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 Ard Mediathek Live App

Are you moving to Germany soon? It is a great place to live and pursue your dreams. With an interesting rich history, Germany is famous for its food, music, landscapes, mountains, and not to forget the unique market to tackle OTT players.

Well, Germany is the largest funded public broadcasting system in the world with apps like ARD Mediathek Live- a free TV on your smartphone.

ARD Mediathek is an app juggernaut in Germany that offers free live shows, documentaries, films, news, music and a lot more under one roof. ARD has a budget of €6.9 billion and is the largest public live streaming app in the world.

Let us deep-dive into the ARD Mediathek Live App that offers a pool of genres and categories.

What is ARD Mediathek Live- Streaming Services

Founded in 1950, ARD TV Germany is the leading European broadcaster with digital transformation. It unites to bring local viewers the best of radio and TV. Starting with nine broadcasters covering 11 TV channels, 55 radio channels, plus digital offerings, ARD Mediathek Live has given a pool of shows to watch.

ARD is a single front-end layer that becomes difficult to manage a massive amount of multimedia content. It is a struggle to provide a user with a unique streaming platform.


“Netflix and Amazon Prime, the top streaming platforms, have begun to take a significant chunk of content in Germany.”

It is a threat with more video streaming apps and OTT space, but ARD Mediathek and ProSiebenSat.1 are no exception.

Whether at home or anywhere in Germany, you can now enjoy your favorite live shows of all ARD TV series with ARD media center on your iPhone or Android device. For example: ARD Mediathek Filme, series, documentaries, shows, tagesschau 24 live stream, and more.

From zero annual releases, ARD has reached weekly beta releases. It recorded more than 2 billion video views by the end of 2021.

So what can be the possible reason why viewers are glued to this app? The list of content they offer is endless and the user experience is seamless. Every user would love to enjoy free streaming.

Let us deep dive into the categories and genres of this beautiful ARD media live streaming app.

Categories Under ARD TV Live In Germany

Categories Under ARD TV Live In Germany

1. Mediathek

ARD Mediathek offers videos and live streams from the entire ARD library. Mediathek provides radio programs and live-stream television and access to TV and radio broadcasting using browsers on any device. It is also available on mobile apps and smart TVs to watch on a full screen.

Films at a glance- thrillers, comedies, art houses, fairy tales, and romantic movies are all showcased for viewers to enjoy their weekend.

2. Audiothek

Hear the best every time! Hear what you like and whenever you want with the ARD audio library- the premium content directly to your smartphone.

Discover on-demand and live thrillers, comedies, romantics, or the best programs that the team presents. You will always find something interesting to listen to.

Well, Volks music and Oomph music are two traditional German genres. Rock and Pop are the most heard and preferred music followed by the youth. Oldies of German follow Schlager- the makeup of the top music.

Browse through categories that interest you, subscribe to the programs, mark favorite audios, and create your playlists. Be inspired by recommendations and share the list with your friends.

Are you ready to disrupt the streaming industry with your own app?

3. Tagesschau

“The news of the entire ARD,” or “German for review of the day,” Tagesschau is a national and international TV news service produced by ARD-Aktuell. The main edition goes live @ 8 pm- a 15 min bulletin on Das Erste.

The Tagesschau is the oldest new channel watched in Germany; Nearly 23,000 have been aired since two years ago. In case of breaking news, the channel adds special newscasts within a short period and is streamed live on the digital news channel.

ARDs central news portal provides reliable information about the world’s events on an application accessible on every smart device. It shows news like;

  • Day news
  • Night magazine news show
  • Tagesschau24 digital news
  • Report from Berlin political TV magazine
  • Weather forecast

4. Sportschau

This is a German sports magazine on ARD broadcaster. This started in 1961, where Saturday is the summary of Bundesliga and Sunday offers the report of the latest events of various sports.

In 2008, Sportschau began around 6 pm, and in 2011, the Sportschau app was developed on iOS and Android, where live sports news is available on mobile devices.

Soccer is the most common sport played in Germany. It’s a passion for German and German teams to excel at all levels of soccer competition.

5. KiKA

The best for children. A free-to-air channel for kids in Germany is a joint venture by ARD and ZDF, and the target audiences are children from 3 to 14 years of age.

KiKa shows German and international shows like cartoons, film versions of books, etc. The Best Voice Wanted was won by all-girl music band Saphir. Apart from numerous animated series, the afternoon soap Opera is currently a live series in KiKa.

With these broadcasting channels running on ARD, you can also find a different genre to choose from and continue watching on any device.

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Themenwelten entdecken of Mediathek ARD Live Stream App (Genre)

  • Spectacular Nature Documentaries
  • ARD Film Heute
  • News TV Live Streaming
  • History
  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Knowledge
  • Kids
  • Learning
  • Teens
  • Classic
  • Retro

Want To Build a Video Streaming Platform?

Did you enjoy reading about Germany’s live broadcasting ARD Mediathek Live App?

We are all aware that migrating to an entirely new country is difficult. In this case, while you are juggling to settle down, an entertainment app like ARD Mediathek on your smartphone can be a stressbuster. With all the content under one live streaming platform, you can enjoy watching your favorite videos and listening to music anytime.

However, this information can also help startups if they have an idea to create an app like ARD Mediathek in Germany. Want to compare the features of this app with other OTT platforms? Connect with us to understand more about the top live video streaming apps trending worldwide.

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