Sports Betting App Development: Market Scope, Process, Features, and Cost

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sports betting app development guide

Ages ago people used to wait for days to get information and then dial a number to make a bet on their favorite players and teams. However, the introduction of the concept of Sports Betting App Development has changed the norms of betting on their favorite players and teams.

With the easy accessibility of the internet and technology, the way sports lovers bet has also changed. People have stopped relying on magazines and newspapers to find the latest news about athletes, upcoming matches, and contests. The global rise of sports fans has made entrepreneurs invest in developing sports betting apps to make a fortune.

Here in this blog, we will discuss why entrepreneurs should develop sports betting apps, the process of building a sports app, and more.

Let’s begin the journey!

Market Scope to Consider in Sports Betting App Development

Sports betting applications have many underlying opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore ideas and delve into a humongous list of money-making streams engaging a huge chunk of the crowd.

Through sports betting app development, entrepreneurs can generate revenue sources in the form of:

  • App subscriptions
  • Bet-winning commissions
  • Contests
  • Player live streams
  • Marketing and Advertisement

If this is not enough for you to invest in fantasy sports apps, then let’s look at it’s market. By the end of 2023, the market size of sports betting apps was approximately 98.26 billion dollars. This figure represents an increase of 173 billion U.S. dollar growth since the previous year’s figures.

Take a sneak peek at reasons for the growing demand for sports betting development globally and why this segment is worth investing

1. No Geographical Boundaries

Transcend the boundaries of doing business, target and connect with your customers from any part of the world with sports betting apps.

2. Instant Rewards

Make your app a place to run contests and give instant rewards to your clients to boost engagement. This will also give you more downloads on Play Stores and increase your revenue.

3. Virtual Reality

The virtual reality or the experience you will create for your users will motivate them to spend more time on your apps. It will emerge as a unique selling point, too.

4. Infinite Bets

You can introduce infinite options to bet for your users. From hockey, basketball, cricket, and tennis – you can target as many sports as you want.

Quick note: What Is A Betting App, and What Types Of Sports Betting Apps are Trending Now?

Betting applications are platforms where users can place bets on the given play cards, win the bets, and earn money. Betting applications help place bets at the fingertips of smart devices. If a user wins the bet, the application charges him/her a commission on the winning amount.

The multiple kinds of sports betting applications trending now are:

  • Weekly or Daily Games
  • Games Based on Real Matches
  • Season Long Sports
  • League Based Games
Want to create a top-notch sports betting app?

How To Create a Sports Betting App: A Complete Process Explained

7 steps to build sports betting application
The process of sports betting software development for an entrepreneur has its complexity. You need to be very thoughtful regarding the features and functionalities you want in your application.

However, before you start building your betting application, you must go through an extensive pre-development stage that requires a lot of planning and detailed research.

Let’s discuss these steps in detail:

Step 1: Perform Detailed Market Research on the App’s Concept

The first step in creating a sports betting application is running research on the market. Doing extensive research will help you understand the pons and cons of the existing apps in the market. It will also give you an insight into your customer’s needs and demands.

Once, you are done with research, you can start analyzing and ideating your sports betting app. With these insights, you can build a roadmap on what app features and functionalities you want to add to your app and amplify the betting experience of your user.

Step 2: Define A Long-term Monetization Strategy

The next step is to build a long-term monetization strategy for your application. You must know or have in mind how you will be utilizing the app to generate revenue on a long-term basis. Building an application is not a simple process, and hence, you must have a configuration about how to utilize it.

While you get involved in building a betting application, you must float monetization plans to your development team who are responsible for getting your ideas into action. Once they understand your plans, they can find better user interfaces to get it live for the audience.

Step 3: Find Compatible Platforms to Build Sports App

You can choose Android users and leverage the Google Play platform, or confine to IOS users and build the app on the Apple Store. If you are building a betting application on Google, you will need the necessary licenses for all countries where your application would run live. Google allows promoting betting apps on Google Play.

