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There was a time when people used to laugh at the thought of every individual having a personal phone. Then there came a time when they doubted if they’ll be sitting in New York while video-calling their loved ones in Chicago. Now, there are doubts if programming languages will be the new brick-and-mortar. If you are reading this article currently, be assured that it is because of a programming language that works. Technology is changing the world at jet-pace. Not far is the day when we will be having virtual partners with the help of AI and future Programming languages 2024. The world is already moving towards a culture of learning coding languages. There are many. But which among the most popular programming languages currently will reign in the future?

To understand the best programming languages of the future, we must first grasp the relationship between technology, the internet, and humankind.

How Will Technology & Programming Languages Work Together?

If you think that programming languages are the tale of the 1990s, be ready to get shocked. The predecessor of the first computer language goes back to 1883 (the time of Lovelace and Charles Babbage). And the first true programming language, called Plankalkul, goes back to 1943. The purpose? To help in formal planning for engineering purposes. At the core, it was designed to help humans plan and design with efficiency, at a greater pace, while handling large data sets. This is the time when there were no coding languages to learn.

The core today is still the same. Programming languages today mean to help humans lead a better life. If you look at Java, its purpose was to help electronic devices communicate with each other. In a way, it would allow humans to communicate with each other with ease.

Technology today hovers around electronics and coding. These two things come together to design almost everything we see around us today. Look at cell phones, QR codes, home automation, digital payment, social media, dating websites, space satellites, or even Bluetooth headphones — all these things are an ingenious concoction of electronics and coding. But, why do we have so many different coding languages? And which one is going to be the best programming language for future?

BUT, Why Do We Have So Many Programming Languages?

A room could be created easily using bricks and mortar. But wood is required to build doors and windows; upholstery is needed to adorn the furnishings; glass is required for windows and mirrors. Furthermore, electricity helps in illuminating the interiors. As we evolve, so do our requirements. And these requirements, or needs, lead to the creation of different things. The same comes true for programming languages.

Another reason is the ability of technology and human requirements. At the early computer age, machines could only handle basic coding. At that time basic coding languages like COBOL worked with grace. It helped us create text and some simple designs. Then technology improved and could handle much more data with time. As computers got improved with generations, machine languages too went ahead alongside.

Types of Coding Languages

Programming languages, just like computer processors, have generations.

  • 1GL – Basic machine-level languages fed in binary numbers.
  • 2GL – Assembly Languages like IBM assemblers.
  • 3GL – COBOL, C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Pascal, etc.
  • 4GL – ABAP, SQL, Oracle, etc.
  • 5GL – Prolog, OPS5, Mercury
  • 6GL – NoCode developments.

People sometimes think that the hardest languages to learn are often the most popular coding languages out there. Hardest does not mean the future of coding. If a language is serving the present or future requirement, it will be used no matter how hard or cream-like it is. 1GL and 2GL languages are called low-level programming languages, while the rest are called high-level programming languages.

7 Best Programming Language For The Future That You Must Know

Although these languages are hard to be ranked, there still are factors that can put them upon the rungs. There are languages that serve the present day’s requirements with grace and comfort. These are the most popular high-level programming languages. Apart from these, there are few that the future is ready for; these languages are also considered in this list as the best future programming languages.

hot programming languages

1 – React Native

React Native is a framework Facebook invented in the year 2015. Now, what is the reactive native framework? Apart from being one of the best current and future programming languages, it is a framework used to build native apps for IOS and Android platforms. The purpose? To build applications that could run on both IOS and Android. IOS apps use Swift and Objective-C languages, whereas Android uses Java or Kotlin. Using React Native takes away the hassle of hiring two different sets of developers. Many seasoned web development services in India have already been focusing on it because of its problem-solving nature.

Reactive Native uses Node Javascript – a JS runtime. React Native is considered as an extremely important framework today. Here is why:

  • It leads to a shorter development cycle.
  • It has a quicker deployment time.
  • Because React Native is a one-place solution, it saves money spent on different developers.

2 – Vue JS

Vue JS, also called Vue Java Script, is a JS framework. Now, what is Vue JS? It is a framework that helps in creating interactive web applications using different JS combinations. This helps in creating front-end user interfaces. What Vue JS does is it provides a framework to make different interactive components that encapsulate data and logic, and then compile it reactively with a template in HTML.

Vue JS was invented by Evan You in 2014 and is still getting handled by him and a few core team members. Lately, it has been gaining popularity because of its ease. This JS framework does not require programmers to have hardcore knowledge about frameworks, libraries, or JSX.

3 – React JS

React JS is a library (not a framework) that offers different scripts to build User Interfaces. React JS was developed by Facebook (now Meta) back in 2013 to provide a library of UI components that developers could use to create quick web or application user interfaces. Recently, React JS is rising to the top in the current web development trends because of its independent and reusable components that could be used to create complex user interfaces.

