clone but for clothing and apparel. eCommerce app development will lead to the connection between the clothing vendors and enthusiastic customers with each other, just like the vendors and app users in any eCommerce app.

Such fashion shopping platforms don’t usually have their own inventory sold direct to consumers, but instead, the vendors post their products, keep the inventory, and ship directly. If you start such a platform, then you’ll only be the mediating platform between, and you’ll get a commission on the orders.

Personal Shopping Apps

Personal shopping app development can offer each user a personalized shopping experience through a mobile app in the comfort of home or while on the go! This app differs from the fashion brand discovery apps because such app tailors on users’ specifications. For example, the user can demand a custom suit with specific measurements, and the tailor or designer will create the suit as per individual user needs.

The Importance of Mobile App for a Fashion Brand

Having a mobile app for a fashion brand or retail store is quite essential, as fashion app development serves you with excellent business benefits like:

Offering More Convenience:

Who doesn’t want to buy clothes and apparel right from the comfort of their home? Mobile apps are all about the user’s convenience, and that is what your app too, should offer. The app’s UI can be made as user-friendly as you want with various technology integration.

AR, VR, Machine Learning, and several other advancements can help you create a perfect fashion brand app that offers high user interactivity and business advancement possibilities. By offering a virtual environment for customers to experience shopping, trying out products, and buying through the app.

Such app features and safety features help in higher visibility of the product and promise a higher chance of sales for your brand.

Less Competition & Distraction:

On multi-vendor platforms, your customers will have a lot of distraction from your competitors; they can check the products from other brands which are unhealthy for your business. When your customers are shopping from your own personalized app, they won’t be checking similar items available from your competitors.

Data Analytics For Better Results:

On a mobile app; customers and shoppers register with their detailed profiles and proceed for shopping. This helps retailers to know customers and their preferences better. According to customers’ demands and preferences, retailers or brands can store the products and thereby maintain lower inventory.

Overall, the mobile app acts the best tool to get complex big data analytics that can aid in cost optimization, inventory management and make informed decisions for the business.

24/7 Contact With Audience:

An app allows business owners and retailers to consistently keep in touch with millions of unique visitors, customers, and fashion-conscious users. They tend to try their products and provide feedback regularly.

Based on this feedback, retailers can rapidly and cost-efficiently deliver products to the market that consumers really want. A fashion app provides users with 24/7 access to the wide collection and latest happenings of their beloved brands.

Targeting Customers Through Specific Demographics:

With the help of big data and superior data analytics capabilities, your fashion brand can collect customer data and use it to its advantage.

A major advantage of custom software development for the fashion industry is to collect consumer data and understand what demographics prefer which clothing and apparel, what type of products they like and how often they make a fashion purchase.

Such consumer data is beneficial in research as well as selling products that are a sure success in individual demographics. Several fashion brands have understood that instead of selling a basic set of products to everyone, it’s more beneficial to the market and sells limited products to specific demographics.

Boost Your Revenue:

A personal shopping or fashion brand app can establish a level of trust and reliable connection with consumers which can eventually result in better repeat sales. The retail Big Data from fashion apps helps fashion brands to propose associated items via in-app purchases leading to more opportunities for increasing the revenue.

Instead of paying a part of your profit to a third-party platform or website, invest one time in your app and keep the profit to yourself.

Offer Discounts To Customers:

People love discounts and special offers. Such kind of a special offering motivates them to buy more. There is a two-way benefit for both brands and customers. The customers feel special to receive such discounts to use your fashion brand app, and your brand gets to sell more from a new source, your mobile app.

By analyzing how the customer reacts to your app, you can provide various offers and discount schemes that best fit your business as well as your customers. For instance, in the holiday seasons, you can offer a discount on sweaters and cold wear according to the categories of winter wear they search for you can offer custom discounts.
Customers are more likely to use your brand’s mobile app to purchase a special discount.

Better Marketing:

On a personal shopping app, users can make a complete ‘wish list’ which informs them whenever a product goes on sale or is available in stock. These lists produce thousands of data points on a customer’s tastes, style, and preferences that are useful for brands to perform tailored, precise marketing and provide exclusive offers and reward points to the customers.

An app is the best marketing tool for fashion brands, designers, and retailers to promote their brands and products.

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Why Start Fashion App Development?

