Trucking App UI/UX Design

Accessibility to resources is so important. To make things accessible for users sitting through the border is the motto of an On-demand Trucking App UI Design. This helps the cargo moving and logistics companies improve their delivery services and gain insights into their customers’ needs.

Uber Freight UI

Imagine parcel courier shipping, distribution management & freight shipping — all in one digital solution!!

An online on-demand Uber for Trucks clone solution consists of these user applications:
  • Admin web panel
  • Shipper app
  • Carrier app
  • Customer app
Truck Booking App Design
UI UX Design for Trucking App

Logistics Mobile App UI Design

  • In this trucking app UI/UX design, button placements and shapes are done in a way to aid the user to click.
  • To assist the choice of type of vehicle for transport, the supporting 3D photos give users the idea of whether the cargo will fit in or not.
  • For more clarity, along with the real-time image, the height, width, and length of the parcel/cargo can be entered.

Motion & Animation Highlights

  • This central and unified platform to manage the trucking business instills a sense of responsibility and detail with an accurate tracking system.
  • Swift and poppy transitions make the changing screens in the trucking app UI/UX design look seamless.

Color Palette

Font Family

Logistics UI Design

truck app design
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