How to Start an Alcohol Delivery Service App?

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How to Start an Alcohol Delivery Service App

Alcohol or liquor is probably the biggest catalyst in socializing and making friends. It’s rightly said that a party’s not a party until there’s some booze in it. So, whether you are someone who enjoys a glass of rich red wine with dinner or someone who likes to get dead drunk with friends, liquor delivery app service, or beer delivery service will serve you well.

Getting your liquor delivered is not much different from getting your grocery or cooked food delivered at your home. There are certainly some additional precautions, licenses, and regulations to abide by as an on-demand alcohol delivery service.

So, how to start an alcohol delivery service? That’s what we’ll be talking about today in this article.

How to Develop a Liquor Delivery App?

Now with a global quarantine in place, it is the perfect time to infuse technology with the way liquor shop dealers serve their customers. So, using an alcohol delivery mobile app, people can order liquor of their choice, pay online, and get your booze delivered at your doorstep.

You can also track the order of your liquor package with real-time location and get the delivery right at your doorstep. Such convenience at delivering alcohol through an app to the user unlocks limitless possibilities for alcohol retail businesses with the help of the on-demand alcohol mobile app development.

If your alcohol retail service has hit a slag lately, creating an alcohol delivery app will not only boost business sales but will also help in maximizing the profits by growing a larger client base.

This blog will let help you learn how to start an alcohol delivery service and understand every aspect of alcohol delivery mobile app development, beginning from the development process, technology stack, app features, development cost, business opportunities, and much more.

The first thing you need is a highly knowledgeable developers team with hands-on experience in the programming language, technology stack, and the complete development processes in building an alcohol delivery application.

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The phases in developing an on-demand Alcohol delivery app are:

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Testing
  • Deploying

While planning a development project, you also need to consider some factors like the app and business’ scalability, a custom front-end for the app, friendly interface and app navigation, an advanced dashboard for admin and alcohol stores, and an analytics panel for the super admin.

If you choose the custom alcohol app development approach, it might take you a year or more to develop a fully-functional alcohol delivery mobile application (Android & iOS). But if you are in a hurry, then the best option is to go with our ready-to-launch in 48 hours alcohol delivery app clone solution.

So, that was the answer to your question, how to create an alcohol delivery app? Now, we’ll take a look at the best app features to have in your alcohol delivery app.

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On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Features

On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Features

Here are the best app features that are a must in an on-demand alcohol delivery app. Make sure you get these app features made for your digital app solution.

Customer App

Login: The users can find the top quality drinks and deals on them by simply registering to the app.

Liquor Listing: After registration, the user can view all the listed drinks from the surrounding shops. Verify the price and get details on the drinks.

Apply Filters: With the latest app development skills, you get filters options in the app making purchases easier. The filters offer different categories of liquor, price point, drink customer ratings, etc.

Place Orders: When you’ve done choosing your poison, you can place the order for selected drinks.

Track Order: Once you’ve placed your order, the app will also show an estimated delivery time like any other delivery service app. With this feature, get the order status such as processed, still in the queue, out for shipment, etc.

Cashless Payment: The whole world is going cashless, so does the alcohol delivery app. The app supports different transaction models like credit/debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and any other medium that works in your country.

Order History: Sometimes, you would like to have the same drink you had last night or last week. With the order history feature, you can view previous orders and repeat orders with one click.

Product Review & Feedback: Users can share their reviews like the delivery service and the drinks and rate on both criteria.

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Store App & Dashboard Panel

Login: This feature is the same as the user panel but for the store owner. The wine shop owner will register as a stakeholder and receive an OTP on their mobile number or email ID for logging in.

Manage Drink Categories: The liquor store owner can list their drinks into categories such as wine, beer, whiskey, breezers, etc.

Mange Drinks & Snacks: Some stores also offer complimentary snacks and additional items with the drinks. With this feature, the owner can list such add-ons for the users allowing them to order conveniently.

Manage Prices: A liquor shop owner will be the one who manages the price details for their shop’s profile on the app, and they can do it with this app feature.

View Ratings & Reviews: The alcohol shop owner can see the ratings and reviews given by the user and bring in necessary changes according to their honest input.

Manage Earnings: The liquor shop owner analysis the monthly or weekly earnings through the app and can manage the profits and costs within the app.

Admin App

Admin Login: The main business and app owner and his/her admin staff can log in to their super admin app and dashboard. With this super dashboard app, the admin can view the entire business and channel of the working through the app dashboard.

Manage Payments: The main admin manages and monitors all the payments and transactions done through the app.

Order Management: The admin can monitor and control all the assigned orders along with their status and details.

Settings: Admin manages all the related apps settings such as updating the prices, allowing/blocking a store owner, product listing, etc. within the main admin app.

Marketing Management: The admin can also manage the complete marketing process like advertisements, email templates, app banners, and promotional campaigns for the app and the vendors (alcohol store owners) from within the admin app.

Real-Time Analytics: The app allows the super admin to view real-time statistics of various factors. It also provides reports on the number of orders, maximum orders region, peak delivery hours, etc.

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5 Best On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps

Best On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps
Here are the 5 best alcohol delivery apps. If you are an avid drinker, give these apps a try. If you are here for business, then these are your competition, watch and learn how they did it.

Drizly App


Drizly proudly boasts that it is the best app for delivering alcohol, with a guaranteed delivery under 1 hour. Whether you are looking for your favorite wine, liquor, or beer, Drizly is the name you are looking for on the on-demand alcohol delivery app. Drizly app offers probably the largest selection in alcohol drinks, thousands of brands and mixes.

Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery

The Minibar Delivery app is probably the poshest one on the list. It is the perfect app if you wish to get their services to send alcohol as a gift to someone, or for high-end orders like a party or event. The app specializes mostly in bulk orders to stock the bar. The Minibar Delivery app also offers a useful wine description and pairing recommendation for the wine or alcohol you choose.

Klink Delivery

Klink Delivery

Klink does offer the regular within an hour delivery of alcohol, but this Klink Delivery app is much more than that. Beyond just delivering common drinks for single customers, Klink also works with brands and agencies to create and bring a branded experience to its customers. Klink’s app platform offers a curated selection of products based on the taste of the users or the occasion that they are ordering for.



The common alcohol stores don’t have enough time or resources to manage a website or app. So, Buttery took that upon themselves to make an app that provided a cohesive, Amazon-like purchasing experience for beer/wine/liquor. Buttery provides a digital e-commerce and marketing solution for independent alcohol stores across the US that need a hand from the digital side to expand the business.



Thirstie is a million-dollar app startup that has revolutionized the alcohol delivery digital platform game. They are no less than a digital wizard as the app startup enables direct-to-consumer sales and targeted marketing using consumer data, and some other unique revenue opportunities for local alcohol stores. It’s the app that gives all kinds of alcohol, all sizes on their app, and complete control to the seller over their profile experience.

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Start Your Alcohol Delivery Service or Beer Delivery Service

Developing your own on-demand delivery app and starting an alcohol delivery service is a slightly difficult process than the regular grocery or food delivery startup, but the payback is definitely worth it. Unlike other delivery services, the alcohol delivery service is a lesser-explored vertical, making competition a tiny bit easy.

This doesn’t mean it is easy to make it into this business vertical. You need to get the best app development company to build your app, and if you want to launch your app not in a year but ASAP, then you need an expert in instant app clone solutions, you need a company like aPurple.

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