Build Your Uber for Babysitters App like Urbansitter or Bambino

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Uber for Babysitters App like Urbansitter or Bambino

The parental outsourcing industry in the US has been on a rise for the last few years. As per Businesswire, there are approximately 92.9 million children aged 21 or younger, which accounts for 29.9 percent of the entire US population. It means there is a lucrative market for business people who want to invest in parental outsourcing businesses like child care, babysitting, nanny sitting, sports coaching, educational consultants, etc. Among these businesses, babysitting and nanny-sitting services account for 29.1% of the market. Interestingly, the revenue generated from the service is a total of $16. 2 billion. In this article, we are going to discuss the much-debated money-generating idea called “Uber for Babysitters”. Let’s cut to the chase and get started.

What Makes Uber for Babysitters a Trending Business Idea?

People nowadays want every service at their fingertips. Parents know how hectic their life could be when a child comes to a certain age. It can be more challenging if both have a job. They would prefer a much-simplified process for hiring a babysitter than calling different babysitting agencies and selecting the nanny. There are many situations where parents need a last-minute babysitter. In this scenario, Uber for Babysitters can be a silver bullet solution for them.

On-demand babysitting service allows parents to find reliable sitters in the neighborhood through mobile apps. All they have to do is search for a trustworthy sitter from the neighborhood. Read reviews and recommendations from family or friends. Decide on the time they want to hire a sitter. And pay them as per their hourly rate in the app.

For the sitters, this kind of babysitting marketplace could be a new opportunity to earn extra bucks. They can register for babysitting services and work on their preferred time.

Once they register, they can connect and ask for recommendations from the neighborhood parents. The sitter can set their hourly price according to their experience and age. As their repeated families increase, there are high chances of their visibility in front of their parents.

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Features To Have in Babysitter On Demand App

You would want your app to be standout among other competitors. So, you should find out an on-demand babysitting solution that provides all the common but crucial features for parents and babysitters.

Have a look at the most sellable features.

For Parents

Find Professional Caregivers: Allow your users to explore professional and trustworthy sitters around the neighborhood. For that, you must look out for a solution that provides nearby babysitters or nearby nannies option so that users feel safe for their children.

Search by Date & Time: Having this option in your solution, it will be convenient for your users to find out nannies on demand.

Categorized Sitter: Your users should be able to find sitters according to their requirement. So Have a solution that provides options for choosing among after-school sitter, evening-out sitter, last minute, full time, and more.

In-app Interview: Parents would appreciate if they can interview their babysitter before finalizing the candidate. Having an in-app video call or chat option will make your uber for nannies app sellable among parents.

Repeat Options: Having these features in your app will facilitate parents to know how many times a particular profile have been considered as a trustworthy sitter. Providing a repeat count on the babysitters’ profile allows them to choose an ideal candidate for the job.

Job Posting: Parents should be able to post their job on the platform so that nannies could see the job listing and connect with the parents.

Easy Payment: In-app payments lets parents pay for the service without any hassle. Adding an option for giving tips to the babysitter would allow parents to appreciate their service.

For Sitters & Nannies

Update profile: You must provide an option for babysitters which allow them to update their hourly rate, their experience, and other profile settings.
Accept & decline: Your babysitter app like uber should possess a feature that lets nannies adjust the availability by providing on/off options. So, parents could contact them when they want to be hired.

Image sharing option: Parents are always worried about their child and want to keep in touch with the nanny while they are at their work or anywhere else. Having image sharing and chat options allows the caretaker to upload the child’s photo and share it with the parents.

Calendar (New feature): A solution with a calendar option lets babysitters update their availability in advance. So that parents could only text them or contact them by looking at available dates. This feature will help at that time when they are planning to go out of town or traveling.

Video Profile: Parents would find it more engaging they could hear and know from video profiles of babysitter. Even babysitter will be able to convey more information about their past experience and their hobbies.

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Why Go For Uber for Babysitters Clone Script?

If your goal is to save time and money or you want to enter in the market ASAP, then readymade clone solutions will be the best choice. Buying a ready-made Clone app for Urbansitter or Bambino would allow you to focus more on other perspectives of business like marketing of the app.

Some other advantages of Purchasing white-label solutions for uber for babysitters with the above-mentioned features are.

  • 100% source code with white labeling
  • Customizable, so you can add unique features as well.
  • Bug-free and approved for launching on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Faster Deployment
  • Cost you considerably less than custom development


The “Uberization” of the babysitting industry has opened up a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs. It has proven to be a profitable venture for its investors. Even Uber for babysitters or on-demand babysittings is a trending search term in google. This indicates its popularity among its users as well as those who want to know how this model works.

Buying a White label solution for a babysitting app like Uber facilitates go to market strategy and reduces time considerably. If you have a budget limitation but you want to leverage the potential of the babysitting industry than a clone solution should be your first choice.

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