Why Truck Dispatch Software Is Important For Your Transportation Business?

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Why You Should Go With A Truck Dispatch Software

Truckers have a tough life, riding from state to state and working in a punishing schedule. If you are a solo owner-operator trucker, then the load is times two on you. Keep reading to know how you can benefit from cloud-enabled truck dispatch software.

If you thought that, custom software development is just for the big guys like DHL, KPO, and J.B. Hunt, then you are wrong my friend. Truck dispatch software or to be more precise transport management software is a solution that can benefit solo truckers and large fleets alike.

Whether it is a moving van business, dump truck business, livestock transportation business, medical transport business, or others, there is always a need for the best dispatch software for small trucking companies in these tech-savvy times. If you are smart enough, you are already thinking about getting paid or free trucking dispatch software. Well, we’ll help you with that.

Why Do Truckers Need A Transportation Dispatch Software?

The reasons to get an app like Uber for trucks are different for solo owner-operators and huge fleet owners, but the magnitude of benefits are the same.

Before learning why and how such cloud truck dispatching software will help you let’s get a clear picture of where the trucking industry is standing at present.

Stats For the Trucking Industry

  • 85% of freight spending is done in the trucking industry.
  • With an estimated worth of more than $800 billion, the trucking industry is one of the most popular means to transport cargo.
  • The average cost of moving empty trucks returning from deliveries is a loss of about $16 billion.

Now that you see the amount of money this enormous business sector has to offer let’s learn how you can make the most of it.

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Why You Should Go With A Truck Dispatch Software?

The modern-day freight dispatch systems do a lot more than just handle the dispatch logistics for the company.

  • Perhaps you want software that will calculate your truck’s mileage?
  • How about software that prepares your trip invoice in seconds?
  • Maybe you’d want a digital assistant to remind you of regular vehicle maintenance.
  • Perhaps a digital hand with your IFTA and IRP?

The Best Truck Dispatching Software does this and a lot more for its users. If you still can’t wrap your head around the awesomeness of this technological genius then let me put it in real-life scenarios for you to get the complete picture.

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How Online Trucking Management Software Solves Your Problems?

Helps Managing Expenses

It’s easy to say “I’m watching my expenses” but what are you watching them do? Eat up your profits?

If you are a solo truck owner-operator that is driving the deliveries as well as running the business, then it becomes difficult to manage the expenses and keep tabs on where your money is coming and going.

By having a portable truck business solution, you can keep entries as you go and the software will keep the entries into a formatted accounting book. A top transportation dispatch software will not just keep the books right but show you the expenses from where your money is leaking and help you fix it.

Protects From Unexpected Costs

Truckers are busy souls that don’t get time to take care of themselves and sometimes their ride. If you don’t pay attention to your truck, then irregular maintenance can burn a big hole in your pocket. You may say what’s a man/woman (Go for Women Equality!) suppose to do, keep a logbook for vehicle maintenance? You don’t need to carry around a logbook in a fanny pack (out of style forever). Your trucking management software will keep logs of truck maintenance and keep you updated for the next maintenance frequently saving you from huge unexpected repair costs.

Saves Time Spent On Desk Work

If you can’t spare any time in handling clients and dispatching trucks and all the other desk work from a backend office, then this is the perfect trucking business tool for you.

Such software is capable of working and executing all tasks that previously needed you to rent office space and hire a couple of clerks to do the job. You’ll have your complete office on the go with you on a tablet or smartphone. Save more time on your desk work to invest it in the logistics of your business.

A Single Platform To Contact Drivers

If you are handling a large fleet, then digital truck dispatch systems will become a common platform to update and stay in contact with your drivers.

The drivers can log in to the software driver-specific app and get all the trip-related updates like trip route, traffic and weather updates of the route, and many other updates they use to get through a manual dispatcher system and a lot more.

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Best Truck Dispatching Software

Now that you know why and How Truck dispatch software can help you scale your business and make a hell of a profit from your trips, it’s time to look at some of the best trucking software of 2023.

  • Axon Trucking Software

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Accounting, Dispatch, Maintenance, IFTA Reporting.

  • Dr. Dispatch Software

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Accounting, Dispatch, Maintenance, IFTA Reporting.

  • Trinium Technologies

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Accounting, Dispatch, Fleet Management, Safety Compliance.

  • Trucking Office

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Accounting, Dispatch, Maintenance, Document Management, IFTA Reporting.

  • ProTransport

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Accounting, Dispatch, Maintenance, Document Management, Two-Way Texting, IFTA Reporting.

  • McLeod Software

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Accounting, Dispatch, Freight Management, Bid Procurement, Document Management, Customer Relationship Management.

  • PCS Software

    Free Trial: Yes
    Mobile App: Yes
    Capabilities: Dispatch, Accounting, Safety Compliance, Fleet Maintenance, Transportation Management.

Final Word: Build Transportation Dispatch Software Now

Well, I promised to prove to you why you should go for the best truck dispatching software for your trucking business, and I hope I stood strong on my promise. If you are an entrepreneur that wishes to benefit by helping other truckers and freight companies then building your own Trucking dispatch software is a very lucrative idea.

For that, you need to partner up with a trucking app development company that has experience in building such software and provides you with a quick yet strong software solution for you to launch ASAP and start making a profit instantly.

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