Cloning App Software VS Clone App Company: Which is Best Fit for Your Business?

Mayur Panchal
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App clone company vs software

What businesses looking for app development help find is that there are two approaches; custom app development and clone app development. Many of you must know this already.

The custom app is when the app developers create the entire app from scratch. It takes a lot of hours, resources, and money to pull off successfully. The other side is the clone development approach which is quicker and very cost-effective.

Today we will not be comparing these two approaches as there are several blogs written on it already. We are going to reveal a new sub-section; two distinct approaches in the clone solution itself. Two definitions are floating in the market about the clone app development approach, and both of them are different and yet correct.

i. Cloning App Software

ii. Clone App Company

Let’s break down the myth behind these two clone app development approaches and find the best one. Spoiler alert! There is a clear winner.

What is App Cloning Software?

App cloning software is a tool designed to create an absolute copy of any app. Due to its easy and affordable nature, many entrepreneurs and businesses are opting for this app development solution. It is the most trending approach for developing or cloning any kind of app.

What is a Cloning App Company?

Machines are good at repetitive work, but when there are new problems and parameters beyond the understanding of a machine, that’s when a human approach is needed the most. App cloning companies do the work a bit like the cloning software, but with the human touch and expertise that goes beyond the standard AI application range. In this approach, the clone app is customized and worked on by experienced developers, instead of just cloning software.

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Cloning App Software Vs. Cloning App Companies

There is a quite huge difference between cloning an app on App Cloning Software and getting it made by a cloning app company.

The cloning software may give you quick results but is of low quality. However, when you opt for any best app cloning company you will have a fully-featured app with high functionality and within less time period as well.

Now you may think an app cloning company will cost you a huge amount, but it will offer you the same app clone at a reasonable cost. Besides, it is always better to spend some amount on an app cloning company rather than wasting it on app cloning software. Eventually, in the battle of App Cloning Software Vs. App Cloning Companies, the app cloning company, will always be a winner.

Why Does Cloning App Software Look Cool but Aren’t?

This approach may sound cool as you save a lot of money, and you do it on your own (DIY style), but it is not practical. Depending entirely on a piece of cloning custom software development is a lot like leaving your child in the care of a robot babysitter. Anything could go wrong, and there wouldn’t be a human to handle the issue.

You’ll probably agree that app cloning software or website cloning software doesn’t give you the quality that you want for your app or website. In fact, sometimes the quality is so poor that you can’t even upload it on the app store or introduce it to your audience.

According to a survey, about two-thirds of apps fail to reach 1,000 downloads in the first year. And even if they get enough downloads, 23% of users abandon an app after a single-use.

Most of these apps are built with some kind of app cloning software. Though you may think that building an app using the best app cloning software is an affordable way, actually it is a complete waste of whatever amount you are spending.

Why Do Apps Develop From App Cloning Software Fail To Perform?

There are some really good reasons why you should avoid going on the software path, here are the top reasons:

Poor App Functionality

When you build an app on any best mobile app cloning software, you have to compromise the quality largely be it in terms of functionality or its appearance.

There is a huge difference between building an app from an expert developer and cloning software. If your app development project is in the hand of a professional coder, they ensure the high functionality and robustness of the app while testing it through several QA methods.

Wastage of Time & Money

As we stated above, the quality of app functionality and appearance is quite low; thus, you can assume your money and precious time have been completely wasted.

Even after completing the development of your app, sometimes you may need to do massive rework on it due to poor functionality or frequent bugs. This further takes lots of time whilst not getting satisfactory results. Trying to salvage your app built with clone software may cost you even more than what you would have spent on a good app clone company.

Lack of Advanced Features

When you choose to develop your app with the app cloning software, you have to go with the existing features of the original app, no matter whether they are useful or not.

Many of the app owners have expressed this drawback of app cloning software as a major reason for app failure. There is extra baggage of app features that you don’t need, while the ones that you do need can’t be added with the clone software approach.

Apple’s App Store Law About Clone Apps

Apple has set a rule for the app store, which states that apps build from app generation service or a commercialized template will be rejected.

In simple terms, all the clone apps on Apple App Store are being removed, and no new clone apps will be released on their marketplace. Hundreds of thousands of apps have already been removed from the app store over the past year. This clearly indicates that the app you will build on app cloning software is going to be an absolute waste if you were planning to launch for iOS users.

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In What Cases Does a Clone App Software Make Sense?

Mobile app replication is a fairly popular service, and you can consider this option in the following cases:

  • If you plan to create a product resembling in functionality, but not direct competitors of the original app
  • In case you want to quickly test your idea and then plan to make something of your own anyway
  • If you want to create an app clone as the base for an MVP and go further if MVP is successful

How is The App Clone Company Approach Different?

If you are still reading, we know that you don’t want to go with that long-term and tedious process of app development; instead, you want an inexpensive solution. Thus, we suggest you go for app clone but ignore the “cloning app software” and instead focus on the best clone app development company you can find.

There are several clone app companies that have developed their own ready-to-go solutions which you can purchase, and the team will customize the app to fit your design and feature needs. aPurple has several such app clone solutions which are ready to launch within a short time.

Yes, we are suggesting you buy mobile app clones or ready-to-go solutions. You can search for the best mobile app clone app development company to get the best mobile app clone app for iPhone or Android.

Are you looking to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Why Choose Mobile App Clones Build By Expert Developers?

There are several clone development companies that have such a high level of experience that they can build clone apps as good as the original ones. This approach gives you the best of both worlds, whether it be cost-effectiveness or freedom of customization.

Here are the top reasons to go with the app clone company approach:

High Functionality

An app clone provided by a top clone app development company matches the functionality of the original app as expert coders develop the app clone. These experts use the best mobile app clone scripts of high quality.

Affordable Price

For app clones, you will have to pay quite less amount compared to the custom app development. As there are already myriads of mobile app clone scripts available in the market. It becomes easy and effortless for any app clone development company to build the app clone that you want and thereby reduce the final development cost.

Quick Launch

It takes fewer days to build the app clone and complete your project requirements saving a lot of time. An app clone development company provides you with a ready-to-implement app solution that enables you to launch your app ASAP.

Updated Features

The best app clone development service company gives you the best clone app. You can ask the company to add any advanced and trending feature that you want to your app so that it can match all the requirements of users.


We have advised you of the best alternative for app cloning software, which comes with enormous benefits and satisfactory outcomes. Now it is your turn to make a wise decision for your business’s physical and digital faces.

aPurple is one of the best clone development service companies. It use the finest mobile app clone scripts to provide robust and precise app clones to their clients. Talk to our expert developers and business executives at aPurple and discuss your app clone requirements.

Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal
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