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Partying with your friends can be challenging in a small car, and even if you have a wagon, fuel costs, parking slots, and getting through traffic can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are ridesharing apps that make traveling to your party destination more fun and relaxing! This is not only economical but also convenient.

While Uber and Lyft have monopolized the spotlight, the world of rideshare apps boasts myriad options, each vying to redefine the commuting experience.

And so, we present this blog – a beacon guiding you through the maze of ride-sharing wonders. Here, we’ll mention some of the best ride-share apps around the globe that you can prefer based on your location and mode of travel.

Before discussing the top rideshare apps, let’s consider some promising statistics illuminating the market’s colossal growth.

Rideshare App Market Statistics You Must Know

Looking at 2024’s growth, we anticipate an even more significant increase in the rideshare industry. Below are the market stats for ridesharing apps.

  • Let’s start with revenue. The rideshare app market will see a boost in revenue by US$165.60 bn in 2024.
  • In 2021, there were over 1.3 billion users of ridesharing services worldwide, with projections to reach 1.8 billion by 2025
  • Furthermore, the annual growth rate of the sharing market for CAGR of 6.83% is expected to result in a market volume of US$215.70bn by 2028 globally.

Now you know how the ridesharing app market is gaining traction worldwide. Consequently, before choosing the best ridesharing apps, it is essential to understand the types of ridesharing apps.

Types of Rideshare Apps – Know the Basics

As we mentioned before, ride-sharing apps have transformed the way we travel. Also, these apps cater to you with diverse travel needs based on your needs. Explore various types of rideshare apps that have enhanced travel mobility.

1. Carpooling Apps

These apps facilitate ridesharing among users willing to travel in the same direction. They can split the ride fare via application. Users can also join or create carpooling groups and schedule rides.

2. Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing Apps

Passengers are connected directly to the driver who offers rides in their vehicles. In P2P rideshare apps, the rider sends requests via the taxi app, and the driver accepts or rejects them according to availability.

3. Ride-Hailing Services

It lets users book professional rides for luxury or standard vehicles via a smartphone app. In short, ride-hailing services have transformed urban transportation by providing luxury, comfortable, and reliable rides on demand.

4. Taxi Aggregator Apps

They partner with local taxi companies to provide digital platform experiences in traditional taxi services. Taxi aggregator apps offer excellent on-demand transportation services that meet your needs.

Looking for a ridesharing app source code? You must go through these details first.

Best Rideshare Apps to Have a Look This Year

1. Uber

uber ridesharing app
As a pioneer in the ride-hailing industry, Uber probably needs no introduction. Uber has become synonymous with convenient transportation for millions of drivers and riders.

With its wide range of services, the Uber taxi app offers everything you need, from friendly rides to luxury travel options. This rideshare app has a global presence covering approximately 70 countries and 10,500 cities worldwide.

The Uber business model is called “Ubernization,” which involves commoditizing existing services, making them more accessible and convenient for consumers.

Some of the unique features that make Uber dominant in the market are,

  • Ridesharing apps
  • In-App Messaging
  • Price Estimation
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • GPS Tracking
  • Driver Saftey Check

Apple Play Store: 4.7/5
Android Play Store: 4.2/5
Famous for: Multiple-service levels

2. Ztrip

ztrip popular rideshare app
This rideshare app stands out by offering on-demand rides and traditional taxi services to users via its app. The Ztrip app’s primary goal is to provide users convenience and flexibility with its ridesharing services.

Here, riders can either directly book a taxi or choose from a selection of professional drivers. Ztrip is also one of the largest operators in the U.S., serving more than 26 cities.

In short, this ridesharing app works on a hybrid model that commits to customer satisfaction and transparent pricing. Hence, it has earned a loyal following, making it a preferred option for those seeking dependable transportation.

Rideshare app features that you must look into for Ztrip apps are as follows,

  • Flat-rate pricing for rides
  • Professional riders for safety
  • Reliable pre-schedule rides
  • Specialized airport services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Get a choice of vehicles

Apple Play Store: 4.7/5
Android Play Store: 4.2/5
Famous for: Airport Services

3. Heetch

heetch rideshare app
Heetch is a premier ridesharing platform that delivers VTC, LVC, and taxi services across diverse international locations. Its committed drivers operate around the clock, ensuring seamless transportation solutions for users at all times.

Additionally, safety is the top priority for this ridesharing app. All the taxi drivers undergo an assured check and work under strict safety standards.

Heetch operates mainly in European countries like France, Belgium, and Portugal. It has now expanded its services to specific cities in Africa and the Middle East, including Morocco and Egypt.

Here is a list of features for the Heetch app,

  • Motocab for fast rides
  • Round-the-clock services
  • Reliable fare and its estimation
  • Choose the service type
  • Ride booking and driver tracking

Apple Play Store: 4.5/5
Android Play Store: 4.2/5
Famous for: Its 24/7 services

4. LeCab

lecab ridesharing app
For bringing luxury and comfort, the Lecab ridesharing app redefines urban transportation with luxury rides. Not only that, but they have premium, professional chauffeurs who give first-class services to the passengers.

This rideshare app has a sleek interface and a seamless booking process, offering high-quality transportation service at users’ convenience, whether for business or leisure.

As a leader in the French market, LeCab combines elegance with efficiency, providing reliable and punctual rides that reflect the sophistication of Parisian culture.

All of the above, as well as some of the lucrative features to consider, are given.

