Seamless Parking App Design

Finding parking spots, uncertainty in parking fees, and lack of parking slots at desired locations are some of the pain points that users experience.

Solving these problems requires a well-designed parking app. Users' journey through your app should be seamless right from opening the app to swiping the screens. Your parking app design should blend colors, typography, ease of navigation and images for an impactful experience.

Your car parking design app must accommodate features like parking availability, navigation, or location-based search. These features will make booking a parking spot from a parking app easy. However, you need to add visual elements, animations, and illustrations you use in parking app design to improve customer experience.

Further, you can add more patterns, textures, iconography, and many other elements to your parking app design to offer more value.

Aesthetic Parking App Template

You must focus on your parking app template to build an aesthetic parking app. Creating a parking app template requires building blocks to compose the visual interface, which provides the touchpoints to feel more artistry gradients, grids, wireframes, and more.

To make the journey of your parking app design more dazzling and appealing to your user, let’s know about the components that should be in your parking app UI design -

  • Map View and search bar
  • Typography and holography
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Buttons and call-to-actions
  • On-boarding and sign-up flows

Furthermore, start your app's flow with the sign-up button and a minimalist form to fill out. Make sure that the transitions after every screen are smooth and interactive. Your app's overall experience should aim to make navigation easier, leveraging visual elements like contrasting colors and 3D views of cars and other icons.

Parking app design layout
Features to have for parking app

Must-Have Upgrades in Your Parking App UI Design

  • The foremost thing that comes under the feature is real-time parking accessibility. Real-time accessibility carries unique features like map-based visualization, color indicators, voice and gesture controllers, etc.
  • Search and navigation are other features of the parking app UI design, including a simple search bar, location-based search options, search history, clear directions to the destination, parking lot maps, and more.
  • The parking app design should include a feature to streamline the booking process. It will be fully customizable, as you can add or remove the timing of your arrival.
  • Your users will be amazed to receive prior notification of the vacant parking spots with accurate information and mesmerizing pop-up icons.
  • Make your search bar seamless and user-friendly so users can easily browse multi-city parking with an interactive map view.
  • Ensure your parking app is designed with a location-sharing button, contact selection, and other features so your users can effortlessly share their vehicle's location with someone else in an emergency or other situation.

Color Palette for Designing a Parking App

Color Palette for Designing a parking app

Font Family Used For Parking App Design Template

Parking App typo

How Can aPurple Help You Out With the Best Parking App Design?

Having parking app ideas and designing the app requires a holistic approach that considers all aspects. From searching for a parking spot to locating it on the map and booking one, you need to map each user action in your design. But, to understand these concepts of designing is tough for the ones who don't have any experience.

So, having some UI UX experts by your side will help you in finding the most responsive parking app design. aPurple's UI UX team has expertise from design thinking to wireframe to prototyping to MVP flow and more. It is a sign that purple experts can help you with customer-centric design and high-end mobile app development services. If you are looking for these services,or looking for taxi or trucks app development then contact us now.

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