How to Build a Successful Uber for Lawn Care App & Software?

Mahil Jasani
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How to Build a Successful Uber for Lawn Care App

We live in an era when by installing a bunch of apps we can fulfill every daily need of ours, isn’t this true?

Uber for lawn care, is an online on-demand business model which is growing and getting popular like anything. The major credit for this goes to digitalization and dependence on technology.

Do you doubt it?

Think about this. If you take a stroll in your street or let’s say a couple of blocks, how many houses will have a lawn? Most probably your answer will be ‘many’ except you crossed the states’ border.

Whether offline or online, most of these houses with greens and yards demand lawn care services. Along with this, they must also need help from lawn care providers. This further broadens the market of lawn care apps.

We know you are an aspirant for either having a stake in this sector or growing your existing lawn care business. While this article will cover everything you shall know regarding how to develop an Uber for yard work app & software, it will also explain why to go online. But before that, let’s first read about different services that come under lawn care.

Different Types of Services in Lawn Care Business

Lawns are pretty demanding. To maintain their condition an owner needs to look out for a different set of services that need to be regularly performed. Below is the list of in-demand lawn care services.

  • Mowing and edging
  • Fertilizing
  • Weed removal
  • Irrigation system maintenance and repair
  • Trimming of shrubs or hedges
  • Planting or reseeding
  • Clean-up and hauling
  • Mulching, and more

Such is a diverse landscape of lawn care business. But often many businesses don’t provide all of them, as it becomes an exhausting task to manage. Along with this, often you’ll find individuals, as if freelancers, providing lawn care services. So it is quite difficult for them to provide every service as well.

This is where visionary ideas like Uber for lawn care rose to fill in the gaps. They enabled businesses to digitize themselves & have more professionals onboard, that too without hiring them. Along with this, it has had a broader impact as well. Let’s dive deeper to cover it.

Massive Impact of Digitization on Yard Work Businesses

impact of Digitization in Yard Work
Digitization is among the trendiest topics on the internet. It is a must-read that shows how & why it got its footprints on lawn care businesses. We have covered this from two different points of views:

1. Consumer’s end

Consumers needed a reliable medium to procure skilled individuals. Along with this, they needed the freedom and flexibility of scheduling services, using desired payment gateways, and clubbing different lawn care services.

For example, a working couple has a lawn in their backyard, but they are rarely able to take some time to work on it. In summer it requires mowing and in winter it requires snow shoveling. With this, there are many other things on a lawn to take care of. So it is obvious that they are bound to look for a professional.

Now doing this through an online app rather than traditional options will suit their busy lifestyle. As it will be a matter of a few clicks compared to a call(s). Other than that, in an app, they can select the bunch of services they want with the desired payment gateway as well.

Adding to this, many on-demand lawn care apps even provide the option of choosing a professional. Here, there’s an option to rate professionals based on their service and performance. So they can choose the individual who already enjoys a satisfactory track record. This ensures that the user is confident of quality service delivery.

In the case of the traditional setting, all these aspects were missing. Hence, consumers shifted to apps.

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2. Business end

When you invest in an online lawn service app idea, you are either digitizing your business or commencing an innovative startup. This feature of digitization ensures that you are able to manage your business/startup more effectively.

In an online lawn care business, you don’t need to choke up your capital on large premises. Instead, you invest in quality web app development and adequate IT infrastructure (computers, internet, and all). Even variable costs like salaries get reduced to the bare minimum. Operations through digital mediums require less staff.

These benefits also lead to a reduction of financial risks. This is the reason why several business owners got convinced to invest in online apps. Even for you, now is the perfect time to work on starting your own Uber for lawn care apps. The idea is still fresh compared to other online businesses, and there’s a demand for the same as well.

This is how consumers and businesses got influenced by digitization, but we always need to test the water before diving in. For that let’s take a look at a few numbers and figures for a reality check.

Some Facts & Figures to Showcase the Potential of on-Demand Lawn Care Services.

The on-demand lawn care service market is very big and growing. A survey conducted by Engine’s CARAVAN Omnibus on behalf of NALP, found that 81 percent of all Americans have a lawn, and a vast majority – 79 percent – say that a lawn is an important feature when renting or buying a home.

It’s not rocket science that all these homes with yards and grasses will require reliable yard work services. This is why the market size of the landscaping industry in the US is $94.7 billion. On the micro-level the average household spends on lawn and gardening services is $503.

Lastly, as per Grand View Research, Inc., the lawnmower market is expected to reach USD 38.2 billion by 2025.

Now, if your mind is still dicey! We suggest that right now, even if you move forward or not, do bookmark this link for future use. As ahead, we’ll be sharing with you uber for lawn mowing business models, different app development options, important features, revenue models, development costs, and famous brands in this arena.

Plan Your Lawn Care Online Business App

After witnessing the huge potential in Uber for landscaping. We are sure that you are highly motivated to know how to get the best app for it. But before doing anything you shall first be able to plan your app well. For this, follow the below phases:

1) Analyse your current position.