  • Multiple language support
  • Specialized airport transfers
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Personalized services
  • Premium ride experiences
  • Transparent pricing

Apple Play Store: 4.6/5
Android Play Store: 4.2/5
Famous for: Its premium services

5. Wingz

wingz popular rideshare app
One of the best ridesharing apps that stands out in the industry for its unique focus on pre-scheduled, flat-rate rides, offering peace of mind and predictability for travelers.

This rideshare app’s primary focus is on prescheduled rides. Users can schedule their rides up to two months in advance. Besides, it enables riders to book specific rides with drivers on their wishlist.

This taxi app service is available in major cities in the U.S. Wingz provides a budget-friendly alternative for travelers seeking reliable transportation to airports, events, and appointments.

Have a look into the features of Wingz rideshare apps;

  • Preferred drivers and airport services
  • Schedule your rides
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Flexible cancellations
  • Build a list of favorite drivers.

Apple Play Store: 4.4/5
Android Play Store: 3.4/5
Famous for: Pre-Scheduled Rides

6. Lyft

lyft ridesharing app
Lyft is a popular rideshare app with its community-focused approach. It builds a bridge between drivers and passengers, making the ride-hailing process easier.

With its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, Lyft creates opportunities for drivers from all walks of life to earn a living while providing essential transportation services to their communities. Various rides are included here, such as shared rides, private rides, and luxury rides.

Lyft operates primarily in the United States and Canada, with its services available in numerous cities across both countries. Features you must look at for the Lyft ride-share app are;

  • Extra comfort mode for a peaceful ride
  • Estimated fares and routes
  • Rewards program for drivers and riders
  • Women Plus Connect for safety
  • Destination suggestions

Apple Play Store: 4.9/5
Android Play Store: 4.6/5
Famous for: Safety Comforts

Check on these important ridesharing app designs before you build your rideshare app.

7. Ola

ola rideshare app
Ola is a popular ride-sharing app that competes with Uber in India. With its intuitive app interface and seamless booking process, Ola ensures convenience and reliability for millions of riders seeking affordable and efficient transportation solutions.

Also, In India, a vast fleet of around 450,000 Ola cabs are available for users. Ola’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its initiatives to promote electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly future.

Certain features of the Ola app that you must know are;

  • Multiple vehicle options
  • Know the approx fare for the ride
  • In-cab entertainment options
  • Schedule your ride in advance
  • Various payment options

Apple Play Store: 4.7/5
Android Play Store: 4.3/5
Famous for: Being one of the leading ride-hailing platforms in India

8. 99 (Formerly 99Taxis)

99taxis rideshare app
99, formerly known as 99Taxis, is a leading ride-hailing platform in Brazil, offering passengers convenient and reliable transportation services nationwide. The company provides various services, including taxis, private cars, and motorbikes.

One essential aspect of 99 is that it offers a rating system on a scale of 1-10 for both riders and drivers. 99’s dedication to driver welfare and customer satisfaction also sets it apart in the competitive ride-sharing market, fostering trust and loyalty among both drivers and passengers.

Checkout the features of this ridesharing app;

  • Extensive coverage
  • Ride-sharing options
  • Multiplatform availability
  • Safety features 24/7
  • Cashless payments

Apple Play Store: 4.7/5
Android Play Store: 4.5/5
Famous for: Convenient and reliable transportation

9. Beat (Formerly Taxibeat)

beat rideshare app
Beat, formerly known as Taxibeat, redefines urban transportation in Greece and beyond, offering a reliable and convenient alternative to traditional taxi services.

As mentioned, Beat is one of the top rideshare apps in Greece. It specifically focuses on providing professional service to riders and is committed to providing a seamless booking experience with its safety features.

Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring the city, or heading to the airport, Beat’s dedication to excellence and innovation makes it a preferred choice for travelers seeking quality transportation options.

Know some of the fantastic features of the Beat rideshare app.

  • Book a ride in advance.
  • Track the location of the allotted driver
  • Rating system for drivers and passengers
  • In-app and multi-language support
  • Special promotions and discounts

Apple Play Store: 4.8/5
Android Play Store: 4.4/5
Famous for: Transparent pricing

10. Arro

arro rideshare app
Arro rideshare app simplifies urban transportation with its intuitive taxi-hailing app, offering swift and reliable rides at your fingertips.

This taxi app operates in the major cities of the United States, including New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, London, and more. Arro offers two ways to hail a taxi: by hailing a taxi directly through the app or by using the app to pay for a cab that has been hailed the traditional way.

In addition to hailing and paying for taxis, Arro offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience. This includes

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Realtime tracking of vehicles
  • Various booking options
  • Lisciend drivers
  • Cashless payments

Apple Play Store: 4.5/5
Android Play Store: 4.0/5
Famous for: Offering reliable taxi-hailing services in the U.S.

So, these are some of the best ridesharing apps for drivers and passengers.

The Ending Part: Ridesharing Apps

Yes, Uber dominates the taxi-hailing market, though a vast pool of space is available for others. With the rideshare apps mentioned above, you can see that they have successfully filled the voids and have become popular.

From this, we can analyze that the success of these best rideshare apps comes from providing core services to their loyal customers. So, why can’t you? If you’re planning a startup or bringing your traditional taxi business online, it is time.

Let aPurple assist you in effortlessly reaching your objective. As a leading ridesharing app development company, we offer top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. Consult our experts to learn the ins and outs of how to make a rideshare app and share your requirements for optimal results.

Get in touch now to kickstart the development of your custom white-label rideshare app!

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