Why is On-Demand Shipping & Trucking Vital in the Transportation Industry?

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Why is On Demand Shipping & Trucking Vital in the Transportation Industry

Be it marijuana delivery, healthcare, online shopping, or private jet leasing, the term on-demand is gaining traction in every sector. On-demand services have raged the life of humans easy as pie. With the widespread nature of on-demand mentalities in each field, shipping and trucking is not exempt from this.

After the taxi sensation of Uber, now it has gone for freight transportation services, which is riveting. For an entrepreneur, the most dismaying thing in the manufacturing of goods is the final stage of the whole process the transport of goods to various locations. It takes a lot of time and energy for every component of this transportation process.

Though, on-demand trucking solutions work as magic for drivers, shippers, and carriers. All these ends of the transportation process benefit from the on-demand trucking and shipping solutions. According to research conducted, the logistic industry will generate the revenue of approximately $12 trillion by 2023. This is so huge! Whether you have an existing cargo business or planning for a startup with digitization you can grab the maximum share of this revenue.

Fascinated to know more about on-demand trucking app development? Keep reading the article to get a complete view of digitization in the trucking industry.

But, before that, let’s nosedive into the challenges faced by the trucking industry before going digital.

Concerns of Shipping & Trucking Industry Before Digitization

The trucking industry is colossal, and managing each operation manually is cumbersome. A few challenges that the freight industry comes across are mentioned below.

High Fees of Brokerage

In the cargo industry, the broker or a middleman takes hefty commission fees for bringing new shipments. Due to the heavy dependencies of carriers of such middlemen, they agree to any percent of commission fees that a broker demands. It results in higher shipping costs to the customers or entrepreneurs looking for the shipments. Considering this scenario, digitization is a must in the trucking and shipping industry. With digitization, high brokerage fees will come to an end.

Security Issues

Basically, carriers have little to no information about the truck drivers or tracking for the shipment due to the lack of technology. In short, the communication gap leads to insecurity for the shipment. Especially handling emergency shipment situations is most arduous. However, the same is never the case with on-demand trucking and shipping businesses.

Tricky Operations

Carriers or trucking business owners are usually swamped with the number of manual operations they have to do for the right shipment. The fact is most of the cargo owners still use phone calls for the to and fro communication of the whole consignment. It results in the wastage of a lot of time, energy, and money that can be used for other essential tasks.

Frequent Poor Customer Experience

In this era of on-demand services, people want everything fast and at their convenience. The freight industry is yet to catch up with this situation. Delivery delays, loss of shipment, damaged items, high shipment fees, incomplete order, and more consequences to poor customer experience. All these concerns are solved with on-demand trucking and delivery service.

So, now you realize the prominence of on-demand freight service in this digital era. Let’s continue further by encompassing on-demand shipping.

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How On-Demand Trucking and Shipping Will Revolutionize the Freight Industry?

revolutionize the freight by on demand trucking

Just like the way on-demand services like Uber and Lyft have changed the way people travel and book taxis.

Analogously, Uber for trucking operates a new marketplace wherein shippers and truck drivers easily get connected to each other. The concept remains the same for the on-demand trucking apps too. Just the roles and components of the on-demand services will change as per the trucking industry.

The customers that are willing to ship goods have to place the request on the online platform. Later, the nearby freelance truck drivers can go through the request and get in touch with the shipper for further procedure.

In a nutshell, using web platforms and smartphones, shippers and carriers can seamlessly connect to the drivers without the need of any broker. You can build your marketplace and keep growing your business with a better ROI and ease of work. So, Curious to know about the on-demand trucking development? Let’s move forward with the same.

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How to Build an On-Demand Freight Trucking Platform?

For the logistic app development that creates value to your on-demand transportation services – you need to focus on a few factors. First and foremost, you need to decide the type of app development, whether you want to develop an app from scratch or planning to go for a clone solution.

If you’re willing to go for a clone solution, then have a look at our portfolio – Logistics App. Either check out our clone solution – Uber For Trucking.

On the flip side, to develop an app from scratch you can make a list of the best app development companies, and choose the one that meets your expectations. Share your requirements to the company, and work on the below-given process.

Once you’re done with this, build the Business Model for your trucking app. You can follow the same business model as that of the popular trucking apps like Uber Freight, Convoy, Trucker Path, and so on. The chances of your on-demand trucking app becoming successful will increase by using an already existing business model as users are already comfortable with it.

After working on the business model, choose the app development platform. Depending on your target region, you can go for native or hybrid app development.

Another thing to take note of is never compromises with your on-demand Freight app’s UI/UX designs. It is crucial for navigation and, ultimately, enhancing the user experience. Thus, these are the steps you need to take for developing an on-demand fleet management platform.

Though, things do not end here. You need to work on the features of your freight app. To attract users to your cargo platform, features play a significant role. Peep into the essential features of the cargo application.

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Features of On-Demand Trucking App Development

Driver’s App

driver app features in on demand trucking

Registration: Drivers can register by filling an online registration form with the necessary details.