Your starting point determines how your lawn care online business app will be. Anyone can start an online business by building it. But it is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. So what’s your situation?

  • Do you have a lawn care business (or a chain) that you want to digitize?
  • Or do you have a startup idea of a platform between lawn care business owners and consumers?
  • Or something else related to Uber for lawn mowing?/li>

Now this will make sure that you are aware of the limit of capital you can invest, knowledge & experience you possess in this domain, contacts you have, and more. Based on this, you shall work out your vision for your business model and app.

2) Variety of services you want to cover.

As you will develop your vision, it will also provide the idea of services that you shall target. Your online lawn care business app can be a niche-based or a comprehensive aggregator. This means you can focus on a particular set of services or provide all. Whether you plan an Uber of lawn mowing, or any other service(s), or all services. This decision will highly affect the app as per design, flow, and development. Also, your set of services will define your target users and professionals whom you must affiliate.

After clearing these two points, you are ready to move forward with app development.

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Custom or Clone App Development for Your Uber for Lawn Care

After mapping out your entire lawn care app and business idea, you have to choose an app development process. Above we have already discussed how your vision and business plan affect it. But in this section, we will be discussing different options you have for developing it.

1. Custom mobile app development

If you are new to the world of apps, then this is probably the only option you must be knowing for developing your app for the lawn care business. As the name suggests, you can customize and tailor your apps as per your needs.

In these, you plan your idea and then partner with a development company. Who consults you upon the best platform (iOS, Android, or Cross-Platform) and technologies under it. Then they develop it from scratch, get your approvals, test the final product, and help you in marketing it as well.

So this is how custom app development works. It ensures that you get all the features in your app that you want along with a unique and innovative app design and flow. As it is precisely made based on the clients’ requirements that’s why it is popular and accepted.

Well, you shall note that the sheer level of customization it offers, the same even demands a significant investment of capital and time. Also, for many, it seems like a lifetime to undergo such a lengthy process. Same way, if you are not that technologically sound or have such a professional. Then custom development for your app for lawn care business might go against you.

2. Clone mobile app development

The name must have rung a bell for you. Yes, you are guessing it right, you get a clone of an app. But how?

First, we’ll clear that this is a white-label product, means legal to use and free of copyrights. An app is made from an already successful domain. So this means that your on-demand lawn mowing app will have an already user-friendly and accepted design. This is the prime benefit. Users even get the UI that they are already habituated of.

Along with this, it even provides you with the benefit of affordable cost and reduced development time. Also, the app will have unique aesthetics as per your brand. With this, there’s always a scope for some innovation and customization.

Often limited capital is the prime issue for startups and small & medium businesses. Hence clone app development is preferable for you. Along with this, you’ll ensure a smooth online lawn mowing service platform with high familiarity.

Whether you choose a custom or clone, your users will always judge your app based on its features. Today, as the apps for lawn care business have gotten common, they are certain features that shall be included in your app. These will make it a more effective or trendy option.

What Are Important Features to Be Included in a Lawn Care App?

features of uber for lawn care app

Today consumers have the experience of using various kinds of e-commerce apps. This has made them expect certain features, thus setting a benchmark that a business owner needs to meet. So below we have mentioned the important features that are must to include in your lawn care business apps:

1. Live chat

Gone are the times when consumers preferred calling a customer care executive. Today they instead prefer chatting with them. The live chat also helps in clearing minor issues of app use or the booking process. Thus saving a lot of time for consumers as well as businesses. Also, this is an interesting automated way to realize the FAQs about your service into a well-directed course of action.

2. Scheduling option

Scheduling is an important feature when developing an app for lawn mowing on-demand service. All lawn care services are on-demand in nature, which means they need to be fulfilled as the need arises. But still, consumers prefer to schedule these services for adjusting it to their daily schedule.

3. Review options

Users will surely have different professionals to choose from. This is why the review option plays an important role in on-demand mowing apps. Satisfied consumers will make professionals stand out through their positive ratings. While unsatisfied consumers will let you know which professionals need to work on their offerings. Also, this will keep all your affiliated workers under check and increase their motivation.

4. Accept/Reject service

This is important for your affiliate members. There can be times when they might have to reject an offer due to any reason. While the option of accepting the offer will also add to the transparency for consumers. Also, this flexibility of accepting/rejecting services will provide professionals with the freedom to schedule.

Different Revenue Models for Same-Day Lawn Service Apps

You must have started imagining your perfect lawn uber by now. So it’s time to discuss the core reason why you shall take all the efforts in starting this business. The revenue model is always at the center of any business model or app idea. In lawn care business apps too, there are various ways in which you can earn.

1. Fixed fee- A fixed amount is charged on every order, mainly from consumers. This is for providing them with an on-demand landscaping platform to ease their burden. The fee can also be variable upon the order size so consumers who are placing a small order don’t have the burden to pay large fees for the same.

2. Commission- The fixed percentage is charged to professionals. Whether the payment is made directly to them or the service provider, the professional will have to pay the same for every order they get from the app. These commissions are accepted by professionals as they won’t have to bear the cost of developing and maintaining an app, while the same even ensures regular work for them and increases their exposure.

