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cost to outsource logistic app developer

Dependency on technologies has been increasing drastically today. With the advancement of technologies, businesses are transforming into a digitalized world. As you can witness the success of logistic booking apps like Uber, many companies see the potential to start logistics app development and hire truck app developers to build the best transportation app.

Note: The logistics market is projected to reach USD 19.8 Billion by 2026 with a growing CAGR of 7%.

If you have been wondering how to build a clone app of Uber for transportation, you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss where to outsource your logistic app development and how much it would cost.

We can guide you to find the best web app development company that fits your requirements. But, before that, understand the criteria for choosing an outsourcing provider.

Criteria to Choose Logistics App Development Company

How to choose a transportation app development company?

This question worries many companies who have faced bad experiences in the past. A few might have paid a higher cost to developers but received low-quality work. Also, a few may give you the best price but cannot fulfil your needs.

So, to help you choose the best outsourcing company, we have compiled a list of factors to check while choosing the right partner to build a truck app like Uber.

Let’s read further.

Technology Education Level

Everyone needs readymade logistics development solutions, and only skilled tech specialists can provide you with suitable app solutions. While selecting the best outsourcing company, you have the opportunity to choose any company from any location.

But, check with the tech education level in the country you want to work with. Ensure to take into account both the general level of education and the expertise of that company. Understanding the developers will give you a clear idea of what to expect from the development company.


Communication is the key factor to exchange information between you and the logistic app developer. Lack of communication can lead to poor quality of work and delay in project delivery.

It is advisable to keep the communication two-way. Therefore, choose an app development company that is transparent in the app development process and communication.

Time Zone

If you have agreed on keeping the communication transparent, you also need to consider the time difference between the two countries. Remember that you need to communicate remotely, and one issue like time difference will delay the work to the next day.

While hiring a logistics app development company, time plays a major role so that at least a part of working hours from both ends coincide.

Product Development Expertise

There are multiple companies in the market providing app development services. Though app developers specialize in different technologies, it is better to clarify the platform you need the application for.

For example, if you want to develop an app on the App Store, you need to hire a company with a team of experts experienced in iOS and projects related to readymade app solutions for transporting goods.

Resource Availability

The most important criterion to choose the best outsourcing company is resource availability. Ensure that the company you hire has all the resources available to cover your tasks from scratch till the finish.

It is a plus point if you partner with a company that provides end-to-end app development solutions to save time and money.

To avail this benefit, get in touch with us. We have a team of experts with years of experience who can manage the entire logistic app development with a post-development service.

Discuss the Price

As mentioned in the beginning, higher prices may not provide quality work. Look for better quality at the best rate. However, there is never a fixed cost for truck booking app development.

There are a plethora of factors involved in developing an app like,

  • App platform
  • The complexity of the app
  • Hidden costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • App development cost based on region

With this, we end the factors that need attention while outsourcing an app development company.

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Now, let’s switch to the list of countries that have the best outsourcing services.

Logistic App Outsourcing Countries & its Cost

When it comes to selecting a readymade truck app development company from any country, explore the team’s experience, tech skills, communication skills, data privacy, experience, etc.

Besides, we have curated a list of countries that offer quality work. Hire the best logistic app developer from any of these top countries.

cost per hour in different countries

1. Argentina

The app developers pool in Argentina reaches around 140,000 professionals. The education system here focuses on informatics which means we can find skilled developers.

However, keep in mind that the country is still developing. Certain economic issues can cause difficulties, like the entry of foreign business in the state of law.

2. England

Undoubtedly, England has some of the great technical skills that will benefit your logistic app project. Though the cost of developing an app is higher, a start-up logistic company may not afford it.

However, if you plan to hire a logistic app developer from this region, you need to know how to outsource as the companies lack in solving complexities.

3.  Australia

Planning to build a mobile application? Australia is also one of the countries that have a pool of mobile app developers. If you are looking for a logistics app development agency in Sydney, they have talented app developers with high skills in each technology. But, the cost per hour that Sydney demands are much higher.

4. Ukraine

Ukraine is highly focused on the IT industry and educating people in the same. With close to 200,000 IT specialists, they have reasonable hourly rates compared to the USA and Western Europe.

The biggest example is Grammarly, created by Ukrainian developers. Also, Google has opened its R&D center in Ukraine.

5.  India

India ranks at the top when it comes to providing IT outsourcing services. Whether developing a new app or a clone app solution like Uber for any industry, India has the best companies to develop an app.

So, considering India to hire truck app developers for trucking booking mobile app development can be the best decision.

If you are still confused about which one is the best, let me clarify which is the best country for IT outsourcing today.

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Which is the Best Country for Outsourcing Logistics App Development?

build a truck app like uber
As you can see in the above information, India charges reasonable rates compared to other countries. But, that is not just one reason to choose India. By selecting the best clone app development company from India, they can help you with benefits like:

  • Customized solutions
  • Skilled developers
  • User-friendly design
  • White label solution
  • Trending technologies
  • Support & maintenance

With millions of skilled employees working in IT outsourcing companies, it proves that India can provide quality services at the affordable cost of truck booking app development.

So, when you outsource app development to India for a clone app like Uber to your trucking business, you can get additional perks like affordable rates, skilled professionals, quality work, and transparency towards the project.

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So, Are You Ready to Outsource Your Logistic App Development?

We hope this blog has helped you learn the approximate cost to develop a logistic app and from where to hire logistic app developers. You must now be familiar with the list of criteria to consider while choosing an app development company.

The next logical step is to approach the logistic app development company and discuss developing an app like Uber for the trucking business.


Why do we need an app for our logistics company?

There are ample benefits to learning why you would need an app for your logistic business. You can develop a clone app like Uber for trucking businesses and avail benefits like tracking the location of the truck, eliminating paperwork, fleet management, reduction of costs and delivery time, optimizing routes, hassle-free booking for users, effective warehouse management, driver details and location, etc.

It becomes easy to manage all these from one platform.

Can you build an app like Uber for Logistics companies?

Yes, we can create an app like Uber with different technologies. You can either get your app built on a native or hybrid platform. We have expertise in developing an app on any platform.

How much does it cost to develop a logistic app like Uber?

To develop a logistic app like Uber, there isn’t any fixed cost. There are several elements that play a role in developing a perfect logistic solution. Depending on your requirements and complexities, the cost of developing a logistic app will be determined. To know more about the same, you can always contact logistic app developers. They can guide you through the entire process well.

Mahil Jasani
Mahil Jasani
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