Salon Booking App UI/UX Design

In this digital era, you don’t have to take extra time from your busy schedule for a salon appointment as you can book and get the beautician at home in comfort. This case study will help you understand the creative elements added while developing the excellent Salon appointment app design.

Salon App UI Design

Imagine!! Your beautician has arrived on time. You are relaxing on your sofa and enjoying the booked beauty service without any hassle or waiting.

If you are willing to give your end-users the same relaxation and want to provide them with a solution like Uber for Beauty from scratch, then you are at the right place. This case study will help you in providing a simplified understanding of the Beauty Salon App Design process with complete information. Our creative designers at aPurple aim to make the overall booking to checkout process easy for the users.
Uber Like Beauty App Design

Beauty Salon Appointment App UI

  • The customers can do an in-depth search through filters of services, prices, ratings, and discounts to find the best service.
  • With the help of different categories displayed, verification badges are attached to inform users about the reliable services of beauticians.
  • Service providers are given a whole booking management system for managing their day-to-day bookings and various other operations.

Motion & Animation Highlights

  • After the hassle-free and secure sign process, you can enable the location to find nearby service providers through various filters.
  • Finalize the service providers through various options enabled to get their details like about us, services, offers, and reviews.
  • The whole booking process is divided into three parts: Time & Date, details, and checkout by payment online or cash.
  • Banking cards can be added to the salon appointment app design for your desired payment modules.

Color Palette

Font Family

Salon Booking App UI Design

Beauty Service Provider App
  • QR scanner icon is placed to know the booking-related information within minutes.
  • The exact number of salon appointments is visible in today’s appointment tab.
  • With the help of the weekly calendar display, the service provider can swiftly navigate between the dates and ordered service.
  • The tab shows the details related to booking, understanding the service, and knowing assigned beauticians, time slots, prices & the payment method.
  • A tab showing pending requests will give access to accepting or rejecting with a tap.
  • The salon service provider can switch between upcoming, completed, and canceled bookings through the tab bar shown.
  • Users can shift the locations to book a service from the down sign tab.
  • The nearby best salon service providers will be listed through the 'Nearby tab' using the customer's current location.
  • With the help of Map View, customers can easily search for all the nearby salons from their current location.
  • Category-based selection helps the customer to easily browse through the type of service they are willing to avail.
  • With a bell icon, the user can access all the booking-related notifications.
  • A filter sign search bar with various exploring options has been provided for the customer's ease of getting their desired service.
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