With Apple, the process is quite similar to that of Google. You would have to follow the necessary guidelines to run a betting app. Some of it includes a licensed business and geo-fence mechanism incorporation.

Step 4: Choose Your Sports Betting App Development Agency

Now that you have a concept, monetization plan, and platform in place, it is time to look for the best sports betting app developer. Choose a company, agency, or freelancer who has experience in custom sports betting app development.

You can also hire an in-house developer with the relevant skills to create the best app for your business. Go for a developer or a development team that aligns with your goal, understands your idea to develop an app, and has the expertise to build an app.

Step 5: Make Appealing and Addictive UI/UX Design

A user-friendly betting app design makes your sports apps a highly interactive platform for users. It helps you attract a lot of users to your platform with its addictive design that includes easy navigation, personalized feed, interactive elements, and appealing themes.

The animated transitions and motions on the screen make it visually appealing to your users. Thus, to get the best UI/UX design for your app, collaborate with experienced designers and create high-quality interfaces.

Step 6: Decide Your Backend Infrastructure

Any application’s backend infrastructure is a primary component that handles all data-oriented processes. It has immense significance in sports betting app development with a scalable server architect that can manage backend operations efficiently.

However, you must note that backend operations are time-consuming and complex. You must hand over the responsibility to a skilled professional capable of managing user data effectively and initiating real-time updates and transactions.

Step 7: Consider Building An MVP Application

An MVP or Minimum Viable Product is one of the earliest shippable software. It contains essential feature sets capable of striking a chord with the desired audience base. The number of development steps in MVP apps and the time required to build the application depends on the novelty and complexity of the software.

The prime goal for MVPs is to receive valuable user inputs and start to get early paybacks. It is easy to upgrade MVPs after the launch and can be gradually upgraded with better features to make it a full-fledged and high-performing application.

Quick Note: Do You Need A License To Create Sports Betting Apps?

It is very integral to secure an online gambling license, which is the sole roadmap to making an entry into the gambling industry. It is unfeasible to market a gambling application and attract users.

Every country has its own set of rules and regulations for acquiring an online gaming license. When considering starting a sports betting market, study the specific country’s or state’s jurisdiction thoroughly. Dealing with a qualified lawyer and asking apt suggestions can drive the process smoothly.

Take a glance at the online gambling licensing structuring in a few nations.

  • Asia – Obtaining a license from Asia is a complex process abiding by various laws and restrictions.
  • Cambodia – To operate a sports betting app in Cambodia, you would require two licenses, including a land-based casino license and an online gaming license.
  • Singapore – Singapore’s law has a clause for the Remote Gambling Act and limited authorization for all online gambling ideas.
  • United States – Online gambling is still restricted in a lot of US States. It is legal in a few parts of the country, namely Nevada and New Jersey.
  • Australia – You can apply for a sports gambling license in Australia and it is legal to run a sports betting app in the country.
  • Europe – All the European countries have varying laws for online betting business ideas. However, most European Union countries allow certain kinds of gambling business online.

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Essential Factors To Consider While Developing a Sports Betting App

Missing out on integral details before sports betting mobile app development can minimize the app’s efficiency and impact in the long run.

Here is a list of factors you must consider for sports betting app development services.

1. App Platforms: iOS, Android, & Cross-Platform

It is integral to know the platforms where your betting application will function. The most important consideration you need to make here is to research your audience and find the platform that is most commonly used. For instance, if you are planning to make your app go live in Europe, you need to find which operating system is in maximum use by Europeans. Similarly, you should look at other data too.

2. Choose Cross-Device Compatible Tech Stack

Learn and examine the tech stack or the kind of technology support you will need to develop a successful sports betting app. Consult a tech expert when needed and get each detail about the technology allocation and availability. Look at all kinds of significant downstream effects like types of integrations and the required tech skills you would need to allocate. The tech stack subtopics include:

  • Technologies
  • Development Tools
  • Design Tools
  • Languages

3. Type of Sports Game as Per Market Scope

There are so many different kinds of sports played worldwide. You need to forecast your target audience and figure out the sports where such an audience will find it more tempting to bet. Choosing the right sports to build a sports betting mobile app will solve many problems. For example, cricket betting app development is the best idea when targeting Asian audiences.

