Clone App Delivery Process at aPurple: Simple, Fast, and Convenient

Mayur Panchal
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Clone App Delivery Process at aPurple Simple, Fast, and Convenient

Are you looking for a clone script for your business? Are you wondering how much time will it take to get your clone app delivered to you? Are you not sure about the clone app delivery process? Nevermind. We have covered all your questions in this article with precise details.

So, here we go;

aPurple’s Clone Scripts Delivery Process Look Like

Even though aPurple came into being just about four years ago as an extension of our parent company, “Excellent Web world,” we have more than 12 years of experience in this field. Combining our experience and expertise with proven development methodologies, we have a predictable, transparent, and easy to manage clone app solution delivery process in place. Whether you need an Uber clone, Instacart clone, Taskrabbit clone or others, we can deliver to you right in deadline.

It starts with selecting SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) frameworks which are adjustable based on the project requirements and clients’ demand. Let’s explore the entire process if you want to get a highly effective clone app for your business.

But, there are so many things that happen before the core processes that you would like to know;

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Process Begins with your Approach

Yes, the process begins with your search, research, and contacting aPurple. This is the initial phase that precedes but part of our process. Let’s take a look at the steps in detail;

Make an Inquiry

In search for the best clone app online, you find us and fill out the inquiry form, citing your requirement and allowing us to connect with you. Our team contacts you through the given communication channels, and that’s how the process kickstarts.

Project Discussion

You discuss your project with us and share the details, including requirements, budgets, and ideas. Our expert team constantly is in touch with you to discuss the projects and needs.

Requirement Analysis

Once the project is discussed, we step into the following process that is requirement gathering. That involves tech specs, team, and more. During this phase, our internal deadline is decided —separate from what we get from you or other clients. As per the clients’ requirements, our business analyst prepares a design backlog that includes functional and non-functional requirements and a complete roadmap.

Technical Documentation & Inputs

Once we gather the resources, we prepare technical documents that outline everything, such as technology stacks used for the projects, features in the clone apps, designs, themes, and others. We also explain the risk factor that might cause to slow down the project development along with the ways to eliminate such an issue.

Negotiation Phase

Our expert will make several calls during this phase and explain everything in detail. The next step is deciding the costs. This is based on the project complexities, the duration (it will take to design and customize it), and more. You are free to differ the final estimation. If we find your point valid, we will definitely consider reducing the costs. Once we mutually agree on the price, we take the next forward.

Agreement Signed Off

The next but the most crucial step is to ‘sign a confidentiality agreement.’ You will get an NDA document via mail or post (based on the conveniently available communication channels). However, we will send the signed agreement once the final negotiation is done. On the other hand, that’s a green signal for us to kick off the project.

Looking To Start Your Clone App Project?

Acquiring Process

That’s our part, and we take care of it exceptionally well. We begin with building a team. The project is explained to them (team) by the project manager. Each one of the team is assigned a task with a deadline. And everything takes place under the supervision of the team leader and the project manager. Our client remains in the loop and freedom to interfere, interact and discuss with any team members.


In clone app development, we make sure that the clone is built upon the perfect technology so that our client gets long-lasting performance.


Based on the outlines created by our business analyst, Our solution architect and designer implements the design by turning it into code and gets approval from the project managers and the clients. No doubt, in clone app development, design is almost fixed, giving a little room for improvement.


The next step is to personalize the product by customizing it based on your business niche. We change, implement or integrate new features, themes, templates, and others to suit a specific user or group of users within the organization. We ensure that the software is designed and implemented perfectly to coexist with your business ecosystem. However, clone apps come with limited design and customization options, added customization will consume extra time and so do the costs.


When it comes to readymade clone scripts, testing is a vital part. As we have cloned most of the popular applications, it hardly takes a day or two (if you do not require any extra customization or features integration) to customize it, but it takes around a week or two to test the product. Under the constant supervision of project managers and developers, our QA and Testers ensure that all features are perfectly fit to your business niche and users’ needs.

They test it and validate it. If any bugs are found, they get them fixed by explaining the defects to the developers

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Final Release and Deployment

Once the project is tested, validated, and approved by the project manager and clients, we have the next steps in line to take. Let’s explore them;

Final Testing in Real Environment

We test the project again in the natural environment. That means the app is distributed among anonymous users, including our staff in the company. They use the app and give their feedback. Once we are satisfied with the results, we wrap the project.

Source code Deployment with Ownership

Finally, the project is deployed on the server and the downloading platforms. We also deliver the source code with ownership to the clients. The clients can have a final overview of the project and let us know if they need any further assistance or change in the project. We make sure that they get satisfactory results.

Post-Deployment Support

We also offer post-release support to help our clients manage their product, enhance the clone app after its official release. Post-release support enables clients to get quick assistance when needed. It could be anything from making any changes to integrating any new features. We provide post release support for 3 months to all clients. If you need further assistance or maintenance support, you may have to pay some extra bucks.

Who Manages the Entire Process?

Our project manager takes this responsibility on his head. He ensures that all our clients stay informed about every progress done on their project. Besides, you can count on them as they are skilled enough to make you feel as if we are just next door. Apart from our project manager, our CTO also keeps a constant eye on every project.

Our project manager is not just your SPOC (Single Point of Contact), but he also ensures the effective implementation of the project as it is developed into each phase.

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Clone App Delivery Process at aPurple

understand clone app delivery process by Infographics

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Are You Exploring to Acquire Ready-to-Go Clone App?

As you have gone through the entire clone app delivery process, let us know you have any doubts about the process. Or, you can directly connect with us if you need solutions for your business. We aim to deliver the best clone solutions that help you not just manage your business smoothly but also scale up as and when you need to.

Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal is the CTO of aPurple. He is passionate about tech trends, clone apps, on-demand app solutions, and innovations across various domains. He loves to share his expertise through engaging content and inspiring others to discover the future of the IT world.

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