I Have an Idea for an App, What’s Next?

Mayur Panchal
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I Have an Idea for an App, What’s Next

Are you one of those who thinks like, ‘I have an idea for an app?’ Then,


You just have achieved 1% of your target.

We are not here to demotivate you, but yes there are only few people who can turn there idea into reality in the mobile application market.

Also, Remember!!

Only, the best and unique ideas can find there door of ultimate success.

Well, the best example would be how Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp wanted to lower the cost of taxis and came up with a brilliant idea of developing the Uber app, which earned them success across the globe.

But are you sure your idea would earn you fortunes?

Of course, you wouldn’t know unless and until you have explored the opportunities of how your idea can stand in the market. One thing is for sure; you can’t do wishful thinking and expect your thoughts to turn into a reality. But taking action about how to develop an app might make you a millionaire.

What to do with an App Idea: Tips

i have an app idea where do i start
Before stepping ahead, let me ask you a question. Is your decision firm about creating an app?


Are you someone who has a great application idea, and you scroll down through google pages, and that’s it. You forget about the information you have collected from the blogs and articles. Next time again, when the idea pops up in your head, I have an idea for an app, now what? And the same cycle repeats.

We can’t aid you with the second option, but if you want to know how to develop an idea into a successful application, take a notepad and start noting down the vital information because there are many.

Here we will show how your ‘I have a great idea for an app’ can transform into ‘I have a great app.’
Don’t you think that newspaper applications have made it a lot easier for people who don’t have time to read the news?

Yes, it certainly has saved people’s time and aided them in staying updated.

Similarly, is your application idea solving people’s issues? Or Is it serving a purpose?

Understand it is not worth developing an app until and unless people are not finding the need for it. First, analyze what problems people are facing. Would the Application benefit them by any means?

The best way to analyze your app idea is by identifying whether your Application benefits you, your friends. Or family?

I hope if you do this small survey, you might be able to analyze your application idea. If all seems optimistic, you can move on to the next step.

Market Research

Did you know that 72% of new mobile app-based products fail due to a lack of market research?

One of the crucial steps before developing your Application is doing proper market research about your app idea. It would help you analyze whether your idea will survive the market or draw more people and make them irresistible for your Application.

Mobile app development is a tricky business. Doing the right kind of market research will increase your chances of success. Well, firstly, you have to start by analyzing your target audience.

Analyze Your Audience

It is vital to define your target audience beforehand, as it would be the pillar to building your Application. The development, design, and marketing strategies will be developed once you decide which kind of people will use your Application. You can’t sell your Application to everyone under the sun.

Is your Application benefiting a kid? Is it helpful for educational purposes? Or is it only suited to the young generation?

define target audience for new mobile app

For Instance, a dating application’s target audience would be mainly the younger generation. On the other hand, an educational application would only target students.

Once you are clear about the target audience, it becomes easy to determine the channels through which you can reach them.

Position Your Application

Did you know how Steve Jobs introduced the iPod? He never marketed his product, saying I have an MP3 player with a 5GB hard drive. Instead, he introduced the product by saying, “thousands of songs in your pocket.”

Understand the importance of positioning your product or service. You can’t just say I have an idea for an app, and it’s so unique that it will succeed.

No, never be so overconfident that you miss the minor aspects that aid you in making your unique idea successful.

Once you have defined your target audience, the next step would be grabbing their attention. Understand, that the audience has a short attention span, it can as shorter than a minute.

To make the best of this opportunity, you have to study what’s working best for your audience, which applications are doing great on the app store. For example, if you have an idea for a cooking application, the best way would be to study the best apps for cooking.

Else, you could also survey what problems are faced by people while they are cooking? The more you analyze, the more benefit you can have over your competitors, which takes us to our subsequent crucial discussion of winning your competition.

Study Your Competitors

Hardly people would download two applications of a similar type. We mean either one can have the YouTube music application or the Spotify application. Similarly, Your app idea might be great, but so is your competitor’s idea!

Your app idea might be great, but so is your competitor’s idea!

So how will you beat thousands of apps that are on the Play Store and App Store?

Here is your handy checklist on ’I have an idea for an app where do i start finding my target audience?’

To make your research stellar, consider the below points to analyze the competitors. 