What are UI components? Every web page or application page is made up of different UI components. For example, if you take Facebook home page, you’ll see that it is made up of different top-level components like a header, profile section, news or trends feed, Facebook wall, footer, etc. The header section is made up of further lower-level UI components like a logo, a middle section for messages, friends, etc., and a drop-down setting icon. React JS is now being preferred by top web developers because of its many benefits:

  • It is SEO friendly.
  • React offers progressive functionality.
  • It provides high-level interactivity and offers significant data changes. This helps in saving time and effort.

4 – Kotlin

An object-oriented language, Kotlin was created and first used in 2011. Kotlin, in simple terms, is a high-level programming language that helps in creating cross-platform mobile applications using a simple syntax. Because of its simple syntax and adaptation to java scripts, Kotlin has been named the best platform over Java for android development by Google. In no time it became part of the most popular programming languages. But what is in Kotlin that web developers and multi-billion dollar companies prefer over Java?

  • Kotlin is much shorter and simplified than Java.
  • It is java-compatible, which means that you can use java codes in this.
  • The Kotlin community is larger and stronger.
  • Offers multi-platform development. This leads to saving time and money.

The world considers it the best programming language for the future for these very reasons.

Looking to build a high-quality website or app using the most popular programming languages?

5 – Flutter

It is a UI framework that helps in building native apps for iOS and Android. Many people consider Flutter to be a high-level programming language. Flutter is not a programming language but an SDK – a Software Development Kit. This kit or framework contains pre-written codes, widgets, libraries, tools, documentation, etc. All you have to do is to install Flutter and you’ll have access to hundreds of ready-to-use free widgets that could handle animation, responsiveness, scrolling, etc. At the core, flutter uses Dart, C, and C++ programming languages to help coders create the app of desire. So, what makes Flutter an excellent programming framework?

  • Flutter leads to lesser app-development time.
  • It uses hot reload, a development feature that lets you see the changes you make in real-time without loading the entire app.
  • It has its own rendering engine.
  • One can create personal widgets.

6 – Swift

A high-level language by Apple to help developers create apps that run on devices that the company manufactures. It came on the market in the year 2014 as a practical successor to Obj-C. In the year 2018, Swift was considered the most famous programming language. The good thing about Swift is that it is Open Source. This means that it can be used to develop apps and software outside the IOS platform. Many beginners prefer to learn swift programming because it uses REPL (Redevelopment Print Loop). This allows users to play with the code without any need to recompile it. Here are some of the benefits of Swift:

  • Improved memory management
  • Lightweight closure syntax
  • Beginner friendly language
  • Supports cross-platform functions
  • A large coder community.

7 – Python

Unarguably, developers consider Python one of the most popular programming languages. Developers use it to create websites because of its simple syntax. Some of the most famous creations of Python are Google, YouTube, Quora, Instagram, Dropbox, Reddit, etc. Guido Van Rossum, its creator, first released it in 1991 and named it after the British comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Most web developers prefer Python as their go-to language for Machine Learning, data analysis, data engineering, AI., web development, etc. It is a general-purpose programming language. Python is known as the easiest language because of its simpler syntax which is very similar to the English language. Although it is an easy language to start at, it can be hard to master. Here are some of the reasons why web developers prefer Python:

  • It has a wide range of uses from web development to A.I. and M.L.
  • Preferred by large companies because of its simple and adaptable syntax.
  • Python is free and has a hub of third-party libraries like Django, NumPy, Pandas, etc.
  • It is an Object-Oriented language.

How to Decide Which Programming Language to Choose?

Programming or coding languages are like the tools of an engineer; you cannot pick up a hammer and construct the entire Eiffel Tower using it. Different coding languages serve different purposes. For example, Python works best for Deep Machine Learning, while Kotlin or Java Script works best for cross-platform mobile apps. Before choosing a language, one must first know the requirement. The coding framework you’ll be using for the development will also decide what languages one needs to learn. Some of the most popular programming languages are in use by famous coding frameworks, so it is best to learn those languages first.

Learning to program is a skill that you wouldn’t want to botch. It takes years’ worth of learning, patience, and hard work to excel at programming. Learn it from the best to create the best. aPurple has been a pioneer in the coding industry and can help you gain the skill that the future demands.


1. Which programming language is best in 2024?

These are the best programming languages for the future – Java, Python, Swift, JS, Flutter, and Kotlin. Web development services in India have been focusing on these because of their futuristic approach.

2. Is coding still relevant in 2024?

We are living in the digital age. The need for coders and developers has been on an ever-high. Depending on the approach of technology, the devices undergo a revolution, but coding will always remain prevalent.

3. What are the top 5 programming languages in the world?

According to their usage and their abilities, programmers consider these as the most popular languages in the world: JavaScript, Python, Java, SQL, Kotlin, and R.

4. How can i hire web developers for building website using these latest programming languages?

The process to hire web developers is simple. All you need to do is place an enquiry with the team at aPurple, the best web development company in the IT service industry. The experts will help you with a list of skilled developers that match your budget and requirements.

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