4. Location of Sports Betting App Developers’ Team

You need to look out for the development team’s location. This will help you understand the kind of coordination you would need to build with the team and the ways to connect remotely. You can cut down on any time zone difference and build the app of your dreams.

5. App Maintenance

Once your sports betting app is developed and launched, what are the plans for maintenance? You need to have an answer to this question. Hence, finding a team that will also support app maintenance is significant. Sorting this will enable a smooth app functioning in the future.

6. App Features

You must know the kind of app features you would want to integrate into your app. The best way to know this is to explore different betting apps, sit with a technology expert to figure out the tech possibilities, and spend some time in research.

Ready to revolutionize the sports betting app industry?

What Are the Standard Features To Consider For a Sports Betting App?

A sports betting app development service has an admin and a user panel. The features are separate for both panels to help view relevant content as per the type. Let’s get into a bit of detail to understand the various aspects of admin and user features for applications.

Admin Features

admin features for sports betting app development
The admin panel is accessible to the admins who control and manage the app’s functions.

  • DashboardA dashboard helps manage the total number of registered users. It also enables access to the user details, betting type, betting style, and betting amount among other details.
  • User Account Manager – Game, User & Player ManagementThe user account manager is responsible for providing the required money to the users to win a bet. The admin must manage the content of the betting application.
  • CRM The app’s CRM (Client Relationship Management) helps review the user experience with the betting application and navigate scopes for improvement.
  • Ad ManagementThe ad management panel helps review the ad performances and present insights about the response and interaction of the app with the users.
  • Manage CostsThe admin must have access to cost management in terms of running ads, user betting budget, and revenue collection from sports betting.
  • View Earnings Admins must have a clear insight into the app’s total earnings from bettings through users.
  • Report ManagementReport management for admins must have a cumulative summary of the app’s performance in the context of new users, total betting costs, total revenue, user sign-up through ads, sign-ups organically, and more.

User Features

key user features for sports betting app development
The user panel support features are accessible to the sports betting app users after the sign-up process.

  • Login and RegistrationLogin is the basic feature in all sports and betting apps. The user must log in to their respective accounts through email ID, password, or User ID.
  • Creating Personal ProfileEvery user needs to create their individual profiles in the sports betting apps filling in the details like age, gender, name, country, interests, and more.
  • HomepageThe homepage is the first page that a user would find on a betting platform that provides them an apt app summary and clear Call to Action. It will help them navigate the betting pages as per their interests.
  • Player InformationKnowing the players and their performances is imperative to users. When betting on any player, the user must have apt information about the player’s score in previous matches.
  • Schedule of Games & CompetitionSports betting applications need to keep all the users informed about the schedules and calendars. It helps users plan their betting times and activities in advance.
  • LeaderboardThe betting app must have a leaderboard that displays the final status and positioning of the bets. The position and leaders must be seen on the app’s screen.
  • NotificationsThe users must get timely app notifications that remind them to select the team, and the betting times so that they do not miss out on anything.
  • Social Media IntegrationUsers should find social media account integration so that they get redirected to the pages and keep themselves informed about the status and all the new updates.
  • AnalyticsAn analysis of users’ performance must also channel the betting application as a ‘performance insight.’

Sports Betting App Development: How Much Does It Cost?

When thinking about building a sports betting application, the first thing in mind is the cost of sports betting app development. Well, there’s no specific cost of building such applications.

Several factors decide the actual cost of sports betting app development services which include:

  • Number of app features and the complexity
  • Tech stack used
  • Platform chosen
  • Location of developers
  • App maintenance and support

All the points listed above are just a few of the many factors that influence the cost of building sports betting applications. However, to give you a safe figure, sports fantasy app costs can lie somewhere around $35000-$80000 for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and $80000 – $200000 for an advanced application.

