Deliveroo vs UberEats: Fight of the 2 Ranking UK Food Delivery Apps

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Deliveroo Vs UberEats

With millions of users and strings of apps available, the food delivery app market is having a spellbound expansion in the UK.

Nowadays, people don’t have to move an inch from their couch to get that cheesy slice of pizza or satisfy the craving to eat a sandwich or any other beverage from a restaurant.

The top food delivery apps provide the best solution for users to order their favorite dishes, from local to fancy restaurants. And in the last few years, many Deliveroo competitors apps have disrupted the market, like UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, etc.

So many… but which one to choose? – To answer this, let’s understand the difference between the two top food delivery apps that are going strength-to-strength in this cutting-edge competition. Let’s see the battle between the best Deliveroo vs UberEats: Which one is a better choice?

Also, get an in-detail explanation through different perspectives on both apps. First, let’s get a detailed explanation of Deliveroo & UberEats.

A Brief Overview of Uber Eats vs Deliveroo

First, here’s an individual analysis of both food delivery apps, followed by how they are different.


Deliveroo is the first one that revolutionized thefood delivery business model and made it convenient for food lovers to get their favorite dishes.

Will Shu and Greg Orlowski founded Deliveroo in 2013. It works with premium local and famous food chains like Mcdonald’s and KFC. Hence, it provides a quality fine-dining experience to its customers.


UberEats is an online food ordering and delivery platform that is an extension of Uber, which offers seamless services. Furthermore, due to its large-scale driver availability, it is considered one of the best UK delivery apps for getting food and groceries to your doorstep.

The company started the business software under Uber Fresh in August 2014, which is associated with local and multinational food brands people desire.

Deliveroo vs UberEats: Know the Difference

Point of Difference Deliveroo UberEats
Availability Across the Globe Around two hundred UK cities and countries like France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, UAE, and Hong Kong. Available in 6000 cities in 45 countries like the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, Ukraine, etc.
Number of Restaurants This best UK food delivery app has around 160,000 restaurants on its platform. This Uber extension app has around 900,000 restaurant partners across the country.
Total Delivery Period Orders take a minimum average of 20 to 32 minutes to deliver. Uber eats will take around 35 minutes to deliver.
Need for Minimum Order It varies from restaurant to restaurant No requirement for minimum order.
Delivery Fee A distance-based fee system helps in deciding Deliveroo charges. Delivery fees vary depending on distance, restaurants, destination, etc.

UberEats vs Deliveroo: Understanding Apps Through User’s Accessibility

User Accessibility

The meal delivery apps market is expected to reach $62,836.97 million by 2030. It becomes necessary to make something lucrative for customers, so let’s evaluate Deliveroo vs UberEats through customer experience. In this user experience comparison, we will analyze both app’s seamless UI from the account and its ordering process.

Let’s understand it by answering basic usage questions:

1) Which App Makes It Easiest To Connect With The Restaurant?

Deliveroo or UberEats: Better At Establishing Connection

The signup process & ordering systems in these platforms are available through the website and in an application format:

  • From a UI comparison, Deliveroo vs Uber eats has developed a fantastic ordering page that can be intriguing for the customers and easy for them to access and get the correct information.
  • While the main highlight of Deliveroo is its estimated delivery time mentioned, which is quite a unique thing to offer the customers.
  • UberEats tends to have integrated more restaurants and menu prices, giving better and more refined choices to order and deliver.

Hence, Uber eats has to offer more options when connecting with restaurants, but many premium restaurants are associated with Deliveroo.

2) Amongst Deliveroo & UberEats, Which App Makes The Food Ordering Process Very Simple?

Deliveroo vs UberEats

  • Many customers claim that Deliveroo tends to be a better option and gives a better ordering process by mentioning the time, which is why it is better than UberEats. It is mainly covered with images, which is why it becomes difficult to trust if there are no images. In this section, Deliveroo wins the game.
  • Both apps provide an equal checkout process for the customers to give them the best experience in the UK delivery apps.

In this comparison, Deliveroo gets a tick that gives high quality and uniqueness, and it is better in the ordering process than UberEats.

3) Based On Order Delivery Updates, Deliveroo vs UberEats: Which Food Delivery App Is Giving On-point Information?

  • Uber can be the pioneer then Deliveroo because one can’t challenge the order delivery updates as they are fast and optimum and take a long time.
  • Deliveroo tends to provide steps for getting the orders on-point, but the end-user doesn’t want to know in detail. That is the main reason Uber eats is the winner of this segment.

With that, in UberEats vs Deliveroo, both apps have a win-win situation while giving convenience to the customers.

After comparing the user’s accessibility, let’s analyze it from the Driver’s perspective.

Uber Eats or Deliveroo Driver: Which One Is Better Choice for Food Delivery Driver?

Best app for Drivers
From the food delivery drivers’ pay POV, let’s dive into the Uber Eats vs Deliveroo pay:

  • Deliveroo Drivers Pay

The Deliveroo Driver can earn a minimum wage of around £6.65 to £25 per hour (these are estimates, though, as per the practical experience, these prices will vary). Moreover, the need for such convenience rises on the weekends, which gives Deliveroo drivers a tremendous rise in earnings.