  • Category
  • Audience
  • Unique Features
  • Platform
  • Revenue Model
  • Customer Ratings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Pricing

The more research you do, the higher the chances of making the application successful. Well, this is not all. Once you complete the analysis, consider the below steps to complete the development of your mobile application.

Mobile App Development Platforms

Do you want an application for iOS or Android? Or both?

First, you have to decide the platform for which you want to develop an application. However, it is excellent if you are planning to create an application for both platforms.

Also, note that there are almost 3.48 million apps on the Play Store and 2.22 million apps on the App Store. You have to provide something unique to the users that can make you stand out among users.

Well, an app development company can guide you regarding the cost of developing the App for the platforms.

So by this time, certain things should be crystal clear in your mind. Let’s take a quick recap.

  • Validated your application idea.
  • Analyzed the App’s market potential.
  • Clear idea about your target audience.
  • Proper positioning of the Application.
  • Study your competitors.
  • The platform for your app development.

Well, now it’s time to get into the next step in the phase.

NDA Signing

You have an idea for an app, but how do you protect it?

Well, thankfully, you can protect your app idea by signing an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement)

To brief you more, an NDA is about the parties signing the agreement about not disclosing any information about your development process. NDA aids you in protecting unique ideas. You are required to sign the NDA with the mobile app development services company.

Application Design Steps

We all love things that look good. The users, too, are attracted to the design of the Application. Therefore, you should never underestimate the importance of good design. The UI/UX design plays a vital role in developing an idea for an app. You can ask the developer to design the App and verify the design meets your expectations.

Mobile App Development

Finding and developing the Application might be a daunting process. There are arrays of options for creating your Application, but you need to connect with the right minds that understand how to turn your app idea into an app. Don’t worry if you have a small business idea, you can choose to build an app for your business.

There are three core components on which your mobile application will be developed.

  • Backend Server Technologies
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Frontend Application

Now your app development idea takes the form of reality during this stage. What the user sees and is interested in is the front-end application. However, backend server technology is the development of server-side working. Lastly, connecting one application to another is known as API.

Here I have given a brief description of the process. However, you can read the detailed mobile app development process through our articles.

Launch Your Application

Once your application is developed, the next thing is launching your application. As discussed earlier, you have to select the platform on which you will launch your application.

So during the launch process, you have to go through the App Store and Play Store guidelines. The App Store will review your application before they launch it on their platform. On the other hand, the Play Store will launch your App after a few hours of submitting your application. However, do not forget to keep updating your App on a timely basis.

According to Statista, more than 2 million apps have been made for Android and iOS. You can also join the bandwagon for through your unique app idea.

To make your way through the best applications in the play store, it’s better to explore all alternatives available.


How to Develop an Idea?

There are two ways by which you can develop your application. Let’s get a brief idea about the same.

  • Developing an app from scratch
  • Getting a clone solution

Developing an App From Scratch

Developing an app from scratch may cost you loads of resources, capital, workforce and time. But there is always a risk involved in doing so. Moreover, the expense you might have to bear might be heart-wrenching.

On the other hand, a clone solution might work great for you. If you are a newbie, learn about how a clone solution can benefit you.

Getting a Clone Solution

An app cloning software is a tool designed to create a copy of your application. Getting a clone solution of your application idea works great for your success as:

1. You are launching an application for the first time, so obviously, it’s high risk as there might be people who won’t like your app idea.

2. A lot of time and money goes into developing an app from scratch, and there are instances where someone else would launch a similar application, and you might end up wasting your time and energy.

3. The mobile app market is one crowded space with millions of apps available for download Making your app shine through is an arduous task.

On the other hand, getting a clone solution works beautifully for you as it saves you time, energy and, most importantly, your money. Moreover, the best part about getting a clone solution is people have already accepted the app idea and might accept similar kinds of applications. Therefore, many businesses are opting for a clone solution instead of taking the risk of developing the app from scratch.

Let us do a quick analysis of how both the options work for your app idea.