The biggest way to save the app development cost is by looking for an agency and outsourcing the work rather than hiring the team in-house. You can also choose sports betting website development which will cost you less than an app.

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What Are the Monetization Methods for a Sports Betting Mobile App?

As an entrepreneur, you want to build a sports betting application in ways to make money from it. It’s not only the commission through which you will generate money from a sports betting apps. Marketing the app can enable you to create multiple revenue-making streams.

Here are a few ways through which entrepreneurs can earn money from sports betting apps:

1. Advertising

You can use your application as an advertising platform for sports leagues and other sports-related contests. There are several paid advertising partnership options for your app and the possibility to make good money from it.

2. Subscription Fee

At one point when you have built a good reputation for your application, you can add a subscription fee for users. You can create sections like free and paid subscription packs or choose to have a paid subscription section only.

3. Premium Features

You can allocate some premium features on your app accessible to users who are ready to pay for them. It can include bets that have a higher return value or some special money-making feature allocation.

4. Entry Fee

You can directly go ahead and insert a minimum entry free for all users. When you do that, you might get fewer app downloads than when the app is free to register. However, all the sign-ups would come from people serious about betting and would participate regularly and sincerely.

5. Sports Betting

While users would bet on players, contests, matches, and others on the application, the application would receive a commission from the winning party as the app’s source of income. Such commissions usually have a fixed rate, however, you can devise different rates for multiple types of betting options provided by the app.

6. Paid Contests

You can also conduct paid contests as an additional bonus for users and extract commission out of the contest. Such activities can have an entry fee or exceptional charges that would directly pour into the admin’s account.

7. Data Licensing

Another great way to earn from these applications is through data monetization. You can sell the exclusive data collected through bets to third parties and quote a price. Hence, synchronizing data is essential when you want to make money out of it.

Drive Success with a Custom Sports Betting App!

Key Benefits of Sports Betting App Development

There is a diverse range of benefits an entrepreneur can get from a sports betting software. For instance, there are 24,000+ sports betting businesses in the market today making huge profits. This, in itself, explains why entrepreneurs are investing in the market today.

Read below to know how you can benefit from developing your own sports betting application:

1. Broader Reach

A sports betting app development service is resourceful in reaching a broader set of audience. You get to market the app in your terms and conditions and build a thriving user base. You can utilize the fame collected from the reach in all other future entrepreneurial endeavors.

2. Enhanced Engagement

With the help of your set of ideas and plans, you can build better engagement features and metrics in your apps. Better engagement always acts like a bonus point helping you expand your user base and revenue streams.

3. Community Building

Your user base is going to be your sports betting community. Such a community can be handy and resourceful when planning and executing other entrepreneurial ventures.

4. Brand Loyalty

When you build your own application, you will offer features as per your understanding of a brand value. Hence, it gives you more leverage to build brand loyalty.

5. Data Collection

You can collect useful data through your apps and later monetize it to make good income. The data can also come to use when planning other entrepreneurial ventures.

6. Unlimited Access

As the owner of a sports betting app, there’s no restriction to data. You have the main and the entire access to the admin panel, app data, and everything that revolves around it.

7. More Privacy

With the betting app’s ownership, you are responsible for allocating access to others. While you have the entire access, you also have the power to decide who should know what about the apps. Hence, privacy is maximum when you have better app owner rights.

Case Study – See How Sports Betting Apps Are Cash Cows For Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the most insightful data about Sports Betting Applications.

  • In United Sports, sports betting Applications will generate $4.56 billion revenue in 2024
  • Sports betting applications’ average revenue per user (ARPU) is estimated to be US$325.90
  • Basketball generated the most revenue in betting apps in the US
  • Football was the most popular sport to bet followed by horse racing

How Is AI Technology Enhancing Sports Betting App Success?