3. In-app advertisements- Once the online lawn service app has reached a high user base, the requests for this starts. Brands from the same product category or related ones will be the ones approaching. They are ready to pay for banners, promotional videos, and other such exposure through the app.

4. Provide lawn care products- Surely, the professionals or users will need certain lawn care products too. So you can act as a trader or manufacturer for the same. They can be listed on your app and you can earn a profit from them.

It surely depends upon you whether you’ll like to go with one option, several, or all of the above. The best revenue model is the one that balances business interests along with that of consumers (and also professionals in this case).

Development Cost for Your Yard Work App

Now it’s time to learn about the final piece of the puzzle: what shall be the development cost for your Uber for lawn care?

Today app development can command a significant portion of your investment. That’s why you need to be aware of different factors that influence it while gaining knowledge about the probable costs for the same. Factors that will affect the cost of development:

  • The technology stack that is being used
  • Innovative features you want
  • Location of the agency you have partnered with
  • Level of UI & design you choose or have in mind

If you can recall, we discussed two different app development alternatives. They were Custom app development and Clone app development. We even mentioned that the former is costlier than the latter. To what degree you ask?

It is safe to say that for any given app idea, clone app development will be at least 40-50% for the custom app development of the same. Custom application development for even the simplest of the apps starts at 40000$.

With aPurple’s clone app development services, you can have your same-day lawn service app with a minimum budget of even 8000$ (the basic version, contact us to know the details). We look forward to assisting businesses with quality apps for affordable clone app development.

Do you want to develop your own on-demand lawn care empire with a tailor-made app?

Uber for Lawn Care Apps That Are Already Doing Great

Plowz & Mowz

It has been among the top online lawn mowing service apps in the USA with a wide user base that covers the USA & Canada. Well, it provides lawn mowing services, landscaping services, and other lawn care services. Also, it hosts a rich user interface and thought-out UX and it is the primary reason behind its success.


Provides a wide variety of lawn services just like Plowz & Mowz but with an innovative feature of automated measuring tools for more precise pricing. Along with the same-day mowing service, it provides other yard care services as well.

Lawn Buddy

It is a business app for lawn care service providers to efficiently manage their business and increase their effectiveness in the business. Known for providing a clear schedule for daily jobs while the admin can even keep the track of employee work.


It is again one of the renowned lawn mowing service apps. Here the user creates a project with all the details and the professionals make bids for it. So the user gets the option of checking their reviews, comparing their bids, and then choosing a good professional for the same. It is a young and growing app!

Final Thoughts

So this is the complete guide for anyone who is planning to start their own same-day lawn service app and make it big. We have covered almost anything you might need to know. Still, if you’d like to know more, you can comment or your doubts below or you can always contact us. With this, we are sure that by now you must have had a clear idea of building your own Uber for lawn care business app.

aPurple has a reliable ready-to-launch clone solution for Uber for lawn care that’s waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Develop an Uber for Lawn Care Like Plows and Mowz?

Yes, you can derive your lawn care business app from an existing one. This is called clone app development. An app is created out of an already successful one. You can use it without any worry as the app might be similar but is never the same. Also, companies make the necessary changes to avoid any conflict.

The clone app development is getting popular among budding startups and small & medium businesses. Everyone’s looking for affordable and quality clone solutions. You can cut the chase by directly contacting us and get the best proposal for our Uber for lawn care clone.

2. What Are Some of the Important Features That a Same-Day Mowing Service App Shall Have?

When building an on-demand lawn mowing app, you need to make sure that you have already covered in-demand features. While you shall also keep researching to be able to provide an innovative feature that none could think of. As per our experience, features that are currently important in lawn care apps are:

  • Live chat
  • Scheduling option
  • Review option
  • Accept/Reject service

We have explained the reason and benefits of this in the above article under the section ‘What are important features to be included in a lawn care app?’

3. Can I Get an Estimated Cost of Developing an Online Lawn Service App Before the Work Commences?

Yes, of course! It is common practice in the industry to share the proposal before commencing the work. The proposal will contain milestones, development duration, and cost of the same. While every app development company has its cost structure, so you might receive a different budget from different companies.

If you are looking for quality and affordability for developing your Uber for yard work app, then you just might have landed on the right place. Do consider contacting us. Upon hearing out your requirement, we’ll share our proposal which you can even compare in the market. Lastly, it is normal and natural for every development agency to share the estimated cost before commencing your project.

4. Is a Lawn Care App Different From an App Like Taskrabbit?

Yes, it is! TaskRabbit is for various sets of home services. Its broad approach does cover many lawn care services as well. But a lawn care app is specially dedicated to yard work, landscaping, and other such services. The professionals affiliated with it won’t provide any other such home services. While TaskRabbit has multiple services to cater to, so focusing on each sub-service under a header might be difficult. While in a specialized lawn care app you can have a specialized focus on each sub-service as well.

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