Drizly vs Saucey: Stock Your Cocktail Bar With Liquor Delivery Services

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Drizly vs Saucey

Drizly vs Saucey- Alcohol delivery apps that do not make you think straight!

Looking to stock up alcohol crates? In the earlier days, people used to visit the local stores to buy their favorite drinks. Today, people are accustomed to get everything delivered at home like groceries, food, medicine, etc. and so, they prefer and wish to get the alcohol crates delivered at their doorstep.

With the pandemic change in shopping behavior, the growing alcohol ecommerce market was expected. Let’s discuss the famous Drizly vs Saucey alcohol apps that have occupied a huge market in delivering alcohol in the USA.

Well, why jump to the conclusion when there’s a lot to know and understand about the best apps in the market. Let’s start with statistics that depict the liquor market. Given the pandemic and the change in shopping behavior, the growing alcohol ecommerce market was not surprising. Later, we will talk about the difference between these apps, how they work and make money.

  • According to Forbes, two-thirds of liquor lovers made their first online wine purchase pre-pandemic.
  • According to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, ecommerce has become the third sales channel for alcohol purchases.
  • The USA is the most significant driving force, with nearly 60% of alcohol buyers.

The above statistics prove that consumers have shifted to online delivery apps to buy liquor. Today, everything you need is available online, so beer, wine, and spirits are no exception.

People look for ‘alcohol delivery services near me’ to stock up their bar within no time.

While local wine stores may not be able to deliver liquor at the doorstep, people look for delivery apps that serve them the best alcoholic beverages at affordable prices.

That’s when liquor business apps like Drizly and Saucey come into the picture. They partner with local liquor stores and make it easy for the users to shop for alcohol anytime, anywhere.

These apps serve like Uber for alcohol, offering one platform to get all types of beverages delivered at home. If you wish to start a similar business, it is essential to understand how a booze delivery app works and make money.

What are Liquor Delivery Services?

Are you planning to throw a party tonight but running out of beer and wine?

Not to worry, get same-day alcohol delivery without any hassle. Just like UberEats and GrubHub deliver food, uber for alcohol is ready to serve you the best of wine collection.

Saucey and Drizly app will help you provide your favorite booze at your doorstep within an hour.

But which locations do these apps serve? The below image shows that both the apps have covered the major cities in the USA.

online alcohol delivery in the usa

Let us give you a detailed description on Drizly vs Saucey, how each of these apps work to make good business in the alcohol industry.

Drizly App

Drizly is an ecommerce platform that connects with the local wine stores for liquor delivery services. The compatibility of the alcohol delivery app is available on all platforms. Businesses that have already invested in this app offer a massive liquor collection at competitive prices. Get to know everything about how Drizly works and its business model in the next section.

How Does Drizly Work?

Drizly is the “Amazon” of alcohol, and it is the best alcohol delivery app developed for customers to provide comfort in buying a sheer variety of liquor.

In simple terms, the drizly app allows selling wine online to customers. There are two parties involved- business and the app users, and Drizly ranks on the top because it works with more than 3000 local stores and supplies alcohol as per user’s convenience.

Users enjoy using Drizly, as it offers a wide range of whiskey, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, mixers, etc.

However, for a successful delivery, the business needs to follow specific guidelines:

  • When the customer places an order for the drink they want to purchase; they choose the local store nearby. Drizly connects with multiple such stores where consumers used to visit the shop to purchase liquor.
  • The order is redirected to the store, and they keep it ready for delivery within an hour.
  • Customers should have access to track the entire delivery process via the Drizly app.

Although Drizly confirms to provide the delivery service in an hour, they do not give any assurance as the local store handles the delivery and not the app. There may occur hindrances like traffic, poor signal, climatic condition, etc., that affect the delivery time.

Drizly acts as Uber for alcohol. It’s a mediator between the seller and the consumer with the help of digital solutions and a streamlined process to provide ease to the customers. The increase of customers over the app forces the sellers to join the application.

Drizly also provides an app designed only for the delivery boys with verified ID authentication. This gives the users a sense of reliability and develops trust with Drizly. Major reason why Drizly customers using Drizly will have to bear the minimum liquor delivery fee that goes to the local is considered the top-ranked alcohol delivery app is because they deliver quality liquor. It includes an extensive quality check, inventory, and storage space check.

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How Does Drizly Make Money?

Drizly is an ecommerce platform commenced in Boston. The owner came up with the concept while buying a beer in the middle of the night.