Scratch vs Clone

scratch vs clone

Clone Scratch
Definition A clone solution is an app that is identical to a popular existing app. For instance, an Uber clone app. Developing an app from scratch means starting with the basic development of the app. To make the UI design, unique features, and workflow that is dedicated to one app only.
Price Usually, a clone app will be less expensive and it takes the developer less time to develop the app. The cost depends on the feature and design you wish to choose. However, it tends to be more costly than a clone solution.
Time Maximum 30-45 days. Minimum 90 days.
Features All the features that are present in the original app. Needless to say, the features you ask the developer to add will be added to your application.
Maintenance If you have the code ownership then you can update & maintain your application. The maintenance would differ from company to company. Usually, the company would give you 3 months of maintenance service for free.

We hope by now you have a clear understanding of how you benefit from both options. Interestingly, there are other options available for your application idea. Here we are going to tell you about something that would benefit you.

Aggregator Business Model

aggregator business model

An aggregator model works on connecting various service providers to the users. A firm known as an aggregator is a mediator between the service provider and the audience. It provides the service provider with a platform to display the available services to the users.

Through the internet or aggregators, the unorganized and populated sector can transform into an organized sector.

Aggregators use the opportunity and fill in the gap by digitizing the problem. Moreover, they charge a commission from the partners. The percentage of the commission varies from industry to industry, place, or season.

To give clarity over the idea, let us understand the concept through an example.

How Does the Uber Aggregator Model Work?

Did you know that Uber does not own a single car?

Well, yes, it might come to the shock of many of the readers that it’s true. So then, how does uber work?

Here’s when the aggregator model comes into the picture. Before Uber was introduced to the world, the taxi business was unorganized and populated. Thus, allowing Uber to organize the taxi market by being the middleman. Hence, the Uber app linked the customer and taxi service providers through an application.

Let us take one more example.

Before, networks integrated content purchases and broadcast availability. Netflix acted as a middleman and modularized broadcast availability by making its entire library available to people. Thus, by doing so, there is an increased subscription and higher content purchase capability.

But why are we discussing the aggregator model? What to do with an application idea?

Well, if you have an idea for an app that can resolve similar issues, you can be the aggregator or partner with an aggregator and develop your app idea.

It’s vital to explore all the options before you launch your application. However, in this blog, we have explained to you several ways by which you can spend the minimum amount and get the best solutions.

Many people think I have an app idea. Now what?

After reading the blog, we hope that you might find a more effortless and best way to develop your app idea.

It’s a Perfect Time! To Build Your App

Today, it gets much more challenging to develop an application on the Play Store or App Store. That said, there are currently over 4 million applications for users to choose from. Well, the real challenge is how to develop an app that makes your application shine through amongst the other applications.

Therefore, many businesses today are opting for a clone solution. It is affordable, and besides that, it gives you the surety that people would accept your application. The reason is that similar applications are ruling the market and are well received by the customers. Hence, many people believe that getting a clone solution is the best solution.

We are an experienced software development company. So if you think you have an idea for an app then you can connect with our experts and we can help you convert your ‘I have an idea for an app’ into a reality.


I Have an App Idea. Where Do I Start?

Once you are clear about what you want to develop, the next thing is finding the best app development company. Well, apurple is the best app development company to guide you through the process. 

What to Do If You Have an Idea for an App?

Once you have figured out which type of application you are going to develop, the right thing would be to develop an app. There are two options for you to create an application, the first is developing an app from scratch, and the second option is choosing a clone solution for the application. 

How do new app ideas make money?

90% of the time mobile devices is used to surf applications. With application monetization methods, already existing businesses can follow ways like:

  • In-app purchase
  • In-app advertising
  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsors

Android or iOS users should be able to use your app and make in-app purchases for you to make money. Similarly, choosing the best business model by analyzing the competitors can also help your business grow. 

What is the future of on-demand apps?

Every day there are new applications launching in the market to help people with their daily needs or to cater to whatever they want to purchase from their home. To top the list, on-demand apps with a $4.8 billion investment are the most important category for a startup to make money. On-demand apps for taxis, grocery, food delivery, etc. are growing in popularity. 

What do you do with an idea?

If you have an app idea for your business or if you are thinking of starting a new venture, creating a mobile application becomes vital. Analyze how the idea of an application will help people? Keep the facts ready and then reach out to a mobile app development company to understand the stages of app development and how you can make a successful application.

Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal is the CTO of aPurple. He is passionate about tech trends, clone apps, on-demand app solutions, and innovations across various domains. He loves to share his expertise through engaging content and inspiring others to discover the future of the IT world.

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