Don’t bother stepping into fashion app development if it ends up looking like any other catalog-looking app. Why would you pay thousands of dollars only to build an app that looks just like every other one in the market? There is no benefit to the business or your brand image in making just another catalog-looking app.

In 9 out of 10 cases, such “so-called” fashion brand apps are just plain mobile catalogs. And, do you know what comes to mind when you look at such cookie-cutter app formats? BORING! Your potential customers feeling bored looking at your app is the last thing you want.

The problem is that all the newcomers make the same mistake, of blindly following what other apps before them did just with a different logo and app color scheme. What you have to do is go all in and build such a fantastic app that when the users open, they feel like they just entered your brand’s most popular store.

So, if you decide to put in a lot of your money, effort, and time, make sure to create the best fashion brand app that you could possibly build.

Top Fashion Brands Have Built Their Own App

popular fashion shopping apps

  • Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith, a Singaporean fast-fashion footwear and accessories brand, has introduced its own all-inclusive shopping application for iOS and Android, providing a convenient shopping experience to the customers.

The app allows customers to browse all the accessories and footwear and new arrivals easily. Further, the users can also search for items according to the category and apply filters by size, color, and price.

The Best Feature Of The App Is: If anyone needs to visit the nearest CHARLES & KEITH store, the app will guide them with proper directions. Users can also enjoy rewards and good deals on shopping.

  • Gucci

An Italian luxury brand of leather goods and fashion launched its own app for both Android and iOS users, which represents all the ideas and information about the collection of creative director Alessandro Michele. The app user can explore the latest accessories and ready-mades through attractive images, engaging videos, and interesting stories.

The Gucci app includes amazing features like Photo Booth having Wallpaper for home screens and smartphones, special filters for users’ pictures, and the GucciArtWal that allows users to scan any artwork and disclose exclusive animations.

  • Mulberry

Mulberry is a UK-based luxury fashion brand especially known for its leather wares. The renowned fashion brand has deployed an app for facilitating people to explore and shop a range of Mulberry products. The impressive and interactive UI of the Mulberry app effectively draws user attention.

Both iPhone and iPad users are able to exploit the app. Users can easily browse through the extensive and beautiful Mulberry collection and apply filters to get the exact search result they want. Mulberry has made it convenient for its followers and customers to shop and get updates for the latest arrivals right from the app.

  • Chanel

Chanel S.A. is a French-based high fashion house well-known for its ready-to-wear and haute couture clothes, fashion accessories and luxury goods. The company has launched its own M-commerce Mobile App called Chanel fashion that enables users to find out the newest shows and collections in the boutiques, share their favorite items with friends on social media. Chanel Fashion also helps users to search for the nearest boutique and get directions for the same.

The unique feature of the Chanel app is:

Users of the Chanel Fashion app are updated about the latest arrivals and events at Chanel right on their phones.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Corporation is an American multinational fashion company that designs and manufactures a broad range of licensed products including apparel, accessories, footwear, home furnishings, and fragrances. The fashion brand has introduced its official app that helps people to discover a wide range of Tommy Hilfiger collections and shop for their favorite ones. Integrating the latest technology and getting involved in boutique app development served them the best by making them available to potential customers.

The best part of the Tommy Hilfiger app is:

The app also helps users to find out their nearby Tommy Hilfiger store with the appropriate directions on the map.

Empower Your Fashion Brand with Cutting-Edge Mobile App.

An Opportunity for Small Designers and Retail Business Owners

Though we have mentioned the list of popular fashion brands having mobile apps, this doesn’t mean, small businesses, and designers won’t have a scope to adopt mobile app development solutions. In fact, the small stores, designers, and retail businesses have a vast opportunity to step into the app market and take their business to the next level of success.

Another way to win the retail market is to compete with Amazon. With the advancement in technology, now you can easily launch your own online stores like Amazon or eBay with the help of Amazon clone. We serve Multi-Vendor E-commerce solutions in just 48 hours; get in touch with our experts and get started today.


The enormous benefits and potential of a mobile app make it a foremost preference for the entire fashion industry. Since people are increasingly abandoning their conventional ways of shopping and exploring, the trend of shopping and fashion app development is not going away any time soon.

Do you believe the same? Then, why haven’t you yet acquired a mobile app solution for your business? Choose to build an imposing and robust fashion app for your brand to stay ahead in the increasing competition.

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