For any on-demand services, a local store is necessary, without which the on-demand business apps like Drizly, Uber, etc., do not work. Having sufficient suppliers who join the app will increase the app’s revenue.

Drizly does a thorough quality analysis before adding any store to its app. Then it integrates their delivery system in the app and a POS system that gives the users access to the store’s inventory. Once the store starts delivery via app, Drizly ensures to provide a wider audience to the retailers.

If you are a local store owner thinking of partnering with Drizly, a question will pop up in your mind. How much does Drizly charge retailers?

Local liquor stores that join Drizly will have to pay a monthly fee to enroll as a partner. However, a customer needs to purchase a minimum bill amount to place the order successfully.

Drizly had made millions by only charging a fee from the retailers and not per order. This has attracted many local stores to join Drizly and increase their liquor shop revenue.

Saucey Alcohol Delivery App

Saucey app is an ecommerce platform for alcohol delivery. It serves more than 12 cities intending to expand its service across the USA.

This alcohol delivery app delivers liquor after 12 pm until late at 1 am. With alcohol, customers get a choice to order snacks and cigars. Saucey app claims to deliver the order within 30 mins or two-day shipping, much faster than the Drizly app.

How Does the Saucey App Work?

To become a Saucey partner, you need to visit their site and fill out a form that has a list of questions. A Saucey representative will get in touch with you at the earliest. Use the Saucey platform to drive actual revenue without increasing the cost to develop a own app.

Saucey is the fastest-growing booze delivery app for retailers to expand their business using ecommerce. Expand your reach and gain insights from customers by putting the entire list of alcohol inventory from your store.

According to Saucey, over $105 billion of alcohol is sold every year in the USA.

How Much Does Saucey Cost?

Saucey is known for its quick delivery service. With no delivery fees, Saucey gets the attention of all the consumers quickly. Although, you need to watch out for minimum order purchases to prevent Saucey courier pay. This gives a reason to the consumer to add a few more bottles to the cart.

How Does Saucey Make Money?

Alcohol has been around forever, and Saucey has created a benchmark despite prohibitions and recessions. With the help of robust mobile technologies, Saucey has given retailers and users the best alcohol delivery app.

Saucey claims to be the premium alcohol delivery app that controls the delivery from start to finish. This means until the user gets their delivery, Saucey provides premium service, as they want every user to have a Saucey experience.

This was all about the Drizly and Saucey alcohol app that has taken a tremendous place in the market. To become a partner, you might think of joining the best platform, isn’t it?

Let us jot down the differences between Drizly vs Saucey in our next section.

Drizly vs Saucey: Are These Alcohol Apps Similar or Different?

Although the working and the cost of these apps are similar, they differ slightly in who delivers the alcohol to the end-users. When you order through Drizly, the local alcohol stores take care of the delivery services.

Whereas, Saucey delivery works on the business model like GrubHub and Seamless. They hire drivers on a contract basis who are paid hourly to pick and drop off. Mainly the difference between the two falls between the speed of the delivery and hours of operation.

Let’s check what Drizly offers:

  • Get it Now – Are you running out of booze at tonight’s party? Place your order now and get your favorite liquor brand within one hour.
  • Get it Later- If you plan to throw a party next weekend or plan for a trip, place a scheduled order with Drizly. They will deliver the items as and when you need them.
  • Pickup Orders- As Drizly connects with the local stores, users have an option to pick up their orders from the local stores directly. The stores will pack the items before you reach them.
  • Shipment- The orders ship through FedEx or any other third-party shipping service for any rare brand or out-of-stock liquor,
  • Drizly Connect- Choose from any connected partners of Drizly and place separate orders at your doorstep now.

By comparison, Saucey has simple options, unlike Drizly. They do not have options like shipping or picking up from local stores as their business model is different from Drizly. But, they do allow instant orders and scheduled orders.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what to expect from each liquor app.

Are you looking to maximize the revenue with custom liquor delivery app?

Verdict: Drizly vs Saucey?

How to get booze delivered?

In comparison, you may find reasons to use both apps whenever you want to purchase liquor. After all, the Drizly app offers ice, whereas the Saucey app also corners the tobacco market.

If you are a startup and looking to adopt either of the business models, choose wisely. Look for better service areas rather than selecting the features of the app. You can always create a clone of Drizly or Saucey with minimal customization.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to call a winner between the two. Reach out to the best clone development company to discuss more.

aPurple has the best team of developers who can analyze the apps and help you decide which one would fetch you better revenue in the future. They have a team of clone app developers with past experience in creating apps like Uber, Grubhub, Postmates, Drizly, and other such on-demand apps.

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