They can earn as per the drop, typically around £3 to £4 though as per the research and sources, we can determine this amount. The Deliveroo paying the driver rate also depends on the delivery location.

  • UberEats Drivers Pay

Uber Eats hourly rate UK is £9.81 per hour. Though typically Uber eats pays for their deliveries, agents earn money around £6.65 to £16.60 per hour. The Uber Eats delivery driver app pays matrix online shows the guaranteed minimum fee after Uber’s service charge.

A food delivery driver can earn more money in peak hours, but it also depends on the areas in which they are functioning. UberEats tends to pay in an hourly pay matrix, which makes it easy for drivers to get their estimated earnings.

Therefore, when it comes to drivers, there is no comparison as Deliveroo and UberEats are more lucrative and comparatively better choices for drivers.

Let’s better understand both the apps through their revenue and operations to get better clarity.

Deliveroo vs UberEats: Comparison of Operations

At this stage, let’s compare the working of UberEats vs Deliveroo to launch the best food delivery app clone. Observe the comparison below to establish your Deliveroo or Ubereats clone app in the food delivery industry and take it to new heights of success.


  • Channels

The main channel of Deliveroo provides its meal services by ordering directly through its website.

  • Partners

It has the top ride-hailing company on board for more deliveries. The official partner is Takeaway Delivery Suppliers.

  • Resources

The leading resource is a software platform that serves its restaurants, customers, and Engineers and directly contributes to crucial resources.


  • Channels

The customers can order directly through the mobile application android or iOS and Digital Marketing.

  • Key Partners

The main partners are restaurants, retail & grocery stores, and delivery suppliers.

  • Key Resources

The essential resources are Partnerships with local providers, Freelance delivery providers, and then to go with better technology.

There is a certain way the operations take place, but the better one between UberEats or Deliveroo is a matter of choice.

Deliveroo vs UberEats: Knowing the Revenue Streams

The primary revenue streams of the UberEats and Deliveroo apps are as follows:

Revenue Earnings of Deliveroo

Deliveroo charges a small service fee from every customer, which will also depend on the area. Mainly it is around £2.50 from the consumers. And another source of income for Deliveroo is the restaurant’s commission that they take for every delivery.

The restaurants can then approach the app to advertise their name on the application or website then, and also, the restaurants have to pay fees to get more reach and visibility through the app.

Revenue Earnings of UberEats

UberEats tends to charge around 30% commission on the orders that Uber eats Driver delivers, the charges decrease to around 16% when the restaurant staff delivers the order, and it becomes 6% for the other pick-up options.

The primary source of income for UberEats is that they charge restaurants for every single order that is received through the app. Though the delivery fee is not fixed, it can vary on multiple factors like distance traveled, availability of drivers, and many others.

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aPurple’s Final Take: UberEats vs Deliveroo

The question is still on: Deliveroo vs UberEats: Which is the best?

So far, we have seen different perspectives through which the comparison is ideal, but here we will be non-committal as the choices from user to user differ. Based on perspective, the best app would be the one that gives more options like UberEats or the one that gives the best UI and premium options like Deliveroo.

Hence, the end-users or app owners should consider, per their preference, whether UberEats or Deliveroo is the one that can remain on their list of top-used food delivery apps. The choice is yours!!


1 – What is the competitive advantage of Deliveroo?

The main competitive advantage is partnering with restaurants within every city. And through this list, it is more clear why this best UK food delivery app is continuously excelling in the market:

  • Refined Quality of Service
  • Strong Network of Partners
  • Reach through Perfect Marketing & Advertising
  • Costing
  • Pricing

2 – How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like UberEats & Deliveroo?

The cost to build the best UK delivery apps depends on your need and the features in the market:

  • The estimated cost to build an MVP app is approximately .around $10,000 to $15,000
  • Cost to build a software and web platform will be about $20,000 to $25000
  • To make a fully-functional application like Deliveroo and UberEats it costs around $25000 to $40,000

3 – Tech stack for building apps like Deliveroo and UberEats?

The technology stack that can be used for making an app similar to an UberEats and Deliveroo app is as follows:

  • Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) are the trending programming languages
  • For back-end development, it is better to use Node.js.
  • Braintree or PayPal can quickly do payment integration.
  • Push notification integration through FireBase cloud messaging or Amazon SNS.
  • Amazon SES can take over the mailing service.
  • For navigation integration is Google Place API and Google Maps.
  • For restaurant listings, the best is GrubHub API and FourSquareAPI.
  • With social media integration, it is better to use Facebook SDK.
  • Sms service can be initiated more by Twilio.

4 – How does Deliveroo compare to Uber Eats?

Many people ask, “Is Deliveroo or UberEats better: What is the main difference?” Though the distinctions needs a brief explaination, but main difference is Deliveroo is more inclined towards giving quality meals and offers good meals from fine dining restaurants. Besides, UberEats will provide you with various options, from burgers to fine coffee.

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