We are living in the world of AI, and hence, leveraging AI’s support further accelerates your chances of building a more progressive and successful sports betting mobile application.

Here is a list of AI trends that entrepreneurs must consider for their application development process. Take a sneak peek at the trending AI ideas below:

1. Advance Data Analysis

With the help of AI, you can collect massive historical data like player statistics, team performance, weather forecasts, and more in less time. Gathering all such types of information will lead to accurate predictions and help users make better decisions.

2. AI-Powered Recommendations

You can enquire about recommendations on various topics that revolve around the app’s functioning. Such recommendations are useful in enhancing user interactions and finding ways to generate added revenue.

3. Chatbots

AI Chatbots are a new trend in AI app optimization that enhances client relationship management. With AI, attending to more users becomes simplified. It is very revolutionary in comparison to a traditional CRM management system.

4. Detecting and Preventing Frauds

Trustability in the world of sports betting is a huge factor. With AI, detecting frauds in the betting industry and monitoring malicious activities becomes much easier like detecting a match-fixing plan.

5. Live Streaming

Livestreaming is the new and most loved trend in AI. Planning live contests, player streams, and live betting with AI are hot trends getting notable responses from users.

Let aPurple Elevate Your Sports Betting App Development Journey!

At aPurple, a premier sports betting app development company, we offer top-notch mobile app development services tailored specifically for sports betting apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

We specialize in building reliable, scalable, and regulatory-compliant apps. In sports betting app development solutions, we implement advanced technology to help our clients deliver a captivating user experience and compete confidently in the industry.

The betting app development process at aPurple is transparent assuring clients a need-based deployment of the app. We have a robust and competitive team of mobile app developers and designers with extensive experience to help clients thrive in a world of great competition.

Key Takeaways for Sports Betting App Development Process

The online sports betting app development industry has been on the rise, and predictions suggest that the period between 2021 and 2026 will see immense growth. Out of the total revenue generated by the gambling industry, 40% is from the online sports betting sector. Reasons that have led to online betting software doing extremely well in the market are newfound cultural approval paired with technological advancements.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have contributed to the increased popularity of online betting. All entrepreneurs looking to invest in the sports betting app must be open to exploring allowing bet payments through cryptocurrencies and expanding the client base.


1. How long does it take to build a sports betting app?

Generally, the estimated timeline for developing a sports betting app is 3-6 months, while a feature-rich app may take 6-12 months. The development timeline varies, depending on several factors, including:

  • App’s complexity
  • Development team size and experience
  • Tech stack selection

2. How much does it cost to make a sports betting app?

A basic development cost of a sports betting app can cost 35000-$80000, while feature-rich apps can cost $80000 – $200000.

To get an accurate quote, reach out to a reputable sports betting app development company like aPurple and discuss project requirements in detail.

3. Which are the best sports betting app development companies?

Choosing the “best” company is subjective and depends on your needs and budget, but thorough research is essential. Here are some tips for evaluating the company:

  • Check their Industry experience
  • Check their portfolios
  • Read client testimonials
  • Request quotes for comparison

4. Are sports betting apps profitable?

Sports betting applications are profitable if they are effectively executed, with a focus on user engagement, marketing, and user experience. Essential elements include a smooth user experience, legal compliance, and successful marketing campaigns. Handling complexity can be made easier by teaming up with an expert app development business like aPurple.

5. How to make a sports betting app?

Building a sports betting application requires significant development steps including a collaboration of various specialists, planning UI/UX designs and QA engineers, and more. A good UI/UX helps give your product an appealing visual concept.

6. What are the monetization methods for sports betting apps?

Multiple monetizing methods for Sports Betting applications include:

  • Monetizing Premium Features
  • App Subscriptions
  • Entry Fees
  • Data Monetization
  • Contest Monetizations
  • Livestream Monetizations

7. How do sports betting apps work?

Sports betting apps with a user-friendly UI are a gambling app that allows users to place bets on teams, and players, and earn money.

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