Unique Driver Profile: Build a driver profile for showcasing to the shippers.

Shipment Details: Before confirming the shipment, check on all the details for the location, type of shipment, and more.

Filtering Shipments: Various Options are provided to filter out the shipments at your convenience.

Accept/Reject Request: A complete right to either accept or reject the shipment delivery.

Set Availability: Drivers have the authority to be online/offline as per their timings.

Previous & Upcoming Trip Log: Check on the history of previous and the future trip of your shipment.

Push Notifications: Get a notification for each activity like receiving a new shipment, live chat, and more.

Route Tracking: Track your route to reach the final destination.

Connect with Dispatcher: In case of any issue, get in touch with the dispatcher.

Proof of Delivery: After successfully delivering the shipment, take a photo and share it with the customer.

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Shipper’s App

shipper app features in on demand shipping

Login/Sign up: Do a manual login or sign up through the social media login.

List of Vehicles: Get the list of vehicles that are available in your nearby area.

Push Notifications: Get the reminder and other updates of the shipment through push notifications.

Hire Transport Company: Check the list of the transportation companies, and hire them for your needs.

Live Chat with Drivers: In any confusion, get in touch with the driver through live chat.

Schedule Bookings: Shippers can schedule the booking for the upcoming weeks.

Offers & Promo Codes: Get access to various offers and promo codes provided in the app.

In-App Payments: Multiple payment options are provided to make the payment process simpler.

Live Tracking of Shipment: Check the status of your consignment through this feature.

Reviews & Rating: Give ratings and share your feedback about the shipment.

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard: Keep an eye on every activity going around your business.

Create Sub Admins: Build sub-admins to give access to various functionalities.

View Transaction History: Know about each transaction that has occurred based on year, month, or day.

Block Drivers/Shippers: In case of any issue, block any driver or shipper.

Manage Payment Accounts: Manage all types of transactions and payment methods through the admin panel.

Manage Reviews & Ratings: Decide on which reviews you want to keep or delete.

Data Analysis: Analyze every bit of small and big data that is generated in your business.

Looking to build your own on-demand shipping and trucking empire with a tailor-made app?

Aids of On-Demand Shipping and Trucking Business

There are myriads of benefits that one gets with fleet management applications. Here, we have mentioned the advantages that each element connected to the app will get.

Shipper’s Benefit

Gone are the days when a shipper needed to hold their heart in their hands till the time shipment reached the final destination. The core benefits of the trucking app are;

1. Real-Time Tracking – Better Control

The fact is with the trucking app; there will be no more blind shipping operations. The shipper will get the real-time update on the progress of the truck toward the end destination.

2. Easy Payment

Shippers have various options to make the payment after the successful delivery of the shipment. Moreover, through the shipper app, they get a fair estimation of the shipping.

3. Flexible bookings

Be it about emergency booking or scheduling the booking, with the help of an app you can do it without any hurdles. The shipper is free to make a booking at their convenience.

Truck Driver’s Benefit

Truck drivers face so many troubles, be it about finding new shipments or delivering the ones to an unknown destination. However, the situation is different with the on-demand cargo delivery solution.

1. Get New Shipments Without Middleman

Drivers never have to worry about driving unloaded with a trucking service app. Besides that, drivers can save the commission fee that they give to the broker in the traditional trucking system.

2. Performance Tracking<

It is one of the best things that happen to the truck driver. They will never be underpaid with on-demand trucking app development. The reviews and ratings will play a major role in truck drivers getting more and more shipments.

3. Access to Essential Information

With a trucking app, drivers get all sorts of needed information and services, right from tracking, navigation, climate alerts to in-app chatting with shippers in case of any concern.

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Business Owner Benefit

On-demand trucking and shipping app development will let you explore your business to a whole new level. One of the prime benefits you will get is the management of the whole trucking business. Besides that, a few more advantages are as mentioned below,

1. Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

The business will see an increase in the ROI as both the shippers and drivers will get satisfactory results for their services. There are fewer chances of any miscommunication during the complete process of delivering the shipment.

2. Rapid Business Explosion

With on-demand shipping and trucking, you are going to break all your previous records of profits. You can explore your business to the targeted regions with the online platform. Not only your business but the shipping companies and truckers will grow at an incredible rate with your online platform.

3. Better Control Over Business

You will get enhanced control for your business as every single piece of data on the daily activities of your business is showcased to you via the admin dashboard. Besides that, in case of an emergency, you will have control to get in touch with the driver as soon as possible.

Unquestionably, on-demand trucking app development is heading in the economy to get into the minds of people. The future of the trucking industry will continue to advance by filling the gap between shippers and truckers. On-demand trucking marketplace will explore new paths for the freight industry.

It is one of the ideal choices to opt for if planning for a startup or flourishing your present business in the trucking industry. Henceforth, you mustn’t wait to grab this opportunity and grow your business.

Remember, you’re not alone! aPurple team is there with you to bring the best on-demand trucking and shipping solutions for you. Share Your Idea!

Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal
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